bibleFor years I have heard pastors say the Bible is the completed word of God, but I have never seen anyone make the case. Instead, it seems we were suppose to consider the matter self-evident — since after 2,000 years nothing had been added.

Of course, there are those who claim to have written scripture that adds to or even replaces the Bible. Consider the Koran and the Book of Mormon.

So does the Bible make the claim that it is the completed work of God? In Spiritual Gifts: When Did The Accrediting Gifts Go Out Of Existence? (Part 1)Rob Barkman says it does. His text? That’s what most shocked me. 1 Corinthians 13?!!!!

1 Corinthians 13 is one of the most widely known and quoted of all Bible passages. To find out after reading it so many times that I still don’t understand it is humbling. And yet presents a very logical argument. Check out Spiritual Gifts: When Did The Accrediting Gifts Go Out Of Existence? (Part 1), and please let me know what you think.



6 thoughts on “OUCH!!! THAT MADE ME THINK!

  1. I always chuckle when wide-eyed pastors state that the Bible is the complete word of God. One look at the history of how the entire fiction was cobbled together will leave you with more questions than answers: copyists, translators, glosses, more translation, mis-translations, the quality of the Greek translations used by Erasmus, the King James fabrications, eyewitness “accounts”, insertions, deletions, questionable passages, negotiated texts, rewrites by scribes, Constantine’s shuffling of books, Gnostic gospels, censorship, the counter-evidence problem, propaganda literature, etc. Bart Ehrman opened my eyes and I will NEVER look at the Bible in the same way…I like to curb Christian enthusiasm for Bible readings in public schools by recommending that Protestant children read Maccabbees I and II…LOL!


    1. I fear that due to your aimless derision too many have tossed your comments in the spam queue. Hence, my spam filter identified your comment as spam. Since I consider blogging an opportunity to dialog, I allow derision. So long as you do not violate the blog ethics I have posted you are welcome to comment. https://citizentom.com/blogging-code-of-conduct/

      I do have a suggestion. Instead of firing your opinions in a broadside as though using a scatter-gun, try to focus on something. Because I am merely a human being, I cannot respond intelligently to every subject you have mentioned in your comment.

      I will observe this much. Instead of being a follower of Christ — God — you have chosen to follow Bart Ehrman. He too is only a man. Therefore, to place your faith in him is distinctly unwise.

      As it happens, I too have read one of Ehrman’s books. Here are a couple of posts that touch on what I think of Ehrman’s beliefs.

      What I find curious about critics such as Ehrman is their inability to get their facts straight. Nonetheless, because they revel in “being different” and tickling the ears of those who don’t want to believe anyway, they have enjoyed a brief flurry of fame.

      I began my adult life as an agnostic. It took more than three decades to get it through my thick skull that God must exist. Then, I finally read the Bible. After that, I began to study it.

      What have I discovered? Because God rewards effort, most of us have to work to understand the Bible. Because I have made some effort to understand the Bible, God has kindly rewarded my effort with greater faith.


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