newsCheck out this article in NewsBusters:  LA Times Creates False Impression on Protester Arrests in Murrieta.

Deceitful. That is the best way to describe a Los Angeles Times report about five protesters arrested yesterday in Murrieta, CA. Nowhere in the story are the identities of the protestors indicated; whether they are pro-amnesty or against the dumping of the illegals in a federal facility in their city.

Although the truth is very carefully avoided in the Los Angeles Times, you can find it right way in the headline at the Gateway Pundit: “FIVE COUNTER-PROTESTERS ARRESTED During Tense Standoff at Murrieta Illegal Immigrant Rally.” The co-conspirators in the Los Angeles Times attempt to keep its readers from learning WHO were arrested were Tony Perry, James Barrigan, and Matt Hansen. Here is their plunge into utter deceitfulness:

Five people were arrested Friday during protests in Murrieta over immigrant detainees being housed here, though so far it appears no detainees have been sent to this Inland Empire city.

And WHO were those arrested? Those protesting the arrival of the illegals or the pro-amnesty counter-protesters? The L.A. Times gives not a clue even though they know full well the answer. (continued here)

Here is the LA Time article:  Murrieta immigrant detainee protests: 5 arrested, still no arrivals.

We have reached the point when the dishonesty of the news media should baffle us; it’s insane. What can any American expect to gain from this flood of immigrants? These unskilled people — children — are going to create jobs? If we don’t send them home, they are just going to become dependents, and if there are enough of them they will wreck our republic. Who gains from that?


    1. The professor makes an easy argument. He tries to prove the people in the tea party are evil. I agree. We are evil. However, I can just as easily prove that professor is the most vile sort of character. I just don’t especially enjoy negative campaigning. It doesn’t solve anything; it just fills the air with venom.

      Instead I would just like to make this observation. I consider myself a member of the Tea Party. I don’t want to use the power of government to hurt anybody. I just want people like him to stop using the power of government to harm me and the people I care about.


  1. What was the lie in the linked LA Times article? I see nothing that indicates that a falsehood was involved. The article said that protesters from both sides of the issue had gathered. It also said that five of those protesters were taken into custody by the police. Is there an error there? If there is an error (I don’t think there was), is it a “lie”?


  2. How very true, both our government and the news media spin everything. To be honest it seems as if I cannot find any news outlet that simply reports the facts. All of them seem to have a certain “take” on every issue and an agenda behind all their reporting.

    May the Lord help us as a country, Without a vigorous news media that will hold politicians accountable and report truthfully to the populace, I believe we are soon headed for a great fall.

    Thanks for the post.


    1. I am afraid most of the news media is owned by large corporations. Instead of informing us, I fear they wish to manipulate us to serve their own ends. Yet I admit I find it very difficult to understand what they expect to accomplish.

      When we consider the Civil War and we look at what the South tried to do leading up to that war, things like the Dred Scott Decision, we must admit what they did was not very admirable. And what of the damage they wrought? Did it not take the South decades to recover?

      I just came home from a Bible study on James 5:1-6. Those verses focus on the exploitation of the poor by the rich, and this thought hit me. Can you imagine any greater exploitation of men by men than slavery? And those slaveholders made every effort they could to slant the news media in the South to their purposes. That included denying their slaves an education.


  3. Has the “Free Press” been compromised? It’s certainly easier to indoctrinate when the populace can’t put a face to who is driving the message. This is what I highlighted in my last post with government and party censorship.


      1. Thanks for that. You’re quite right that China, like apartheid South Africa and the Communist USSR, faces some point down the road where the forces of human liberty, abetted by technology, will eventually overcome all efforts by ideological tyrants to eradicate dissent. The Chinese government thinks it can control this indefinitely. They may succeed for some time to come (I thought apartheid would fall of its own weight long before it did), but eventually it will fail.

        Not sure what any of that has to do with the post.


        1. It simply had to do with highlighting another aspect on how the free press in our nation has been compromised. I think reading about Tang Jie and his perception that many in our own nation never give a second thought to the possibility of being brainwashed or manipulated is a scary reality we all live in.

          I was simply letting Tom aware of my post in connection to his to further the discussion by showing other avenues the media or other organization can manipulate the populace.


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