John 10:6-7 (The Gate)

Do you like puzzles? Do you like reading from the Book of Isaiah? The resident blogger, BJ Richardson , at the River Walk takes an unusual approach. He provides a scripture reference. Then he makes his point, and he leaves it to us to figure out the connection.


Gate Edit

Those who heard Jesus use this illustration didn’t understand what he meant, so he explained it to them:
“I tell you the truth, I am the gate for the sheep.” (John 10:6-7)

Read: Isaiah 18:1 – 23:18

Relate: In the west, we live in a culture full of individualism. In other parts of the world the group, the collective whole, is to be more valued than the individual but for most European and American nations, it is the individual who reigns supreme. Some have taken freedom and twisted it to mean individualism. They have taken conformity and warped it into oppression. “Don’t conform. Don’t just go along with the group. You’ll just wind up like the Germans in Hitler’s day. Everybody marching in the same evil, destructive direction.”

Hogwash. If you are the only one moving in a particular direction. You’re probably going in the wrong direction. Frost’s “road less traveled”…

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5 thoughts on “John 10:6-7 (The Gate)

  1. I am reminded of one other religious person who argues against America’s culture of individualism, and who claims that conformity is a virtue. This is Jim Wallis, the openly communist, fiercely anti-American Christian leader who, unsurprisingly, is the man President Obama picked to be his personal spiritual advisor after throwing Reverend Wright under the bus.

    ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle


    1. Well, I suppose I could have misread BJ Richardson’s intent, but I don’t think he opposes individual rights. What I think he condemns is being different for its own sake.

      When I searched Richardson blog for the term “individualism,” I came up with only three posts. Richardson may have rugged individualism a bit confused with being too prideful, but that is, unfortunately, the way the Left has tried to define the term.

      Here is the way I see it, and I expect Richardson’s opinion is similar. Jesus told us to love our neighbor as our self. He also established His church and told us to spread the Gospel. Thus, Christianity involves a collective effort to save individual souls. Because God requires us to spread the Gospel, and He gave us other Christians to help, we must humbly choose to work with other Christians, each as an individual member of the body of Christ.

      Because Christians believe God has defined each of us as unique individuals with God-given rights, no one can be forced to choose Christ. Obedience to our Creator requires us to respect each others rights. That in fact is the origin of freedom of religion.

      Hence a good Christian does not set himself apart from others. Instead, using the gifts God has given him or her, he or she seeks opportunities to serve.


  2. The title of your post kind of reminds me of a Twilight Zone episode I saw a while back. An old guy and his dog go coon hunting. His dog goes into the water after a wily old coon and the man jumps in to save his dog dying in the process.

    The story goes on with the man seeing his widow and his friends lamenting his passing. He refuses to see that he has gone to the after life. Eventually, he’s walking along and sees this gate guarded by who he thinks is Saint Peter. The old man believes the guard at first about it being the gate to eternal life until the guard refuses entry to the old guy’s dog. They argue back and forth, but the old man decides ‘heaven’ isn’t the place he wants to be if his dog can’t go with him. The dog doesn’t want to go through the gate anyway.

    So the man and his dog wander along until he tires and sits on a log. Soon along comes a bearded man who asks him where he’s going. The old man tells the stranger of his travails and the problem he had at the supposed gate to heaven. The stranger laughs and tells the old man that, yes, he almost entered the gate to perdition and that his dog saved him because the dog could smell the sulfur and brimstone. The stranger shakes the old man’s hand and invites him to follow him and his dog is welcome.

    The moral of this particular story being that the devil is full of lies and will lead you astray and that dogs are sometimes more perceptive than humans, I guess.


    1. The Twilight Zone was a good show, but the theology is Hollywood. 😆 I don’t recall much that has come out of Hollywood except entertainment for the sake of advertising. That by default often qualifies as propaganda for Modern Liberalism. What made The Twilight Zone fun to watch is that it just sought to be entertaining.

      If we want more, a moral to the story, then I think the Book of Job qualifies as the first and best “twilight zone” story.

      The theology of that story about the old man and his dog story is questionable, but forgivable, I suppose. Even C. S. Lewis told a yarn about the afterlife, “The Great Divorce,” where people got a second chance to choose God. However, I think the Bible says we must choose before we die.

      Therefore, any story that leaves the question of salvation open after death is Biblically questionable, but the debate persists.

      If it is difficult to believe in Hell, is it any wonder that those who believe in Hell want to accept the proposition that there is an end to second chances? Lewis believed in the Devil and Hell, but we all have loved ones whose fate we wonder about.

      So is there an end to second chances? All I know for certain is how glad I am I have already accepted Christ as my savior. Whatever the truth is about second chances, that’s not a decision we should put off.


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