branches of governmentOddly, there is little about this in the news media. Liberal Democrats want to shut down Virginia? So what? So what if the schools shut down, and we have to empty the prisons?  Do we really need traffic cops?

What does Delegate Scott Lingamfelter think? Well, here is what he said in an email today.

Liberals Threatening to Shut Down Virginia

Today is day 74 of Governor Terry McAuliffe’s Obamacare budget impasse.

Governor McAuliffe’s decision to demand Medicaid expansion in exchange for passage of the state budget threatens to shutdown state government, leave state employees without a paycheck and cause an unprecedented constitutional crisis.

Essential services, such as the DMV and VDOT, could be impacted as well.  Concerns were not eased Monday after the House Appropriations Committee held a briefing, which I attended; and we heard what could happen if the government fails to reach a budget compromise.

The issue: Medicaid expansion. Democrats want it, Republicans-for the most part-don’t.  And across the state, Virginians oppose expansion by almost a 60-40 split.  Under a possible shutdown, state workers could be paid in IOUs instead of cash, beginning July 1st.

The governor and other constitutional officers, like judges, would keep getting paid since their salaries are required by the Constitution.  By the way, legislators would not be paid, nor should we if there is no budget.

The legislative lawyers who briefed us reiterated that we’re in “uncharted waters” since a shutdown has never occurred in the Commonwealth.  No one wants to see a state government shutdown; I am adamantly against this.  But Governor McAuliffe and Senate Democrats seem to be prepared to take Virginia over the cliff if they don’t get their way on Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion.

The Democratic Party of Virginia is weighing in by dredging up former opponents to legislators like me to distort my position and suggest that I am not listening to the people of my district.  They are confused.  They confuse “listening” to constituents with “doing” what far left liberals demand.  They further mock me and other Republicans for being concerned by the $17 Trillion national debt and the $430 million the US borrows EACH hour to pay for day-to-day operations!   That’s right, the Democratic Party of Virginia and my former opponent, Jeremy McPike (best known for wrongly firing a public employee for blowing the whistle on wrong-doing), are just fine with spending the nation into the ground.   Predictable.

Unlike the lies liberals are putting out, here’s the truth:  Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion is the ONLY issue preventing passage of the state budget.  As Governor McAuliffe said himself, no one should use the “threat of a government shutdown as a bargaining chip in other negotiations, including over the healthcare law.”

It’s past time to pass a budget.  The compromise to resolve the impasse is to set Medicaid expansion aside and pass a state budget to avoid a government shutdown.

In the meantime, please help me counter the lies from the far left my making a donation today to my campaign fund.  Go to, click on Donation tab and help me.  We must get the truth out and your donation will help do just that!



  1. McAuliffe is a BABY. He will shut down Virginia state government to throw a temper tanatrum like a child. He ill cause state emplyoees to lose their homes because we can not pay rent or make our house payments and we will be on the streets and he DOES NOT CARE WE ARE ON THE STREETS. TO HELL WITH MCAULIFFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    1. Pam, condemning someone to Hell is not our job. When measure ourselves against another human being, that measurement does not mean much. Here are two reasons:
      1. We may think ourselves better, but what is in the heart we cannot see.
      2. God expect us to use a different sort of measuring stick, His Son. And none of us come close to measuring up. Compared to Christ Jesus our differences are so small, they mean nothing. Thus, we have only one choice. Either we accept His gift of salvation or we refuse it.

      Therefore, we can point out Governor McAuliffe’s and the Democratic Party’s sins, but we cannot use those sins as excuse for raising ourselves above them. We can only strive to avoid imitating their foolishness.

      Instead of condemning McAuliffe to Hell, we may wish to observe an unfortunate fact. When offered a slate of Conservatives as a wholesome alternative, Virginians filled all the statewide offices with unscrupulous Democrats. What possessed Virginians to do that? What McAuliffe and his cronies have been doing should not surprise anyone. So what excuse do the citizens of Virginia have for making such an awful choice?


  2. As Governor McAuliffe said himself, no one should use the “threat of a government shutdown as a bargaining chip in other negotiations, including over the healthcare law.”

    I don’t think it’s exactly fair to call this a “liberal” shutdown, any more than the federal version last year was a “Republican” or “conservative” shutdown. If the parties don’t reach agreement and pass a budget, shutdown results.

    However, McAuliffe is hilariously wrong in the quoted statement. It always is. Even by Democrats against a Democrat President. And in fact, the few actual improvements we’ve accomplished in government, and reductions in bureaucracy, have come about because of just such bargaining chips, as in the 1996-1998 period. Other proposed improvements were avoided because the other side held that playing card, as was true when the Democrats shut down Reagan’s government several times to avoid budget cuts.

    Each side here wants what it wants. Instead of “who should we blame the shutdown on?” the question should be “what is the right thing to do?” I know you think in those terms, but the media-fed public tends to be easily misled.

    ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle


    1. Because we can be so naive about the difference between right and wrong, people can honestly disagree over issues which latter generations find astounding. Nonetheless, I don think Governor McAuliffe and the leaders of the Democratic Party are naive, I think they are disingenuous. So I think it appropriate to blame the Democrats for the threat of a government shut down. Here are my reasons.
      1. They are negotiating selfishly. The policies our government has been implementing are just too malign to be accidental. Thus, I think many of the extremely wealthy in this country actively seek to pit the wealthy and the poor against those in the middle. Is there a middle class? In a practical sense, there is. The middle class consists of those people being taxed into servitude, and the poor consists of those people willing to trade their freedom for “free stuff.”
      2. As your own quote suggests, Governor McAuliffe negotiates dishonestly. Whenever it suits his interests, the man lies. First, he says it’s wrong to use a government shutdown as a bargaining chip. Then, he does exactly that.
      3. When they negotiate, Governor McAuliffe and the Democrats do not serve the best interests of Virginians. Virginians don’t want to expand Medicaid. Governor McAuliffe and the Democrats just want to expand Medicaid to make more people dependent upon government.

      Are the Republicans to some extent to blame? Yes. Some have sold out, and they have traded their votes for pork.

      So do I believe there is a great conspiracy? No. Those interests who profit greatly from abusive government taxation, spending, and regulation have enough common interests to act in accord. No conspiracy is required.


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