Reblog: The Freep and AAA are catching up to MCT: EV’s don’t hold a charge in cold weather


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When you read this post, please consider why politicians would be pushing electric cars. Are they not aware of such limitations? Of course they are, but what some people crave is power and influence. Thus, instead of just punishing those who pollute, politicians often fashion our environmental laws TO FORCE US to make decisions we would otherwise not make.

The Freep and AAA are catching up to MCT: EV’s don’t hold a charge in cold weather

If you read the Detroit Free Press (Detroit’s more liberal paper) you would read about AAA’s report finding that Electric Vehicles really don’t hold a charge in really cold weather:

The AAA Automotive Research Center in Southern California found that the average range of an electric car dropped 57% in very cold weather — at 20 degrees Fahrenheit — and by 33% in extreme heat, a temperature of 95 degrees.

“We expected degradation in the range of vehicles in both cold and hot climates, but we did not expect the degradation we saw,” said Greg Brannon, AAA’s director of automotive engineering.

Brannon said two of the vehicles, the Mitsubishi and the Ford, were equipped with dedicated management of the battery temperature. “We were expecting that difference would yield differences in the optimal range of the vehicles in extreme temperatures,” he said. “It did not.”

(continued here)

Batteries work according to physical laws, and when they are cold they don’t produce as much voltage. That’s one of the reasons when it is cold in winter it can be difficult to start your car. Thus, you can imagine trying to drive an all-electric car in winter.

10 thoughts on “Reblog: The Freep and AAA are catching up to MCT: EV’s don’t hold a charge in cold weather

  1. Citizen Tom and Kieth, Thanks for your info. By the way, you guys should start up a electric and hybrid car advisory service. I just learned more from you two than all the supposedly tech savy salesman I talked to at the Chicago Auto Show.

    Regards and good will blogging.


    1. Since Keith lives in California, his expertise with the electric car scam exceeds mine. I just have enough scientific expertise to see the problems with the idea. I am amazed the battery technology has made it as feasible as it has.


  2. Your post is a good timely article for me. I have been contemplating buying the GM Volt. Any comments or recommendations on where I can obtain objective information about the Volt?

    Regards and good will blogging.


    1. is not a bad place for comparison shopping, but they want money. You may find what you need from them at a library. Otherwise, you will have to weed out a bunch of trash online.

      There is a $7,500 tax credit designed to bribe us to buy a Government Motors Volt. That should tell you something.

      Hybrids exist because we cannot rely on battery power. Even with the new batteries, versus the lead storage battery, the Chevy Volt requires us to haul around a battery that weights over 400 lbs. Moreover, that battery is expensive. Since the batteries seem to be fairly durable, I am not certain how that expensive battery will affect the resale value, but I doubt it will help.

      Another problem with that battery is that we don’t know what do we do with that battery. That battery was designed without much thought given to recycling.

      The Chevy Volt has the type of battery that is hard to recycle.

      That said, I must admit that hybrids are ingenious. Because they store the energy expended from slowing or stopping a car, they are very efficient in stop-and-go traffic. Unfortunately, we have stop-and-go traffic, and what that represents is bad road design. Instead of building a network of expressways for drivers, city councilmen and county supervisors design roads to satisfy the greedy needs of developers. Hence, these politicians will build a “parkway” just to raise property values for developers, and then they will shortly thereafter clutter that “parkway” with innumerable stoplights. In other words, without idiot politicians, no one — and I mean no one — would have any use for a hybrid.

      We need to go back to using toll roads, and when we buy a car, we need to tell our leaders to mind their own business. They are there to protect our rights, not tell us what to buy.


      1. Unlike GM, Toyota took a serious approach to the issue. I’ve owned a Prius since 2004 — the same car! — and it has nearly 200,000 miles on it. It has incurred the least maintenance cost per year of any vehicle I’ve ever owned for an extended time (which spans dozens of vehicles), and continues to turn in 45–50 MPG on the original batteries that came with the vehicle. I’ve actually replaced the regular 12V auto battery twice in that time, but not the main batteries. The extra weight of the batteries obviously doesn’t prevent extraordinary gas mileage, and the other effect is to make the car feel stable and solid in crosswinds. My Lady has taken it across country alone several times, and it is comfortable for me to drive hundreds of miles at a stretch. (I also enjoy the absence of car keys; the electronics of the car are quite clever.)

        I will buy another … but perhaps not for years yet. And this is not a global warming thing; it is simply that the car, while comparable to other small nicely equipped cars in cost, gets double their gas mileage with no negatives at all. (Well, there is one negative: The AM radio reception is poor, a problem that was fixed for the 2006 model year. The FM is unaffected by the car’s systems.) Surprisingly, even the car’s power is good; it goes uphill rather better than my pickup truck. The fact that both the electric motor and the gas engine can drive the wheels together is apparent and useful if you need to accelerate quickly. It’s not slow. Nor is it tiny; the interior head and legroom is comparable to my Cadillac STS, and it actually has more legroom in back than the Cadillac. The Caddy is somewhat wider; but that doesn’t help your head, or your backseat passengers’ legs. (I remember when Cadillacs were large cars…)

        In the meantime, I’m seeing that the Leafs and Volts and so on are falling in resale value rapidly. The Leaf is now one of the worst drops of any recent car, losing 70% or more of its value in 24 months. If you want to try out a car that can go only tens of miles without charging (the Leaf) or that costs more per car and per mile than the Prius but supports our government, you can do so cheaply with used ones. Though buying a used Volt doesn’t do much for the government, perhaps.

        ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle


        1. Keith, thanks for the comment. I have some coworkers who own a Prius. They are happy with them too. Can’t blame private industry from trying to solve a problem, not even if the government manufactured it.

          Other than the tax breaks, one of the reasons people buy a low gas-mileage cars in the Virginia area is that they have allowed the owners to get a special tag that allows them to use the HOV lanes with only one person in the car. Doesn’t seem right to me, but that’s what the enviro-wacko crowd wants.


          1. That effect is actually backfiring now. Some states are pushing through extra fees for these vehicles, because they don’t spend as much money at the gas pump. Also, the Prius is no longer considered “green enough” for California, and no longer qualifies for the special HOV sticker. Now, you have to be zero emission, as opposed to merely extremely low. Our friends on the left are purists, charging California motorists who thought they were doing the right thing — while they hand out $105,000,000.00 in bogus incentive fees to Tesla for a false zero-emission stunt. A quick Google turns this up:

            ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle


        2. I can only guess how expensive driving a Tesla must be.

          Here is a link that describes the battery swap.

          The fact taxpayers are subsidizing that is perverse. Looks like just another way for the gullible to subsidize rich phonies. The tailpipe emissions may be zero, but charging a battery wastes a great deal of energy. Nonetheless, while these phonies pretend it’s clean energy, they and their rich customers get tax incentives to pollute the environment.

          It has taken awhile for me to figure out the joke, but it seems to me that some people must think the funniest thing in the world is a politician extolling the wisdom of the American people.


          1. They built an elaborate mechanism to demonstrate a battery-swap in theory. In practice, of course, it cannot work: road dirt and a myriad of other factors will prevent the precise alignments and conditions needed. It was a pretty demo, and even if they spent a few hundred grand rigging it up, it netted them $100m.

            They do not intend to actually implement it.

            I like Elon Musk, and support his space activities. But this taxpayer-funded greenery business should be cut off, and crony capitalism should wither for lack of government influence.

            ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle


        3. As I understand it, the key to the scam is here.

          Click here ( and go to slide 13. It shows how many Zero Emission Vehicle credits a car gets. ZEVs are divided into seven categories:

          · Type 0: less than 50 miles, 1 credit

          · Type I: 50-75 miles, 2 credits

          · Type I.5: 75-100 miles, 2.5 credits

          · Type II: 100-200 miles, 3 credits

          · Type III: 200+ miles, 4 credits. (Also: 100+ miles with fast refuelling).

          · Type IV: 200+ miles with fast refuelling, 5 credits

          · Type V: 300+ miles with fast refuelling, 7 credits

          I agree replacing the battery pack would be problematic. Frequently swapping the battery pack would probably create safety and reliability issues that would make the cost prohibitive. Yet California is giving them credit for something they have not implemented and will not implement? That’s nuts!


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