King Solomon Upside Down

Here we have a post about the rich. Every healthy society needs “rich” people. However, not every society does a good job of choosing who should be rich, and this post explains why it is important to have the right sort of “rich” people in charge.

Does that sound like a strange thing to say? Having the right sort of “rich” people in charge? That’s because of us don’t realize how we actually vote or how important our vote actually is. Of course, when we go to the polls, we vote, but we also vote in many other ways.

When we donate our money to a church, a charity or to political a campaign, we vote for the type of nongovernmental institutions we want to see and the type of people we want to see running those institutions. When we spend our money on the goods and services we want, we vote, and if we are careful and ethical ourselves, we spend our money on ethical businesses and people who run ethical businesses. When we choose our entertainment, we vote, and if we choose to fill our minds with good and healthy entertainment, we favor the spread of good and healthy entertainment by helping the people who provide it to prosper.

Thus, with our choices, we choose the character of the rich people who run our society.

Rudy u Martinka

Three thousand years ago, King Solomon wrote to describe what occurs when fools rule over the wise. What becomes evident when this occurs? Read on if you are interested.

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One thought on “King Solomon Upside Down

  1. Thanks for re-blogging and enriching my post with your comments.

    …………………….Thus, with our choices, we choose………..

    I believe you will comprehend the similarity of the Bible stories of Adam and Eve, and King Solomon, to the same nurturing of evil that has taken place in the USA.

    All were blessed with gifts from God, Adam and Eve with the garden, King Solomon with wisdom, the USA with a bountiful land, and wise moral founders of our Constitution enabling us with liberty to choose.

    In my lifetime, I have witnessed how we have allowed with our votes of money, the entertainment industry to nurture our morals from “crime does not pay days” to depicting todays raw pornographic, violent, drugs, heroic foul-mouthed criminals and acts, gay, bisexual, and sexual enactments, etc etc.

    When our Constitution was amended to give us freedom of speech, the evil one saw an opening and knew the weakness of the human spirit. Politicians and judges became easy prey. Of course this is only my personal opinion versus the wise and learned leaders who represent and judge our laws.

    We can change evil nurturing influence with our votes and pocketbooks if we choose to do so as you suggest. Yet our human frailties’ will prevent many of us because we have been introduced to evil. Evil morals, same as nicotine, drugs, and bad habits, are very hard to overcome once ingested into our frail human bodies and spirits.

    The similarity to the Bible characters is that we have made the same mistakes and allowed evil to nurture us. The result being what you stated, we do indeed affirm, whenever we vote with both our votes and pocketbooks …… .

    ………… the character of the rich people who run our society…….

    We are the masters of our own disasters.

    Regards and good will blogging.



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