It is a peculiar thing, but too often the people who call themselves Christian seem to know less about their faith than the people who detest Christians. What do those who hate Christians demand? They insist that Christians deny Jesus, deny that there only one God and that Jesus is His only begotten Son. To be a Christian martyr requires an affirmation of the name of Jesus and His divinity.

Persecution In America’s Military

Persecution of Christians in America’s military actually predates President Barack Obama. When we sent our troops into Middle East to fight Saddam Hussein, our leaders forced our soldiers to avoid any overt displays of Christianity. Even though they were there to defend Saudi Arabia, our troops could not risk offending their “hosts.”

Latter the persecution followed our military men and women home. Here are some news articles that cover the subject from various points of view. Even the National Guard in Virginia has issues.

What Is A Christian Martyr?

So what is a martyr? Consider one the examples of the early heroes of the Christian faith.

One example of such courage and bravery is seen in the life and death of Polycarp, a man who lived in the second century A.D. He was arrested and brought into the great amphitheater in Smyrna (in Asia Minor). Thousands of people were there to watch what would take place. The ruler reminded Polycarp of his great age and he urged him to deny his Christian faith: “Revile Christ, and I will release you.” But Polycarp answered, “Eighty and six years have I served Him, and He has never done me wrong; How can I blaspheme Him, my King, who has saved me? I am a Christian.” The ruler then cried out to the crowd, “Polycarp has confessed himself to be a Christian.” The crowds yelled, “Let him be burned!” Wood was collected and made into a pile. Polycarp asked not to be fastened to the stake.

“Leave me thus,” he said, “He who strengthens me to endure the flames will also enable me to stand firm at the stake without being fastened with nails.” As the woodpile was lighted Polycarp bravely lifted up a final prayer to his God and finally the flames consumed him. He died in 156 A.D. (from here)

If we search the Internet, we will find much about martyrs.  If we check the PBS (That outfit our tax dollars helps to fund.) website, we will find a balanced approach. The view of the persecutors is represented. In fact, martyrdom is a cult, sort of a sneaky plot.


[The story of Polycarp is one of our first martyrdom stories]. Polycarp was a bishop of a place called Smyrna, which today is modern Izmir in Turkey, and at a very old age he was brought up for trial and persecution…. Probably his martyrdom occurred somewhere around 165 give or take some years. We’re not too sure about that. What ‘s important about the story of his martyrdom that the church of Smyrna wrote… was that it tended to present Polycarp’s martyrdom as copying in some respects the “martyrdom”of Jesus. That is, that there’s a government official named Herod who’s partly responsible for Polycarp’s death. Polycarp is put upon a donkey and rides into the city…. Pagan officials are trying to make Polycarp recant. They ask him to curse Christ, which was always thought to be a sure sign that you weren’t really a Christian if you had cursed Christ, and … to offer the kind of pinch of incense to Caesar to indicate your reverence for the Roman gods and for the emporium. He refuses to do any of these things and is put to death by burning. An interesting feature of the story is that his father must go and collect his bones after he has been put to death. This becomes one of [the] first instances we have of what turns into the cult of the martyrs… [the practice] of preserving bits and pieces of the bodies of martyred people and holding these in great honor and esteem. Many of the martyrdoms written after the time of Polycarp tend to follow this basic model. (from here)

Who was actually the first Christian martyr? That was Stephen.  How he died is described in Acts 6:8-7:60. Because Stephen refused to deny Jesus, Jewish officials executed him by stoning him to death (as a young man, who would later become the Apostle Paul, watched). provides a Christian perspective on martyrdom.  What should we learn from Christian martyrs? provides a good place to start and links to other articles. Here is a key passage.

Matthew 10:32-33 New King James Version (NKJV)

32 “Therefore whoever confesses Me before men, him I will also confess before My Father who is in heaven. 33 But whoever denies Me before men, him I will also deny before My Father who is in heaven.

Jesus died for us, obedient to the Father unto death. He expects us to have faith in Him and His offer of salvation. He commissioned Christians to spread the Good News, not hide it.


  1. My apologies to Citizen Tom for this thread blowing way out of proportion from its intended topic. Forgive me for my participation in it. I hold you and your blog in high regard but I can’t say the same for some of your posters. I apologize again and ask your forgiveness, Citizen Tom.


    1. nanarhonda – No apologies needed. With five different commenters and 36 comments, I would have been astonished if the comments had stayed on topic. My concern is the acrimony. When we discuss politics and/or religion, it is easy to get mad, but it doesn’t do any good.

      Anyway, instead of name-calling, you tried to make your case and present evidence. So don’t worry about it.


      1. Thank you, Citizen Tom. It was not my intention to derail your topic. The acrimony comes whenever people talk politics or religion – so my husband says which is why he refuses to discuss them with anyone. The sad part is, I thought we were all on the same side here.

        Again, I do apologize for my part. You deserve much better from us all.


        1. Don’t worry too much about us all being on the same side. Wherever there are two or more people, there is more than one side.

          Did not our Lord make us all different? Did not our Lord show us how to love each other anyway?

          If we love our neighbors, then we will take them seriously and carefully examine their ideas and beliefs. What confuses some people is that they think that listening to them means we have to agree with them. Not true. Peter Kreeft of Boston College put it this way.

          Be egalitarian regarding persons. Be elitist regarding ideas.

          If I had never been willing to listen to people I disagree with, I never would have become a Christian. I never would have realized that I too am a sinner in need of a savior. However, until I changed my mind about Jesus, I expected people to agree with me. Because someone loved me in spite of myself, I received the Word and Jesus saved me.


  2. Oh – and Keith – yes, I definitely would consider Sarah Palin to be a worse candidate than Barak Obama for President. On the other hand, I think Mitt Romney was one of the best candidates we have put up since Reagan. Not sure where that leaves us.


  3. It is typical of the quality of analysis here that more than one person thinks the key issue is whether the imaginary inscription is on the inside or the outside of the ring. Folks, the inscription doesn’t exist. It doesn’t matter whether the non-existent inscription is on the inside or the outside.

    And, Nanarhonda, in fairness to Keith, he is, in his own inimitable way, trying to help you out.


    1. Again, imaginary… the inscription is right there. Just because you choose to believe (yes, they are Canadians, but they have Liberal Democratic leanings) doesn’t mean its right. I gave you other references that prove what I said. I NEVER said the inscription was INSIDE.

      If Keith was trying to help me out, I don’t need his kind of help.

      It doesn’t matter if POTUS is Muslim or not, the damage is already done. He has aligned himself and this country with the Muslim Brotherhood. He gave HAMAS American dollars. He is doing nothing, absolutely nothing… not leading. Because he’s between a rock and a hard place. How does he go to war against his own brotherhood? His pin prick air strikes aren’t going to annihilate ISIS. But, like I said, IF we still have a country left by 2016, and there isn’t an ISIS flag flying from the WH, we’ll see what happens.

      Again, this thread had gone way off course from what Citizen Tom originally posted. For that, I’m sorry. He deserves better than that.


  4. Keith DeHavelle,
    You are really a smarty pants, aren’t you.

    Never once did I say that there was an inscription INSIDE the ring. NEVER. I said that the ring had inscription that was translated “Allah Akbah” There is no God but Allah. I offered two other websites that explained that. He has worn that ring for 30 years. LONG before he met Michelle and he will wear it when she divorces him. He wore it on his wedding ring finger in college as the pictures show.

    You do a lot of name-calling which tells me a lot about your character… you have none.

    You also don’t leave a place for me to reply so you are also a coward.

    You believe what you want, I’ll believe what I want. The thing is, we are on the same freaking side.

    Fun facts about Obama:
    Worst president since WWII
    Spent more than all presidents combined
    More scandals than he can handle
    Pulls the Race Card when you disagree when he can’t pull the race card being he is half Kenyan and half Caucasian!

    I happen to like Sarah Palin. But I believe that the office of President should be held by a man. Call be old fashioned, or call me whatever you want.

    You, yourself, prove that on Obama’s book it stated that he said he was born in Kenya…

    “For example, pick up Obama’s “book” that you just referred to, and find the place where he says that he was born in Kenya.”

    It is cleverly hidden on the back cover. You don’t even have to buy the book. It was not changed for 17 years, until Obama decided to run for president and realized that such a statement would be problematic.

    Yeah, it would be a bit problematic. Just like getting a real copy of his long form birth certificate which is a forgery and has been proven so.

    The truth will come out when he is out of office and the strings are cut and George Soros has no use for him anymore. He will sell him out and reveal him for what he is and it will be a HUGE upset in DC.

    Usually name-callers are Democrats that have nothing else to say. You, Keith, are shameful and I wish you WERE a Democrat as you act like one.


    1. nanarhonda – I think you have scout and Keith mixed up. Use the find function to search for all the occurrences of “inside.” scout used the term first. Keith remarked:

      Scout, over and over again you have inserted the lie here that NanaRhonda referred to “the inside of Obama’s wedding ring.”

      Keith may not agree with your interpretation of the matter, but he did not misrepresent what you said or show disrespect.


      1. My apologies if I mixed you two up. And yes, he did misrepresent what I said and he did show disrespect. I was trying to respond to both of your lengthy responses so it would be quite easy for me to mix up who I was responding to. My apologies for that.

        This whole thread has gone so far off topic from what Citizen Tom posted and we are ALL at fault for it.


  5. I am, I am. Absolutely. But even in my wildest dreams I didn’t think we’d find someone who has seen the inside of Obama’s wedding ring (or at least knows someone well enough to judge their credibility who has seen the inside of Obama’s wedding ring, and well enough to repeat it).

    Like you, I was “astonished by how much research [Nanrhonda] must have done to write what [she] just wrote.” I suspect that the astonishing aspect (I assume you were hinting at this with your usual gift for ironical understatement) was that she wrote a lot of it without knowing the slightest thing about it.

    I eagerly await the next inside revelation from the White House or intimate revelation from within the First Family. Nanarhonda has scooped the National Enquirer on this one.

    I do note, however, that Nanarhonda was more specific than I was. I assumed he/she was talking about Obama’s “wedding ring”. On review, it is clear that she is talking about “the ring he (Obama) wears on his wedding ring finger.” That raises an additional question as to whether he has a wedding ring, and, if so, on what finger does he wear it. If not, why not (is he married?), and what purpose is served by the ring with the “Allah” inscription. Mysteries enough for one night, I suppose.


    1. Scout, over and over again you have inserted the lie here that NanaRhonda referred to “the inside of Obama’s wedding ring.” You mention this in multiple comments. Where do you come by such dishonesty? What purpose does it serve, since it is so easily debunked from the record on this page?

      ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle


      1. Good catch, Keith! Bravo! I just assumed that the reported inscription was on the inside of the ring. It could have been on the outside, or even the edge, if the jeweler had a steady hand and a good lense. You’ve caught me in a big one, there. However, “lie” seems very much the wrong word for my lapse. In standard English, the verb “to lie” means utter a statement known to be false for the purpose of deception. I have no motive (lofty or nefarious) to assert that the legend referred to by Nanrhonda is on the inside or outside of the Mr. Obama’s ring. My failure here was one of simply assuming that rings are inscribed internally, not externally. Hardly the makings of grand deceptions. Particularly since we (with your diligent assistance) now know that the inscription we are talking about doesn’t exist and therefore cannot be on either the inside or outside of the ring in question.

        And, lest I seem the ingrate, I very much appreciate your taking the time to fortify my skepticism that about Nanarhonda’s report that the President wears a ring that says in Arabic that “there is no God but Allah.” Thanks to you we know that kernel of truth in the story is that the President wears a ring. Somehow that fact, if substituted back into Nanarhonda’s comment, loses some of its previous impact, I would think.

        On your other point, to be clear, I did not know that Tom was referring to your research as astonishing. In sequence, his remark followed Nanarhonda’s and there was nothing in his comment that clearly attached it to your earlier submission. I should have perceived, as you so readily did, that if Tom is complimenting anyone around here, it must be you. However, from my perspective, there is nothing at all astonishing about your industry and effort. I have come to expect these things from you. Just as I can readily anticipate without astonishment that no comment addressed to me will lack for some nasty personal calumny. I view that as gratuitous on your part, but it’s nonetheless great fun to see how spun up folks can get over things that have no real personal content.


        1. scout – There is this little function every web browser provides. If you are not certain who is being quoted, please use the find function.

          First you are angry with me. Next you are angry with Keith. And now you are insulting nanarhonda (your August 23, 2014 at 4:37 pm comment). Whatever for? Frankly, you are turning yourself into a bad example (or perhaps I should say a good example) of an embittered Liberal Democrat.

          What I and Keith have done is point out some of your rather transparent pretenses. nanarhonda has said nothing about you. If you want to refer to what you call my hysteria and shrieking I could not care less. And it is apparent Keith enjoys trading barbs with you. But please act like an adult. You want to ask nanarhonda for proof, then just ask. If she cannot provide it, that’s embarrassment enough. On the other hand, if she can, then instead of belittling people you don’t agree with, why don’t you just accept the truth for what it is? Considering he is our president and his known associations with Islamists and Leftists (especially some of his appointments), Obama’s background is strange and alarming. Obama’s conduct in office has just increased our cause for alarm.

          Try an experiment. Instead of beginning half your sentences with “I,” try writing about the facts or about the subject itself. Maybe that will help you to consider another point-of-view besides your own.


    2. Scout,
      I saw a photographer’s picture of the ring, not the one on Scope’s which if you notice has gold dust on his finger, so it isn’t a legitimate photo. and Wikipedia are not the end all be all of legitimate sources. This photographer had Obama’s face in his left hand and it caught the right with the Arabic writing on the OUTSIDE of the ring. I never said it was inscribed on the inside. That was inferred. That photographer had the Arabic transcribed and it said “Allah Akbar” and he’s worn the ring for 30+ years… since his college days. If I could remember the place I saw it, I would reference it.

      Obama’s formative years were spent in a Muslim country, going to a Muslim school, living with a Muslim step-father. In his own books, he says he had to use a Visa to come to school in the U.S. In his own book, he says he was born in Kenya. There have been excerpts published when these topics were brought up.

      When he finally posted his long form birth certificate, it was proven to be a fake. You can go to all you want but the group that have been investigating this for $0 on their own time have proven it and when the purse strings are cut, the truth will come out and his world will unravel like a sweater. It will make a mess of all the damage that he’s done in Washington for the 8 yrs he was there.

      You tell me this. How does a community organizer suddenly have the qualifications to be POTUS? This is why he does great at FUNDRAISING (at our expense, mind you) and does great at vacationing but does nothing about World Crisis all around us. He had effectively ruined our standing in this world and he is now leading, if you can even call it that, from behind. What good is he? He has committed enough acts to be convicted of treason. He complains that the House hasn’t passed any bills to the Senate. He should ask Harry Reid where they are!

      He is touted as the worst president since WWII. He has increased the debt more that ALL presidents combined.

      If we still have a country left by 2016, I cannot wait to see him gone and then exposed for the fraud that he is.


      1. I don’t know nuthin’ about Scopes, Nanarhonda, but I will check it out. I must say, however, I think you are using up mental energy and time in chasing phantoms that might be better spent learning about the complex issues of the day. Thanks to our dear friend, Keith, we now know that the story of the ring, is that it is a ring. I know lots of people who wear rings. I find it hard to get excited about the idea that the President wears a ring. I also suggest that you go to original sources for your information, rather than just repeat “fun facts” that you hear casually from here and there. For example, pick up Obama’s “book” that you just referred to, and find the place where he says that he was born in Kenya. Then post that up here or elsewhere, and we can all talk about it. I think you will have a very hard time finding that (because I am fairly certain he didn’t say that), but perhaps I’m wrong.

        I have seen a lot of presidents, worked in the administration of one, and know a lot about a great many who preceded my short time (now well into its seventh decade) on this mortal coil. Obama is hardly the boogeyman you imagine him to be. He was not my choice, and I would have been much better pleased if Romney had won in 2012. But I could rattle off a dozen that I think were worse, and am also somewhat hesitant to make any sweeping statements about the inefficacy of a President because I have come to realize that it often takes some historical distance to really understand how much good or ill they do (although my contemporary negative assessment of Jimmy Carter’s presidency will, I am quite sure, stand the test of history).

        I do have an aversion, oft expressed here, to the kind of hysteria that leads people running around shrieking about things that are complete distractions, when we live in a time that requires from citizens and elected officials alike tremendous knowledge and judgment. I think the complexity of the times and issues demands that of all of us, and I feel strongly that the demonization of one official or another usually diverts minds from rational assessment of the problems we are dealing with. Above all, because I am a conservative Republican who got his initiation to national politics with Barry Goldwater in the early 1960s, I worry that people like you will be associated with Republican and Conservative causes and make us all look rather silly in the national discussion. I urge a calmer, more deliberative and studied approach to national problems and their discussion in the public square.


        1. “For example, pick up Obama’s “book” that you just referred to, and find the place where he says that he was born in Kenya.”

          It is cleverly hidden on the back cover. You don’t even have to buy the book. It was not changed for 17 years, until Obama decided to run for president and realized that such a statement would be problematic.

          You know, if you’d just spend a little time learning about these issues instead of repeating or making up assertions about them, you’d be better off. And your assertions, where you mislead constantly about what others say, is rather a trademark of your Obama apologetics here. Obama’s ring is odd. He wore it for a decade as if it were a wedding ring, then used it as a wedding ring after he met and married Michelle. This is not nefarious, but it is peculiar. Her ring, of course, looks nothing like this. It is almost as if Obama is still married to himself in his mind.

          But just as you added “inside the ring” several times, playing up how “close” one would have to be to see that and making it a central point that you haven’t even apologized for, you are here telling people that I suggested that it was just a ring with no unusual aspects, the sort of thing your friends wear.

          How strange that you spend your time here yakking about things that are complete distractions. Your claiming to be a “conservative Republican” is hilarious under the circumstances; you could just as accurately claim to be a purple-spotted mongoose. For that, we have no evidence, only improbabilities. For your conservative claims, we have abundant evidence from your distraction techniques here and elsewhere.

          I’d be unsurprised to learn that you have Sarah Palin on the list of people that you’d consider “worse” than Barack Obama.

          ===|=============/ Keith DeHavelle


        2. Scout,
          Well, aren’t you just well read and the Rhode Scholar. You make more assumptions about me than I made about Obama. Just because I cannot recall where I saw it doesn’t mean I didn’t see it. I spent quite a bit of time looking for it.

          Then you use the word “we” as if “we” can do a damn thing about the complex issues of the day. POTUS is supposed to be doing that. THAT is what he was elected to do but he is nothing more than a PR man and he’s best at fundraising and golfing and vacationing and spending your tax dollars. So how do “we” do anything about the complex issues of the day, sir? I am full aware of them. I am more aware than POTUS is. He claims to get his news the way we do, on TV. What a freaking liar. Or he is so removed that he doesn’t listen to his advisors. He hasn’t spent much time in the Oval Office or the Situation Room (or has he even seen this room?). Of course, he send John Kerry to fail at making an agreement between HAMAS and Israel IN CAIRO. Why did Kerry go to Netanyahu’s office to talk to him? He is one of our only ally’s in the Middle East. Why Cairo? Because he didn’t want to risk getting bombed.

          And what, sir, are ‘we’ going to do about ISIS? There is not a damn thing that “we” can do about it. But POTUS can.

          We can “we” do about our open border? Not a damn thing, sir. But POTUS can but he won’t. Just like he wouldn’t go to see the mess he created. So just add to the number of illegal aliens we are supporting. And who else came in with those so-called children? How many Arabs? We know criminal gang members but we can’t send them back.

          How can “we” stop the corruption in the IRS, CIA, and the VA? THIS is unacceptable. AG Eric Holder should be going his job here instead of stirring up trouble in Ferguson, MO.

          Have I pretty much covered the complex issues of the day?

          You called my comments, “fun facts”… call them what you want. I have short term memory problems but my long term memory is intact.

          Since you have all the answers, sir, how do “we” answer the complex issues of the day?


  6. Matthew 10:32-33 New King James Version (NKJV)

    32 “Therefore whoever confesses Me before men, him I will also confess before My Father who is in heaven. 33 But whoever denies Me before men, him I will also deny before My Father who is in heaven.

    Exactly! And Christians in America think that they are being persecuted when they get into a verbal disagreement over Scripture! They have NO idea what persecution really is but it looks like they will soon enough! You can’t reason with ISIS/ISIL so if you don’t convert to Islam, you die. That is persecution. Just ask those in the middle east that are starving and dying of thirst for fleeing to the mountains. And FINALLY our POTUS had to give in and give humanitarian aid. And use a few air strikes and then went on vacation. Shocking, not. He’s part of the Muslim Brotherhood so he cannot do much without becoming an infidel to them as well! And he connected the U.S. to the Muslim Brotherhood! So you see a man who is disconnected because he IS disconnected. He is between a rock and a hard place. If it was Bush, he would have acted at the onset because he can recognize a threat when there is one. Even if he didn’t want to put boots on the ground, POTUS could still annihilate ISIS/ISIL through air strikes over and over again, but he is doing pin pricks that don’t do anything.


    1. I still have not figured out Obama, but he sure acts like a radical Muslim. What is weird is that other Democrats go along with his insane behavior.

      Before we elect politicians who try to buy our votes, we ought to wonder who has bought them.


      1. Obama is a radical of sorts, but not a “radical Muslim” in my opinion.

        First, he is technically a Muslim by dint of his education (for a few years) in Indonesia; though he was young, it is enough for them to lay claim upon him. But I do not think this is true in Obama’s own mind. He is a non-strategic amateurish pragmatist, in that he is all to willing to lie for even the shallowest purposes of the moment, giving little thought to what new lies he might have to tell in an hour or a day to cover for this lie. It clearly applies to so much of his daily activity, and I believe it applies to his religion as well.

        He had been a more-or-less atheist, in the tradition of his mother and to an extent his grandparents who raised him. He joined a “Christian” church, the most radical one he could find headed by a pastor recently ejected from another church for his fiery militancy. (At the time, Jeremiah Wright’s afro was colored bright red, and he was impressive-looking as well as vehemently anti-white.)

        Obama, he wrote (a bit from both books) joined this church because (1) it gave him the right political connections and background for his community organizing and other ambitions, and (2) they didn’t ask anything of him. He was not called upon to repent, or to commit himself to Jesus, or anything like that. He recognized at the time (thirty years ago!) that Wright’s inflammatory messages could someday be a problem, but they weren’t far from his own thinking and he would deal with that when it came up.

        By lying about it, as we’ve seen over and over again.

        So Obama is not really a Christian, though he played this up in 2008 to get votes. He’s not really a Muslim, but he played that up in Cairo in 2009 to get jihadist support. The media loved all of this, of course.

        He’s used a sort of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” approach, but he is so very peculiar with regard to whom he considers enemies. Wealthy job creators? Evil, except when they’re big Obama donors. Oil industry folks? Oh, yes … unless it’s Tom Steyer, whose oil involvements and outsourcing activities were far larger than the Koch brothers’ but who now pretends to be a big environmentalist.

        Obama is lying to the jihadists as well, even as he arms them against us. But they don’t care; their leaders see Obama as weak, and they’ll take what he hands out without a shred of loyalty in return. Obama, for his part, holds such a high opinion of himself that he believes that he is loved, and respected. He is neither, not even by most of those closest to him.

        We have, it seems to me, an incompetent, inconstant, insensitive, insidious ingrate for a president — and we are left at this point feeling thankful for the incompetence, without which he’d be even worse.

        ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle


        1. Keith… the response I just posted was in relation to Uncle Tom’s post. However, it does relate to yours as well.

          Obama claims to observe all the different religious holidays, Ramadan to the Jewish Holy Days. And then claims to be a Christian. He is most definitely NOT a Christian. He is, however, more Muslim than he wants anyone to know. Being aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood says it all. The rest is just fluff.

          Why do you think he is leading from behind? Why do you think he has supplied HAMAS with weapons? Why do you think he is only doing pin prick air strikes? Why do you think he waited until so many babies and elderly died on the mountain before he decided to send humanitarian aid?

          Why do you think he sounds so defeated when he speaks from the podium. The media calls it detached, but its more defeated.

          These are just some questions to ponder on.


        2. We can roughly assess the fruit someone has produced in their life, but we can only guess what motivates them. Even if we could read each others minds, would we have the capacity to understand each other? I don’t know. I just know I don’t like what Obama has done.

          Nevertheless, I am astonished by how much research you must have done to write what you just wrote. So although I am still uncertain just what to make of Obama, I concede he may be as you say, an incompetent, inconstant, insensitive, insidious ingrate. I just fear he is more dangerous than you believe. We elected that incompetent, inconstant, insensitive, insidious ingrate twice, not just once. In spite of all the damage he has done, we still cannot get rid of him (and that is amazing). And he is not done yet.


        3. How would Obama “playing up” that he is not a Muslim gain “Jihadist support”? And for what does a president of the United States need jihadist support? I wouldn’t think that would be at all useful.


          1. I know that you are only pretending to be an idiot to accomplish your goals. But you are depressingly good at it; a sort of erudite troll under the bridge to understanding, trying to impede anyone who dares to cross.

            You knew, for example, that when Citizen Tom wrote the phrase you quoted, that he was “astonished by how much research [Nanrhonda] must have done to write what [she] just wrote,” that he was writing to me, not NanaRhonda. You knew this because he quoted the line from my post, when he writes that “I concede he may be as you say, an incompetent, inconstant, insensitive, insidious ingrate.” The “you” he referred to was me, not NanaRhonda.

            You used the occasion to slip in insults against the two of them, insults which they, unlike you, do not deserve and have not earned.

            As it happens, NanaRhonda does appear be mistaken as to one particular, the ring that Obama wears. As you surmised, accidentally getting something right in your zeal to insult, it is not actually a wedding ring. Obama wears it instead of wedding ring, but had it for years prior to his marriage. (Some reports indicate “it doubles as a wedding ring” but it does not match Michelle’s.)

            But it is not an Arabic inscription. Instead, it is a pair of snakes in a pattern that might be appropriate on the hand of James Earl Jones playing Thulsa Doom in Conan the Barbarian. Here’s a closeup from 2009:

            Snopes, always on defense but endeavoring to be subtle, downplays the snakes as “an abstract loop pattern.” But they are correct in the point that the ring is not Arabic script.

            It’s nicely symbolic in a sense: It indicates that even decades ago, Obama preferred to surround himself with snakes. Now, of course, the venom of his entourage does wider damage to the country. And his vile apologists, including you, carry that venom.

            ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle


          2. Just for the real, non-troll audience here, which appears to be everyone but you:

            So Obama is not really a Christian, though he played [his connection to Christianity] up in 2008 to get votes. He’s not really a Muslim, but he played [his connection to Islam] up in Cairo in 2009 to get jihadist support. The media loved all of this, of course.

            Since then, Obama has largely given up on Christians in the US; the ones who are also leftists will support him for ideological reasons, which for them trump religious ones. And Obama’s personal involvement with Christianity appears to be cover for his ideology.

            For example, his choice of personal spiritual advisor at the White House is an open Communist, replacing Wright whose theology was substantially Marxist but who was not an open Communist.

            ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle


        4. Thank you for defending NanaRhonda and myself.

          I think we sometimes make too much of Obama’s personal foibles. I have no idea what to make of his ring. What people consider attractive sometimes baffles me and why he wore it before he was married — who knows? Obama conduct in political office stinks enough by itself. It is enough for me that what Obama says he wants to do and what he has done are so often either immoral or just plain foolish.

          Nonetheless, like the thenakedtruth2, I enjoyed your observations. Instead of President Barry Soetoro, should we start calling him President of the United States Thulsa Doom? Wouldn’t be an insult to Robert E. Howard’s fictional character?

          For those who are interested, here is the article and the picture.


          1. This was his ring for more than a decade before his marriage to Michelle Robinson. In fact, he would have acquired it at about the time of his not-much-discussed trip to Pakistan when he was 19 or so. Perhaps he picked it up when he was over there for a few weeks.

            Many cultures have images of snakes associated with them. It struck a few folks as odd that, during their wedding ceremony, Michelle put back on his finger the ring he’d worn for years before meeting her. Some pundit suggested that he was married to himself before.

            But, no Islamic inscriptions are evident.

            ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle


      2. If it walks like a skunk and smells like a skunk, its a skunk. POTUS aligned us with the Muslim Brotherhood which, to my understanding, is the pinnacle of all the jihadists around the world. Someone said that the ring he wears on his wedding ring finger he has worn for 30 years and it says in Arabic “There is no god but Allah” and it had pictures. I think this is why he leads from behind because he is caught between a rock and hard place. How do you keep both the Muslim Brotherhood and the Americans you supposedly represent happy? Pin prick strikes and and day late and a dollar short humanitarian aid drops? And as he stands at the podium and speaks, he speaks and a man defeated, the media calls it detached but its more defeated but whichever word, he is NOT engaged and he is NOT representing the American public interest in the world. He is pathetic, IMO. This last 2 years will be his undoing. Those who have pulling the puppet strings are going to expose him/turn on him, Michele has rumored to divorce him as soon as he is done, he has no home as he sold their home in Chicago (like he’d go back there!). He will be up on charges for trading 5 worst Taliban leaders for 1 deserter. We do not negotiate with terrorists. What part of WE DO NOT doesn’t he understand? That backfired in his face. He has done NOTHING for a real soldier who really has served with ‘honor and distinction’ being held in a Mexican prison for making a wrong turn. He flat out REFUSED to go to the border to see the chaos that HE created. Another blight on HIS record that HE should be held accountable for. The VA scandal, the IRS scandal, the CIA scandal all on HIS watch. No wonder people say he is the worst president since WWI! There are a lot of things he has to answer for… and aligning us with the Muslim Brotherhood is an act of treason if you ask me. But that’s just my opinion.


        1. Obama is a symptom of a larger problem. We have lots of Americans behaving like incompetent, inconstant, insensitive, insidious ingrates. These people elected Obama and the Democrats, and even after Obama leaves office (God willing), those people will still be voting.

          In order to fix America, we must understand what is wrong with America. It is not Obama. Our problems are reminder that we have a larger goal in this life than our duty to our country. We have a duty to put God first in our lives, and we have not done that. Otherwise, we would never have elected a politician like Obama.


          1. Citizen Tom,
            You are so very correct that this nation needs to turn back to God. Obama just proves to us that we have failed ourselves in that area as we continue to look to humankind to solve our problems. We need the wisdom of God before we enter those voting booths. I agree with you 100% and thank you for bringing this to all of our attention, especially mine!

            Abundant blessings,
            Rhonda aka nanarhonda


        2. I find it absolutely fascinating that this site can attract people so close to Obama that they know (or at least are willing to repeat as factual) what’s inscribed on the inside of his wedding ring. I assume his wife knows, and nanarhonda apparently knows, or at least is confident enough in “someone” to repeat this.

          Why would Michelle Obama put an inscription like that inside her husband’s wedding ring? Is she a Muslim? I had not heard that previously.


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