Here is what immigration is suppose to look like.
Here is what immigration is suppose to look like.

A little background

Anyone with half a brain now knows that as a practical matter President Obama is not making a serious effort to discourage illegal immigration. Supposedly, we are waiting for him to declare a grand amnesty (see here). Yet as the border patrol is morphing into a babysitting service and a transit hub for illegal immigrants (see here, here, and here), our southern border slowly loses relevance. We have in effect a de facto amnesty.

What is key to Obama’s success in perpetrating and continuing this de facto amnesty? He requires nothing more than our dependable guilt, ignorance, and confusion. We feel guilty about the poverty. We don’t know what is going on, and we have elected too many public officials who either don’t want to do anything or don’t know what to do.

Nevertheless, illegal immigration can destroy our nation. Look at California.  Isn’t that state once again leading the way (see here and here).

A small example

Here is a small example from one of the local papers in Prince William County. One of our neighboring counties managed to use zoning regulations to forestall plans by Youth For Tomorrow (YFT), a faith-based organization that helps troubled children, for an expansion.

The YFT homes in Fauquier County would have housed eight children each, plus caretakers.

Although YFT says that it provides teachers and education to their residents, many public school systems across the nation are preparing to take in an influx of immigrants.

Assistant Superintendent for Student and Special Education Services for Fauquier County Public Schools Frank Finn said that the Virginia Department of Education released a document on Monday advising public schools how to handle the enrollment of immigrants.

“We just found out that we have to treat these children as we do under the McKinney-Vento Act,” said Finn.

That means that public schools in Virginia must immediately enroll the “unaccompanied alien children” into the school systems without any documentation.

“This is going to put a real burden on school divisions to accommodate these children,” said Finn.  (from here)

Because of their “generosity” with other people’s money, the Obama administration has multiplied the burden on our public school system all across the nation.

Why is this happening?

Consider the primary reason any people need a government. We want a government to protect our rights. We want honest government officials with enough power to stop bad people from killing, abusing, and robbing their fellow citizens. We also need an army with enough power to protect us from warlike Peoples.

Unfortunately, we have given our public officials the power to redistribute our wealth. So instead of protecting our property, they tax us and then they give some of our money away to buy votes. And now they are even going so far as to import “voters” from the poor nations nearby.

YFT, of course, receives plenty of Federal dollars. The article cited above mentions over 16 million in Federal grants. That doesn’t make YFT the villain, but it does create a situation wherein YFT also has a conflict of interest. We all know these children are here illegally. In fact, it is both dangerous and immoral for officials of our government officials to lure children across the border with taxpayer-funded benefits. Yet now YFT has a dilemma. When YFT receives money from our government, they help the children that are already here, but by doing so they help to serve as a magnet for still more children to illegally cross the border. Do you want to fund a charity that participates in that sort of thing? I won’t.

What about our own children? 

Are you a hardworking American? What about your own children? What we are doing is condemning our children to support people who are being taught to think the “world” (that is those children you are teaching to work) owes them something.

We have a right to let our own hearts bleed for the poor and the impoverished. We each have a responsibility to dip into our wallets to help the needy, but when we give government officials the power to redistribute the wealth we steal from each other, and we enslave the slowly dwindling population who is still willing to work.

Related news

  • ‘Secretive’ Government Move Relocates a Bit of the Border Crisis to a Virginia Suburb ( – This article observes yet one more example of how the most transparent administration in history is being opaque. The article did, however, contain this interesting tidbit.

    Through its Office of Refugee Resettlement, HHS awards grants to a network of nonprofits across the country, many of them faith-based, to operate temporary shelters for immigrant children.

    Aiming to increase its capacity, the refugee office on Aug. 5 closed an application process to award another $350 million in grants to nonprofits.

    That money will be distributed among the 60 nonprofits that win the grants and the opportunity to house children for 36 months.

  • Illegal immigrant children get first-class treatment at taxpayers’ expense ( – Here we observe the ease with one can be generous with other people’s money.

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