When Did You Become You?

Even though life is miraculous and marvelously complex, the argument against abortion is simple. Therefore, this video makes a simple argument against the murder of the unborn. Nevertheless, many refuse to understand, and they reject the argument. Why? When we want to do something we should not do, we will not allow ourselves to be persuaded we sin. That’s why every law must satisfy three conditions.

  • The vast majority of people must understand the law.
  • The vast majority of people must support the law.
  • The law must be enforceable. In the vast majority of cases, it must be possible to make the offender suffer a penalty appropriate to the crime.

Thus, there are two problems with making a law that would simply prohibit abortion.

  • Too many refuse to believe the killing of the unborn is murder. These people will not support a straightforward law against abortion.
  • Modern medical technology is making it easier for a mother to kill her unborn child. In particular, if an abortion is performed early in a pregnancy, that abortion can easily be made difficult to detect and prove.

Nonetheless, government exists to protect our rights. Therefore, We the People must do our best to protect the rights of the unborn. That begins by protecting their right to life. To protect the rights of the unborn, we must find a will, and we must find a way.


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3 thoughts on “When Did You Become You?

  1. Thank you for the reblog and the commentary, Citizen Tom. Among the many purposes of the law, a very important one is to educate. When the law of the land is corrupt, it not only fails to educate citizens, it deforms their ability to think correctly. That is why changing this law will be difficult: the law say’s that it is okay, in effect, to murder the innocent in this case. You are right in saying that to change this law will be an uphill battle. The way, I believe, is to educate through teaching the natural law, which says life is sacred and must be protected and preserved.


    1. It was my privilege and pleasure to reblog that post.

      Among the many purposes of the law, a very important one is to educate.

      In that observation,there is bit of the chicken and the egg. Is it the purpose of the Law to educate or does it just happen to do so? And how exactly does the Law educate? Do we just assume that whatever happens to be legal is also right? Some apparently suffer the profound confusion that such is the case.

      Given the severe moral limitations of the politicians who lead us, how could anyone believe that whatever happens to be legal is also right? The answer is too obvious. The vast majority of educating we get takes place via the public school system and the corporation-owned mass media. Since the people who operate both (the public school system and the corporation-owned mass media) too often pursue their own ambitions instead of the public interest, we need to question everything they say and do. We also need to keep them away from our children. Otherwise, what the Law teaches will just keep going from bad to worse.


      1. I agree. If the law fails to live up to the standards of justice, it instructs people toward injustice. According to this definition of law, when a law is just, I believes it fulfills a secondary function of educating good willed citizens:

        A law is an ordinance of right-reason, issued by the proper authority and promulgated for the sake of the common good

        Words like “right-reason” and “common good” might need to be defined for a lot of people, but assuming that we understand what these words mean, when a law directs citizens toward what is good for the individuals in question and the good (proper benefits and prospering) of the society itself, I believe it educates people by guiding their behavior toward the right ends.

        An inept or corrupt law fails to do so and even deforms people and societies with regard to their proper fulfillment. I can’t think of a worse example that legalized abortion in this country, because as you say, the law has, in effect, made it difficult to persuade most people that some so-called right to privacy and the right to choose somehow justifies killing the innocent.

        So what I am saying is that the current law of the land regarding abortion is provides us with a perfect example of just the opposite of what a good law ought to do.


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