Why has Cliven Bundy and his ranch achieved a bit of notoriety?  Remember the story, Militias ‘mobilizing’ to support embattled Clark County rancher in clash with federal rangers.

BUNKERVILLE — From near and wide, armed men are trickling toward Cliven Bundy’s ranch, where the rancher’s fight with the federal government has become a rallying cry for militia groups across the United States.

On Wednesday, that dispute teetered at the edge of deadly conflict, when Cliven Bundy’s family members and supporters scuffled with rangers from the Bureau of Land Management sent to protect the federal roundup of Bundy’s cattle on public land.

One of Bundy’s seven sons was shot with a stun gun, and Bundy’s sister was knocked to the ground; but no one was seriously hurt, and no arrests were made.

By late Wednesday, three militia members — two from Montana and one from Utah — had arrived at the ranch 80 miles northeast of Las Vegas. Other militia groups have inundated the Bundy household with calls and pledges to muster at the site. Their stated goal: to protect the Bundys from tyranny.

They say they are prepared for armed confrontation, but they insist they will not be the instigators if bloodshed happens. (continued here)

Some want us to quickly forget. They want us to be “low information voters,” people with short memories. Then by pressing just the right buttons they can manipulate us. So the establishment wants to change the subject from whether the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is in the right to Bundy’s supposed racism (see LOOKING FOR AN EXCUSE TO HATE).

Is Cliven Bundy a saint? Is that for us to judge? Except for the sake of his soul, why should we care? However, when our government acts, it acts in our name. So we should be concerned enough to make certain our government is in the right. 



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