Here is a question for you. What if the Federal Government, your state government, and your local government taxed you heavily and then gave you a “free” car every ten years. What if that car was built by well-paid workers in a unionized factory managed by your local automobile board. What if the Federal Government, your state government, and your local government all provided numerous regulations that the local automobile board had to obey? In other words, what if the productivity of that factory suffered under four levels of management. At what point would you believe you were being compelled to use the government handout car instead of buying a car you actually wanted? At what point would you be indifferent to this government compulsion and just buy a decent car? That is, how rich would you have to be before you did not care you were paying taxes to get a car you did not want?

Isn’t the answer obvious? Yet we allow our government to buy an education for our children, and now we expect government take over our health care. Why? Think of all the questions.

  • Do our children have to be educated in a Socialist school system in order to excel in a market economy? Private schools don’t work?
  • In order to make certain the poor get educated, we have to have government-run schools? Why wouldn’t educational vouchers work better? Parents might have a choice? That’s a problem?
  • What makes Socialist health care superior to private health care? Don’t we have enough bureaucrats already?
  • In order to make certain the poor receive proper health care (whatever that is), we have to have to destroy the health insurance industry?

Is it actually better for politicians to run our schools? Our health care? Really?

Have you ever consider how effectively we have been propagandized? Then think about the sheer stupidity of giving our hard-earned dollars over to strangers and expecting those strangers to buy us what we want. When we can buy what we want without such government “help,” why would we want to take that risk? What is the advantage of giving away our right to choose for ourselves? Politicians are brilliant? Politicians can be trusted? No and no? Yet every year we give devious people more control over our wealth and our rights. And where did that begin? Our parents just gave their money over politicians, and they expected them to buy a good education for us. And why? Perhaps the answer has to do with who educated them. And hasn’t every succeeding generation just grown more gullible?

Once upon a time Americans would not have given either public education and public health care much thought. As a matter of commonsense, they would have regarded any such proposals as stupid. What’s the problem? Putting government in charge makes politicians the customer, not us. That is, the bureaucrats respond to their political masters, not us. We want a good education for our children? Excellent health care? From politicians? We expect the politicians to be responsive to our desires? When each of us is just one of many, and those politicians already have our money, why would we expect that? How could we forget politicians are far more likely to respond to the desires of special interests, donors to their campaigns?

Because politicians want to please numerous special interests, government-run operations lack a solid focus, and that confuses government bureaucrats. Instead of just pleasing the parents of the children attending their school, school administrators have to please four levels of management (Federal, state, local, school boards), various unions, contractors providing them services, environmentalists, gay-activists, multiculturalists, evolutionists, and so forth. For similar reasons the Obama administration could not get their Obamacare website to work on time, but private companies suffer no such confusion. Because private health insurance companies know their customer (which group of Americans they want to serve), they can focus on building a relatively simple website that works well. Obamacare, however, is designed to support innumerable special interests.  Therefore, the Obamacare website cannot be simple or inexpensive.

When Socialists speak of a rights such as a right to an education or a right to health care, perhaps we should point out that giving our money to politicians just gives politicians the right to spend our money. In the long run, honest charity works better and costs far less.

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