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What happens when those of us trying to get Obamacare defunded try to explain our position? Does the other side care to listen? Don’t they blame us for shutting down the government instead? Don’t they castigate us for trying to destroy the credit of the United States? Don’t they do everything they can to portray us unreasonable and irresponsible?


I suppose the author of VIRGINIA SUFFERS THE MOST FROM THE GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN? WHY? chose that title as a sneaky trick. After all, don’t the Socialist Democrats want to hear about suffering as a result of the shutdown.  However, as we read on, we find an explanation for taking a stand, why the suffering is necessary.

United States Capitol
United States Capitol (Photo credit: Jack in DC)

According to USA Today (Top 10 states hurt by the government shutdown), if you want to see the greatest suffering caused by the government shutdown, Virginia is the place to go.

1. Virginia

Virginia is considered to be the state most affected by the government shutdown. It has heavy exposure to federal employees and federal contracting dollars. Virginia also has the second most veterans per capita.

(from here)

That sounds awful, and if we are missing a paycheck or a benefit that we think we have earned, then we know our natural reaction. We want both someone to blame and someone to fix our problem, and that person is probably not that person we see every morning in our mirror. (continued here)

Why is that explanation important? Whenever we resist busybodies, people determined to run the lives of others, the busybodies will try to inflict a guilt trip on us. They will come up with some rationale designed to convince us we are being stupid, irresponsible, or even evil. The busybodies will convince themselves their victims deserve to be abused. As ridiculous as it may seem, some how some people have always found an excuse, one that seemed quite reasonable to them, to enslave or just lord over the lives of other people. And this period in the history of the United States is no exception.

Therefore, if we want to run our own lives, and we want our children to be able to run their own lives, we must resist and push back the efforts of those who would abuse government powers just to get their own way. That’s why I have written another letter to my fence sitting congressman.

English: Congressional portrait of Congressman...
English: Congressional portrait of Congressman Rob Wittman, 112th Congress. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dear Congressman Rob Wittman

Please fight Obamacare.

Due to the government shutdown, I am currently sitting at home.  Because I work on a government contract and have not been declared essential (i.e., during a shutdown the computer systems I work on receive minimal support), I am out of work. Nevertheless, BEFORE I go back to work I would rather see Obamacare defunded. That program is more dangerous to our nation than a partial government shutdown. You yourself have said Obamacare is no good.

What does it say when Obama and the Democrats forgo using normal budget processes and insist upon the right to borrow on our nation’s credit with no restrictions? Does it not make it perfectly clear they want to use the threat of a government shutdown to get their way? Shame on you and the so-called Republican leadership for not calling them on their demagoguery.

An honest man’s best weapon is the truth. Instead of trying to straddle barbed fence, isn’t time you took a firm position and a stand that defends the principles embedded in our Constitution?

Is Wittman a bad man or a bad congressman? Given that Virginia is so much affected by reductions in government spending, I suspect Wittman’s fence straddling is more our fault than his.

Given my employment status, am I a great hero for sending this email to my congressman. Of course not. The government shutdown will strain the financial status of others far more than it will mine. Moreover, others have been far more frightened of the press reports than I. When those people phone or write Wittman and demand that he stand firm, they are the heroes and heroines, not me.

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  1. Actually, the first Republican that my family supported in a national election was John C. (‘the pathfinder”) Fremont, who ran for President in 1856. We’ve been dedicated Rs ever since.


  2. I’m familiar with that history, but, for me at least, it’s very hard to see past Jackson as the source of the modern Dems. It certainly is true that Jefferson and Madison saw themselves as a bulwark against the federalist, strong central government predilections of the Hamiltonians. But I don’t see those two as Proto-Dems, and I don’t really see Hamilton as a Proto-R. So much happened between 1800 and the 1850s that the DNA tracing gets a bit attenuated.


  3. 😆
    Check the Democratic Party’s website. Here is how they start “Our History.”

    For more than 200 years, our party has led the fight for civil rights, health care, Social Security, workers’ rights, and women’s rights. We are the party of Barack Obama, John F. Kennedy, FDR, and the countless everyday Americans who work each day to build a more perfect union. Take a look at some of our accomplishments, and you’ll see why we’re proud to be Democrats. (http://www.democrats.org/about/our_history)

    They don’t dare go back to the founding of their party. Wikipedia, however, does.

    The Democratic Party evolved from the Jeffersonian Republican or Democratic-Republican Party organized by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison in opposition to the Federalist party of Alexander Hamilton and John Adams. The party favored republicanism, a weak federal government, states’ rights, agrarian interests (especially Southern planters) and strict adherence to the Constitution; it opposed a national bank, close ties to Great Britain, and business and banking interests. The Party came to power in the election of 1800. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Democratic_Party_%28United_States%29)

    Isn’t the term “evolve” a handy one?


  4. I have very little interest in the modern Democratic Party in the United States. You have piqued my interest, however, in the Socialist Democrat Party in the United States. Prior to some of your posts, I was not aware of their existence (there was a Socialist Party that had an alarmingly large following in the early part of the 20th Century, but it kind of withered away).

    You raise a new point about whether the modern Democratic Party affirms political principles established by Jefferson and Madison. I find it a little off-target to attribute to Jefferson and Madison founding status of the Democratic Party. There are, to be sure, some affinities and philosophical traces of those gentlemen that one can follow through to modern Democrats, but one could say the same for their influence on modern Republicans. If I were trying to give paternity tests to past presidents to link them to the current modern parties, I’d really trace the modern Democratic Party to Andrew Jackson, as filtered by FDR, and the modern Republican Party to Lincoln, as filtered by Teddy Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan.


  5. Who are these “Socialist Democrats” I hear about here? In Germany (and some other European countries) there is a “Social Democratic Party” (translated as close as one can get), but I can’t imagine that they would have much direct interest in this particular subject. Whatever or whoever be these “Socialist Democrats”, they never seem to have any candidates or hold any offices, so why are you concerned about them? If they all got together for a convention, would they need more than one phone booth?


    1. After you demonstrate the modern Democratic Party affirms the political principles of the Democratic Party established by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, I will answer your question.


  6. I understand all the 1CD party chairmen told Rob to stand firm. He is a career politician, so he needs that sort of guidance. Obamacare is abominable. It must be delayed, unfunded and repealed. Ripped out by the roots.

    Hope the Establishment Republicans in Congress do NOT surrender.


  7. Our state and federal reps don’t hear from us enough, we elect them to do a job then we never speak to them again. It’s not until the poop hits the fan that we suddenly grow a voice. We need to maintain an open line with these gentlemen and ladies at all times, we need to hold them accountable a when they won’t listen we need to replace them. So do I agree with this blog? ABSOLUTELY, 100%……. we are just as much to blame as our politicians.


    1. Thank you for the comment.

      There two things separates a responsible, mature adult from a child.
      1. The mature adult realizes that until we accept responsibility for the consequences of our actions (or inactions) we will remain in someone else’s care.
      2. The mature adult accepts full responsibility for the consequences of his actions (or inactions).

      When we fail to meet those two conditions we set ourselves up for voluntary enslavement. What’s that? See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voluntary_slavery


      1. I’m grateful to my father fer instilling in me at a young age to “fess up”. He preached “consequences and repercussions ” til he was blue in the face and I’m now attempting to pass those same principles on to my son. This whole generation wants to pass the buck and play the blame game.

        Thank you Lord fer a Godly father.


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