POSTS WORTH READING — October 13, 2014


Election Day, November 4, 2014, is approaching.


  • Watch Mark Warner and Ed Gillespie meet for first Virginia Senate debate. Judge the candidates for yourself. Just be careful. When Warner calls Republicans extremists, we must make certain we don’t let our eyeballs roll so far back we can’t bring them forward again. Note that both men pretend to be something they are not (That’s something we all do to some extent.). So we can’t trust their words without verification. To know which is more guilty of actively and deliberately trying to deceive us us, we have to check their records.
  • A winning GOP agenda for the coming Congress by Senator Orrin G. Hatch ( — Senator Hatch would like us to believe he is a Conserative, but that debatable. Hatch is just more Conservative than his counterparts in the Democratic Party. Consider how he ends his proposed agenda.

    Government’s role is not to provide universal social and economic support, but rather to create opportunities and remove obstacles. A vigorous, dynamic conservatism will help return government to its proper role — that of supporter, not overlord. By presenting a hopeful, reform-oriented agenda of the sort I have outlined, Republicans can win the hearts and minds of a broad majority of Americans looking for change.

    When government gets into the business of trying “to create opportunities and remove obstacles,” government gets into the business of trying to give us “rights.” Government exists only to protect our God-given rights. Because government has nothing to give us, when government gives us anything, government has to take from some people to give to other people. When we give government the power redistribute “rights,” we give our leaders the power to be our overlords.


  • ( — Rob Barkman produces so many posts I can’t keep up with them. So I generally pick a topic that interests me and work my way through what he has written. Lately, I have been listening to his video blog and his series on Revelation. That’s the last book in the Bible, and it’s a book that most Christians think quite mysterious, but there is a special blessing for those who read it. And since I need all the blessings I can get…..
  • Shaming women in the name of Christ ( — I suppose most Christians think of Christianity as a man’s religion. Oddly enough, however, the facts suggest otherwise. Consider our personal experience. Don’t we all know of many more wives frustrated that they cannot get their husbands into church than we do of husbands trying to drag their wives to church? If Christianity is a man’s religion, why would women want their husbands in church? They are stupid? No. Women need their men to love them, and Jesus taught us how to love. Anyway, please read Shaming women in the name of Christ. Then read the next post, Hatin’ on sin…. As the comments attached to the first post suggest, the two posts are related.
  • THE most dangerous man in the world ( — This post poses a question and two answers. Which is the correct answer? That is something to think about, but THE most dangerous man in the world made me think of old trick question some environmentalists love to spring on children. They put this question on the cover of a book: “What is the most dangerous animal in the world?” When children open the book, they see their own face in a mirror. Why do environmentalists do that? Consider What is the most dangerous animal in the world? Then reconsider THE most dangerous man in the world. THE most dangerous man in the world provides the same answer as What is the most dangerous animal in the world?, but THE most dangerous man in the world is not a guilt trip. We are also not animals, not even when we choose to behave like animals.
  • My Ballot is in the Box ( — Here is a little discussion on someone who has already voted absentee. Please note the ballot initiative. Be aware of what is on the ballot BEFORE you go to the polls.
  • 2014 CHRISTIAN VOTER GUIDES ( — Check out the voter guides.  You want to find about Senator Mark Warner’s and Ed Gillespie’s positions and records? Here is a good place to start.

7 thoughts on “POSTS WORTH READING — October 13, 2014

      1. Too funny Tom!

        How does one dress up…………………….hmmm
        maybe worthy of some thought.

        top ten list??? It’s not my specialty but,heres one:

        -a guy gets a maintenance outfit you know, green shirt and pants; you say ‘who are you?’
        he says ‘I am now a uniformed voter……….’

        Hey don’t blame me, I’m just riding on the coattails of your comment!

        Doesn’t hurt to laugh now and then eh


  1. Awesome Tom,
    Tkx for the commendation.

    Had an interesting conversation with the person who did attend the event, and my pick for ‘THE most…….’ was not even considered, oh well.

    Wasn’t familiar with the ‘most dangerous animal.’ Makes sense……
    God bless you as He has.


    1. You are welcome.

      I have a couple of children. They are grown now, but we use to take them to the nature centers public parks. Of course, at such places environmentalists seize the opportunity to “educate,” that question, “What is the most dangerous animal in the world?” is a standard part of the curriculum.


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