Should Catholic tradition have equal or greater authority than the Bible?

I expect to do post that relates to this subject in the near future, and my approach will look something like altruistico’s. Note that altruistico is not hostile or judgemental. He just presents his case.

When it comes to our interpretation of the Bible, why should we refrain from hostility? Consider the number of different religious denominations. With few exceptions, each is based upon their founder’s particular interpretation of the Bible. In some cases, the founder of a new denomination did not even intend to start a new denomination. But that is how the founder’s adherents chose to work out their differences with the church they came from.

So what point will I being trying to make? I guess we will get to that after I write my post.


Should church traditions be accepted as equally authoritative as Scripture? Or, should church traditions be followed only if they are in full agreement with Scripture? The answer to these questions plays a large role in determining what you believe and how you live as a Christian. It is our contention that Scripture alone is the only authoritative and infallible source for Christian doctrine and practice. Traditions are only valid if they are built on the firm foundation of Scripture and in full agreement with the entirety of Scripture. The following are seven biblical reasons supporting the teaching that the Bible should be accepted as the authority for faith and practice:

(1) It is Scripture that is said to be God-breathed (2 Timothy 3:16), and it is Scripture that has the repeated, “Thus saith the LORD…” In other words, it is the written Word that is repeatedly treated as…

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23 thoughts on “Should Catholic tradition have equal or greater authority than the Bible?

  1. Thank you, guys. Now we’re talking. That’s much better. Each of these issues could carry its own post, both historically and theologically.


  2. So what traditions of the Church are in conflict with Scripture? Without that bit, the rest of the discussion is fairly abstract and meaningless.


    1. I agree that bloggers should write each post so that it either stands alone or links to appropriate supplemental material, but sometimes we don’t. So here is the answer to your question. Use the search function. Go to =>

      If you type “Catholic” in that little box where it says “search this site,” you will get the same results as going to this link.

      altruistico has written various posts that explain his disagreement with various Catholic traditions.

      Alternatively, you can read this.

      Of course, during the period of the Reformation, there was also a Catholic Reformation. So many of Luther’s complaints no longer apply.


    2. @ scout
      Per your request.

      If nobody minds, here are a few that some pretty good minds find fault with:

      -the tradition of papal succession and authority
      -the tradition of holding to ‘no marriage’ for men leaders (meanwhile the alleged first pope had a wife)
      -the church tradition of teaching and promoting transubstantiation
      -the tradition of absolute belief in papal infallibility (meanwhile Paul rebuked Peter for some careless practice)
      -the tradition of holding to faith plus works equals salvation; plainly contradicting the Lord, Paul, Peter, and James

      Rest here.

      -the teaching of water baptism to remove sin
      -the teaching of a human to absolve others of real sins
      -the teaching of the tradition of Purgatory (meant solely to relieve the miscreants of an unrepentant and Godless life)
      -the tradition of Mary as Saviour through her sinless life (her alleged sinless life)
      -the tradition of ‘last rites’ to once more hope for favour

      Time fails to document the ramifications of these at this site, but there are these and more. Plese keep in mind ‘the devil believes in God and trembles,’ so it is not impressing for people to hold to things that require no ‘change of life.’ Born again’, as Tom as alluded,in other places, suggests a changed mind, heart and soul, which becomes evident in a new life.

      The tradition of the RCC does a fine dance of NOT insisting upon the new life which is commanded by the LORD.


  3. Back to your original question… I believe the answer is NO…The traditions of any denomination should not have equal or greater authority than the Bible. I believe the Word alone should be looked to as the only source of Divine Truth in today’s time.

    Just because certain teachings or practices have been in existence for centuries does not prove their validity nor does it dictate they are to continue to be followed. Each one of us will stand before our Lord someday and will be held responsible to the Word He has given to us.

    There is not on shred of Biblical evidence that says that we will be held accountable for keeping traditions and practices of men simply because they are “traditional”. We are held accountable to follow the Word of God alone. Whether it is practiced in the form of a tradition or not really makes on difference to the issue..

    Lord bless you Tom. I enjoy reading all of your postings.


    1. I agree. If the Word of God is the Word of God, then it stands to reason that the Word of God should be authoritative. And the Bible itself says that it is the Word of God.

      When we don’t treat the Bible as the Word of God, we have taken issue with the fact the Word of God is the Word of God. To do that, we must put things of our own invention ahead of God. As Hebrews 10:26-31 explains, that’s not a trivial issue.

      The problem is getting to the point to where we believe the Bible. On our own, we cannot. That is the work of the Holy Spirit. We can only pray and encourage each other to read the Bible, and we can only encourage each other to go to people like you, someone who can help us to understand what the Bible says.

      Thanks for being there. May our Lord bless your labors.


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