peacecrossI have too many favorite blogs and too little time.  So I end up visiting my favorite blogs about the same way as a tumbleweed plans its itinerary, and I just hope there is a good blog post up.

aurorawatcherak provides dependable service.  Her latest (H/T thatmrgguy) is below.

As  makes clear, we know little about Hell. And as I thought about it, it occurred to me we also know little about Heaven. Nonetheless, many of us still speak as if we knew more.

I suppose that we are too proud, too proud to even admit our ignorance to ourselves. Yet The Book of Job tells us how God allowed Satan to inflict enormous misery upon Job, and throughout it all Job suffered patiently — at least with more than most men could manage.

Job wanted his suffering to end, but he also wanted to know why he was being made to suffer. He thought himself a good and just man. Job did not understand why God would allow him to be condemned to such pain and sorrow. Nonetheless, Job never cursed God. Instead, he wished for a redeemer, someone who could stand between Him and God.

At the end of the book, we find out that Job almost got his wish. God spoke to him, but God did not explain. Instead, God pointed to all He has done that Job did not understand, and Job found the presence of God humbling.

What is Heaven? Heaven is where we will see God, an Infinite Being we cannot begin to understand. And He will love us for all eternity? How can we begin to understand what that will be like?

What is Hell? Is Hell that place where we will never see God? That would seem to be the case. After all, is it not the people who want nothing to do with God who go to Hell? Then what is the consequence — where is the punishment — when God grants those who hate Him their wish?

We are finite beings. We don’t want to ever die, but don’t we have trouble conceiving of infinity or eternity? In Heaven we will adore an Infinite Being. He will be our Father, and we will be His children. In Hell, will we only have that which is finite? Because of our own choice, will we be orphaned and empty?


  1. Tom,

    In my mind, you have hit on the most important point of all concerning heaven and hell… heaven is a place of personal fellowship and communion with the Lord, hell is the place of permanent separation from the Lord. These are the most important points of all concerning the two possible ends of mankind.

    It are these two principles that are the basic meaning of the terms “life” and “death”.

    When I was much younger, it was explained to me this way…
    “life” always describes unity –
    physical life is union of the body and spirit
    spiritual life is restored union of man with their Lord (experienced while on earth)
    eternal life is never-ending union of man with their Lord (experienced in heaven)

    “death” always describes separation…
    physical death is separation of the body from the spirit
    spiritual death is separation of man from their Lord (experienced while on earth)
    eternal death is the never-ending separation of man from their Lord (experienced in hell)

    May we all come to an understanding of the two possible ends of mankind and turn to Christ who is the ultimate giver of physical, spiritual and eternal life.

    Very well explained Tom, Lord bless you.


    1. Thank you for your explanation. I suspect many find those distinctions between the different kinds of life and death useful in understanding the Bible.

      May our Lord bless you and yours.


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