Tune in tomorrow for my weekly address

I wanted to send you a quick reminder about my online weekly address, which will be held tomorrow night at 8:30pm. Every week between now and Election Day, I will be holding a live online question and answer session with voters.

If you have a question that you’d like you ask, you can do so by clicking here. You can tune in at 8:30pm by visiting this link. It’s important for you to share the link with friends and family, particularly those who are undecided about the election.

I’d also like to encourage you to take a look at theon my website. My positive vision for Virginia includes a plans to create 58,000 jobs, lower taxes, reduce energy prices, protect our veterans and ensure all Virginians have the opportunity to earn a quality education.

See you Monday at 8:30!

On to Victory,



If you read The Washington Post or the corporate news media, the campaigning is all negative. And there is no doubt Cuccinelli has said nothing positive about his opponent, but what would he say?

What is important is that Cuccinelli has told us what he intends to do if elected. He lists specific proposals on his issues page.  Check it out for yourself.

What does Terry R. McAuliffe offer as solutions? Other than offering vague generalities, McAuliffe says he wants to tax us more and give more of our money to government employee unions. Whenever he offers anything that sounds the least bit specific, that “solution” involves more government, or it’s an attack on Cuccinelli.

Want to know how stupid McAuliffe thinks women are? Then take a look at McAuliffe’s Women’s issues page. Ostensibly, the purpose is to compare the candidates. Now look below to see what is wrong with McAuliffe’s Women’s issues page.

  1. Specifics are absent.
  2. Sources include The Washington Post and The Associated Press. Under Creating New Jobs, for example, McAuliffe cites The Washington Post to say Cuccinelli “the most overtly partisan Attorney General in Virginia’s history.” From The Washington Post’s perspective, just reading The United States Constitution is partisan act.
  3. Under Improving Education, McAulliffe says Cuccinelli proposed a tax plan that would result in huge cuts to K-12 education. Are not taxes and spending two different things? What are huge cuts? How much space does it take to jot down a dollar figure?
  4. Under Ensuring Access to Affordable Birth Control and Keeping Government Out of Reproductive Health Care Decisions, McAuliffe has Cuccinelli making birth control illegal and restricting access to abortion. As Virginia’s governor, Cuccinelli could do relatively little about either birth control or abortion. However, to protect the health of women, our state needs to regulate the safety of abortion clinics. Consider Question Why We Need Abortion Center Safety Standards? So what is going on? Because McAuliffe cannot run on anything he has done, he is demagoguing the birth control issue. Yet it is the Democrat positions on abortion and birth control that are extreme. For example, what reasonable woman would force someone who thinks abortion is murder to pay for someone else’s abortion?
  5. The most absurd accusation? That falls under the Protecting Women’s Access to Health Care. Woman-hating “Cuccinelli Won’t Support the Violence Against Women Act.” Does Cuccinelli hate women? No. Unfortunately, we have elected too many Republicans who just want to hold public office. These have squishy spines. So when a sneaky Democrat puts the right sort of title in front of a bill…. Well, who would not want to support something called the Violence Against Women Act? Would that not be when the bill does not deserve the title? Please read CROUSE: Violence Against Women Act needs reform. In that editorial, Janice Shaw Crouse explains what is wrong with Violence Against Women Act (VAWA).

On the abortion issue Cuccinelli has taken a stand, and McAuliffe seeks to make abortion the issue of the campaign.  Given the extremes to which Democrats are willing to go to abort the birth of a baby (no public safety regulation of abortion clinics — none), perhaps Cuccinelli should accept McAuliffe’s offer to focus on the issue. But Cuccinelli has not done that. He has focused his campaign on what he would do as governor. When we vote, perhaps we should do the same thing.

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