healthcareWhat is the government shutdown and the fight over raising the debt ceiling about? As the dispute begins to drag on, have we already forgotten? Then perhaps we take a moment to remember how they sold us Obamacare.


When I saw the video below at Vivian J. Paige, I cringed.

Most of us have been imbued with more than a little cynicism.  Instead of giving thanks for our blessings, we have been trained to see PROBLEMS.  Hence we see the problems inherent in our health care system.  We see:

  • The sick children, the unemployed, and the old who need medical help.
  • The problem of choosing a doctor.  How do we choose a doctor when we are sick or injured and need help?  Even if we know enough about medicine to find the best doctor at the best price, what if we are too sick or injured to do it?
  • Insurance companies that do not want to insure preexisting medical conditions.

Instead being the solution, we have also been trained to reflexively see government as the solution.  So some people think we should nationalize health care.  When I was younger, I was one of those people.  As I grew more mature, I dropped the idea.  I slowly grew more and more horrified that I had ever seriously considered such foolishness.  Why?  That is the subject of this post.

Any solution has problems.   Before giving up on free-market medicine, we should consider the problems government-run health care will bring.  Could government-run health care satisfy us?   What do we want when we need health care?

  • We want people we trust to treat us and our loved ones.
  • We want the care we need when we need it, and we want to be able to use all the resources at our command to treat our health care problems.
  • We want to be in control.  When there are alternative treatments, we want to choose the nature of our treatment.

Government-run health care would meet none of our wants.  Government-run health care is a system designed to satisfy the wants of politicians, not patients. Why?  Consider what happens when somebody else pays, not you.  You are not the customer.  Your requests become irrelevant.  The person who counts is the person who pays the bill.  If we implement government-run health care, the politicians will pay the bills, and they will become the customer.   And we all know who politicians listen to first, special interests.

  • Will we be able to choose our doctor?  Consider how the public school system works.  Can you choose your children’s teachers.  If we put the government in charge of health care, why should any of us expect to be able to choose our doctor?  Just as your children are assigned a school, you will be assigned a hospital.
  • Will we get treatment when we need it?  No.  When we pay income and sales taxes, politicians, not doctors, get our money.   Politicians fund agencies based upon political demands.  Special interests line up, exercise their influence, and the budget is allocated based upon influence.  For example, look at how politicians decide to spend transportation dollars.  Dollars that should have been spent on roads go elsewhere, and developers decide where the roads that are built get built.   Because they have already given up their money, what commuters need and want has become secondary.
  • Will we be in control?  Will government doctors give you treatment options?  Why should they?  Where else are we going to go?  Consider how applying for a public university works.  Because politicians pay two-thirds of the costs, we have only moderate competition.  Only the “very best” (sex, race and ethnicity not being factors  😉  ) or the wealthy students actually have a choice.  Otherwise, university officials decide which students they want to accept.  Likewise, government officials will decide the best use of government health care resources.  Treatment choices will be driven by Federal regulations and designed to empower politicians.  With the right friends……   If government officials decide your care is not worth the effort, you will be allowed to die.  In fact, you may be graciously offered assistance.   When it suits their purposes, even politicians can make death relatively efficient and cheap.

So why does the Democratic Party want government-run health care?  Why did the American Medical Association (AMA) endorse (see here) President Barack Obama’s proposal before they knew what would be in the bill?  Who gains?

  • The Democratic Party receives much of its support from unions.  In our era, the strongest unions are the unions of government employees.
  • Look at the clout held by the leaders of government employee unions.  Teacher’s unions, for example, almost own the education system.  Do the bureaucrats that lead the AMA dream of such power for themselves?
  • Big corporations pay out huge expenses for the health care of their employees.  Government-run health care provides a straightforward method to unload this expense on the taxpayers.

Anyway, back to the video.  If you think “it’s time,” you may first wish to check out the experience of folks who have had some experience with socialized medicine.  Is Obamacare socialized medicine? OOPS! broken link

Since that old link is now broken, here is an addition. Think Obamacare Is Socialized Medicine? 5 Things You Should Know About Soviet Healthcare says Obamacare is not socialized medicine. This article, Sen. Reid: ObamaCare a step toward socialized medicine, leaves little doubt that socialized medicine is where we are headed.

What’s sad is that socialized medicine may even look good for awhile.  After all, it’s free! But there is also no competition and no choice. The politicians will already have your money, and what make you think they have to spend it on you?

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