Because there is no such thing as a perfect human being, there is no such thing as a perfect politician. In fact, because We the People choose our leadership, we have very difficult time electing good leaders. That’s because we vote for people who look and think like us. If what we say about the unwashed masses is true — and we unwashed masses have nothing to brag about — why should the leaders we choose be any better than us?

That said, Delegate Bob Marshall has done a great job in the Virginia House of Delegates. Instead of trying to buy his constituent’s votes by spending “other people’s money”, Marshall has worked to protect the rights of his family, friends, and neighbors to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

What follows is an email from Bob Marshall for Congress. It is an email that’s effective because it simply says what Marshall has done.


I think that we’d be hard pressed to find any serious Republican candidate for office in the Tenth Congressional District running on a platform that includes accolades for Obamacare. So when one of your candidates releases a statement on Obamacare on the fourth anniversary of that terrible legislation, restating its obvious negative impact on our healthcare system, one can only reply: Who among us would assert otherwise?

But there is a candidate in this Tenth District race who already has an actual proven track record of authoring legislation aimed at muting Obamacare…and that is Bob Marshall. As Bob indicated on his healthcare platform, he wrote the law Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli used to sue Barack Obama’s misnamed Affordable Care Act. He successfully amended a bill in the House of Delegates to curb abuses of the ObamaCare law. And he has participated in amicus briefs for federal appellate and Supreme Court cases examining and challenging the unconstitutional aspects of ObamaCare.

So when Bob says that as your Representative in Congress, he will offer amendments to legislation and Appropriations bills to reduce and eventually eliminate ObamaCare from the statute books, you know that this promise is made far more reliable in the light of what he has already done!

Promises are fine; but when there’s a history of prior performance backing up those promises, the promise means a whole lot more.

Bob Allen
Campaign Manager

So how is Marshall’s campaign doing? He could win.

10th Congressional District Candidates Forum Straw Poll 

Marshall Takes Vote; Hollingshead Second

Manassas Tea Party conducted a Candidates Forum on April 1 for the 10th Congressional District seat, which is currently held by retiring U. S. Representative Frank Wolf. Wolf’s district is large but locally includes Manassas City and a portion of Prince William County. (Find out if you are in this district HERE.) Six Republican candidates are running in their primary. The Democrat Party has already determined their candidate for the November election.

A nearly packed City Council chambers audience turned out wanting to hear from these candidates and to ask them where they stood on issues that matter to them. This was the only appearance in the area of all candidates in one setting, before the April 26 firehouse primary. (from here)

Will Marshall win the nomination? Will he win a seat in Congress. That’s up to We the People. If we want good and honorable leadership, we have to do our part. We must do our best to be good and honorable citizens.

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