We live perilous times.  Yet I doubt Americans fully appreciate the danger. Instead, even most Conservative bloggers treat the matter as something of a joke. We Americans don’t laugh; however, we just don’t like being laughed at.

Here is a sample from some of the Conservative blogs I like to visit.

What is surprising is some of these blogs reference The Washington Post. Even the Post‘s editorial board thinks Obama has based his foreign policy upon a fantasy (President Obama’s foreign policy is based on fantasy).

Like my fellow Conservative bloggers, I too have grumbled over the Obama administration’s greed for power and rampant incompetence. However, I almost missed the true significance of the Russian invasion of Crimea. When I read the following in CODEVILLA: Why calling out Russia is no substitute for a good missile defense, I made the connection with something I had read in The Federalist Papers.

So strong has been the American ruling class’ pervasive opposition to missile defense, so thoroughly and for so long has it restricted the technical horizons of U.S. programs, that virtually no one now in a position of authority on national security knows why our programs cannot defend America, or what we could do to defend ourselves if we were to try. That includes military officials, immersed as they are in current, expensive, dead-end programs.

This, however, does not stop politicians and pundits from talking in brave generalities about asserting America’s geopolitical interests against all comers. Vice President Joe Biden promises to protect Poland and the Baltic States. Sen. Robert Menendez, Democratic chairman on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, says that U.S. opposition to Russia should be “more firm.” The committee’s ranking Republican accuses the Democrats of “wishy-washiness” and wants “more resolve.” Republican Sen. John McCain of Arizona wants to confront Vladimir Putin so as to “restore the credibility of the United States as a world leader.” They all say that they would not consider military measures against Russia. Yet some want to station U.S. troops in the Baltics. (from here)

Our leaders want to station troops where we have no hope of defending them? What would possess us to elect such noisy blowhards? As a people, we have broken the 10th Commandment.

What is the 10th Commandment?

Exodus 20:17 New Revised Standard Version

You shall not covet your neighbour’s house; you shall not covet your neighbour’s wife, or male or female slave, or ox, or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbour.

Some time back I wrote a series on THE TEN COMMANDMENTS AND GOVERNMENT — PART 2.  Here is the post that spoke to the 10th Commandment: THE TEN COMMANDMENTS AND GOVERNMENT — PART 2. That post explains why we have a republic. In that explanation, it quotes portions The Federalist Papers. In The Federalist Papers, both James Madison and John Jay made it clear they feared the covetousness of We the People.

When they look at the 10th Commandment, most Americans will say our country has not broken it. Yet we despise our leaders. Why do we elect men and women who break their oath to the Constitution? Why have we elected droves of politicians we call liars and thieves? Is it because these leaders promise to redistribute the wealth and to give some of us special rights? Don’t we covet each others wealth and status? Thus, we have either given in to the deadly sin of covetousness (check this link) or envy (check this link).

Why are these sins so consequential to our national defense? Instead of electing leaders who think their job is protecting our rights, we have elected professional thieves and busybodies.

  • Thievery: Just because we use the government to do it does not mean we have the right to take someone else’s property. Yet our government operates a multitude of schemes designed to do just that. We call these schemes health, education, and welfare programs. In fact, most of the Federal Budget involves Social Security and Healthcare programs designed to tax young workers (who don’t vote) and reward the aged (who do vote).
  • Meddling (what busybodies do): Most of our government officials do not know how to run a business. Nonetheless, so the can manipulate private commerce, government busybodies issue reams of regulations and hire armies of bureaucrats. For the sake of the disabled, government busybodies force  businesses to alter their buildings and hire workers they don’t want. In the name the environment, government busybodies provide tax incentives designed to pressure us to buy cars we don’t want and stop us from buying light-bulbs we do want. To sanctify same-sex “marriage” and “abortion rights,” government busybodies would force us to take part in or fund behavior many of us consider evil.

Such leaders have no moral core. What obsesses them are their ambitions. Thus, their thievery and their meddling is not about what is good for the country. Such leaders thieve and meddle to divide, buy off, and conquer Americans. Because they are focused on  conquering and dominating us, America’s defenses don’t much matter to them. Therefore, when they should be taking thoughtful positions on our defense needs, they posture and they endeavor to sound hawkish.  Because of their ineptitude, such leaders will just get us into costly wars.

How costly? Consider this comment I left here.

If you want peace, prepare for war. That is an old piece of wisdom too many Democrats ignore and too many Republicans set aside to win votes.

When conflict becomes the norm, an almost casual disregard for human life also becomes the norm. And with the moral changes our leaders have encouraged, I suspect many will be prepared to kill just to avoid a moment of discomfort.

There are periods of history that become bloodbaths, and people usually have no idea what is coming until they are in the midst of rampaging violence. Such a thing could easily happen again. Read about the Civil War or WWI. In addition to the huge numbers of deaths, it’s remarkable how shocked people were by the huge numbers of dead. They simply had no idea what was about to come. Americans killed the own countrymen in battles that dwarfed anything seen in decades.

If we go back further in time, we can find examples like the 30 Years War (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thirty_Years%27_War#Casualties_and_disease). And there have been worst conflicts, and on a larger scale (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_wars_and_anthropogenic_disasters_by_death_toll).

We cannot foretell the future, but we can make some small effort to study the past. If we do so, we will find history leaves no doubt about at least one thing. There have been wars, and there will be wars.

Who suffers the most from war? When a people surrenders its honor — no longer upholds that which is virtuous — that people suffers the most from war.


  1. I believe we, as a people and a nation, have fallen long before our violating the 10th Commandment. Government, like Churches, are “under authority.” “Husbands and wives are under authority”, “children are under authority”, “man is under authority”.

    When man steps out from under authority (God’s authority) pride brings man to believe himself god. Man can solve the worlds’ problems. Man can take care of the poor, educate children (state sanctions).

    The bible teaches us “there will be wars and rumors of war” but do not fear for these must pass. A clear showing (war) is the undisputed result of man’s pride and his desire to control – without authority from God.

    When man first removes himself from the authority and word of God – certainly man, with his pride, will surely fornicate, covet, steal, abort the lives of the unborn, promote homosexuality and, yes, show contempt for God Himself. For they no longer fear God and His authority.

    As a people, as a nation, we have become as pagans. Whenever man looses sight of the past he is condemned to repeat it.. This, most assuredly, means, like Israel, when we remove ourselves from under the authority of the One True God, sin becomes the norm, false gods arise and man suffers sinful hearts and minds.


    1. That’s a great comment. What’s sad is that we have stepped so far out from under God’s authority I doubt most people have the capacity to understand what you are talking about.

      When we sin with ease we do so because we no longer see anything wrong in what we do. When we no longer love our neighbor as we love our self, then that advertising slogan, “you deserve it,” starts to make perfect sense. When God is dead to us, we don’t give Him a second thought. Instead, we turn to more manageable gods: men who promise to give us what we want, money, pleasure, a life led vicariously through the rich and famous, anything that distracts from that nagging thought. What if tomorrow I die?

      What does it mean to remove ourselves from the authority and word of God? God created us for His glory. Just as we want to be proud of our children, God wants to be proud of us. When our children strive to please us because they love us, they give us great pleasure. We are glorified in them. In the same way, when we strive to obey God’s commands — because we love Him — God take pleasure in us.

      Unfortunately, many seem to believe stepping out from under the authority of God is delightful. In fact, stepping out from under the authority of God is just as foolish as when young children step out from under the authority of their parents. What happens when a two-year old starts thinking its funny to run away from Mommy? Then Mommy had better grab that little hand tightly when there is anything dangerous (like a road with heavy traffic) near by.

      How does God hold our hand tightly? Until we repent, turn back towards Him, He allows us, His children, to suffer.

      But some will say they are not suffering. Are these not God’s children too? That’s not for me to say. All I know is God does not want His children to delight in sin.


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