Senator Dick Black emailed this yesterday.


The American southern border is collapsing, as hundreds of thousands of Central Americans and Mexicans pour into our country.  No war drove them here; no famine; no plague; no danger.  The influx was unlawfully planned and coordinated by U.S. and Mexican officials.

No one can tell me that thousands of children just decided to walk hundreds of miles to a new country. That doesn’t happen without their parents’ active participation.  The parent’s goal is to set an anchor in place—a dreamer, who can sponsor his family and bring a chain of others in his wake. And the parents don’t do this without an established system of immigrant escorts in place, something that required lots of money and organization.  These aren’t just children coming.  They are a massive wave of welfare recipients of all ages; the children are simply the gentle political face of a hostile foreign invasion.

The trip is almost 2000 miles from Guatemala to El Paso, Texas.  Does anyone seriously believe that unaccompanied children can traverse that distance alone? U.S. Department of Homeland Security solicited bids for “escorts for unaccompanied alien children” in January–long before the invasion began.  They said there “will be”65,000 children. Was that just a wild guess about something that had never occurred before?  Of course not; the penetration of our borders was carefully planned by this administration in deliberate violation of federal criminal statutes.

These new arrivals will go directly onto states’ welfare rolls and into overtaxed public schools. Their burden falls squarely on U.S. taxpayers, already staggering under pressures of unemployment, printing-press money, and the unlimited supply of cheap, unskilled labor.

Democrats caused this problem.  Where are Senator Mark Warner and Senator Tim Kain?  Are they not aware of it?  Do they care about Virginians at all?

Warm Regards,

Richard H. Black
Senator of Virginia, 13th District

Keep in mind that our local politicians can influence our Federal politicians. Usually, because the Federal Government spends so much money, Federal politicians push local politicians around. However, if we stand behind our local leaders, they can carry the day. That will be particularly true if we move forward with an Article V Convention of the States. The people attending that convention would be chosen by state legislatures.

Make no mistake about it. We are being invaded. Our elites will use these children as pawns in the conquest of our country. They will make enough poorly educated immigrants voters to win close elections. If we do not want to see our country involuntarily transformed and our children condemned to tyrannical servitude, we must fight back.


  1. I don’t blame Bush II. My point is that this influx has been going on for some time, and the reason that we have to accommodate children in HHS facilities is because the law says we have to. That law was completely a bi-partisan undertaking. Where those facilities are located doesn’t seem to me to make much difference. I certainly can’t see any wisdom in confining them to the border states, states where the impacts of immigration are felt more acutely than elsewhere.

    I think it was Republicans who led the charge for immigration reform a few years ago and they were right to do so. It is unfortunate that nothing has come of it. It is sorely needed. This mess on the border proves it.


  2. Dick Black can almost always be counted on for interesting copy. I was still basking in the enjoyment of the sheer silliness of his recent foray into foreign affairs and his gratuitous intercession on behalf of a murderous tinpot dictator in the Middle East.

    A lot could be said about this particular newsletter. But I’ll show some restraint and focus on one particular item: Why does Black say that DHS put out its January RFI (not bids) for escorts for children “long before this invasion began.” It seems to me that that request for information came plumb in the middle of what Black calls an “invasion” and was a natural and necessary reaction to it. The question isn’t why was ICE looking for ways to handle this influx as early as January of this year, the question is what took them so long. This influx of children has been well underway for some time. Public awareness blossomed this summer as the numbers accumulated, but this thing with the children is nothing new. Once word got out in Central America that the Congress in 2008 had determined (on voice vote no less) to hold minors from non-contiguous countries for no more than 72 hours in DHS custody and then turn them over to Department of Health and Human Services for safekeeping, the race was on. HHS has been trying to figure this out for some time.

    I guess I can’t entirely limit myself to one point. I’ll raise just one more (it’s like eating potato chips): Why does Black say that “Democrats caused this problem.”? It seems that the Wilberforce Act was one of those rare completely bipartisan pieces of legislation, passed unanimously or nearly so, and signed into law by a Republican president. That it is having unintended negative consequences is something that needs to be addressed, despite its laudable intention to halt trafficking in children. It would be nice to have a bipartisan response. A bit hard to do if yahoos go around saying that “Democrats caused this problem.”

    The saving grace is that Black doesn’t have much credibility in the sectors where this issue will have to be fixed. The bad news is that the political instinct to exploit these extremely tough issues for fundraising and votes is not confined to Mr. Black in the state legislature, a place that has little authority or capacity to address these very real problems.


    1. When you start attacking someone else’s credibility, I just have to laugh.

      I dealt with most of the issues you brought up here =>

      I am not going to dive into the weeds and try to defend every detail you want to parse out of Black’s exact words. When it is common knowledge that the Federal Government is shipping large numbers of illegal immigrant children into communities far from the border and trying to keep the details secret, what would be the point? We know why this is happening, and we know both Democrats and Republicans are to blame.

      The fact is we have never done anything like this before, and there is no excuse for it. Democrats are leading the charge for what they call “immigration reform.” So they are going to take the most heat, and at this point, blaming Bush is just comical.


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