What does The Washington Post call it? Here’s their title: President Obama takes out the rhetorical knives.

Here is Obama’s speech. Even if you believe the man tells one lie after another, you need to listen to this. We elected this man, and we need to fully understand the consequences. Here it is.

What kind of lies is our president telling? Here is an example. Consider what Obama says about raising the debt ceiling.

Now the last time that the tea party Republicans flirted with the idea of default, two years ago, markets plunged, business and consumer confidence plunged, America’s credit rating was downgraded for the first time, and a decision to actually go through with it, to actually permit default, according to many CEOs and economists, would be — and I’m quoting here — “insane, catastrophic, chaos” — these are some of the more polite words.

Warren Buffett likened default to a nuclear bomb, a weapon too horrible to use. It would disrupt markets, it would undermine the world’s confidence in America as the bedrock of the global economy, and it might permanently increase our borrowing costs which, of course, ironically would mean that it would be more expensive for us to service what debt we do have and it would add to our deficits and our debt, not decrease them. (from here)

When President Obama speaks of the crisis that might ensue if we do not raise the debt ceiling, he has about as much credibility as that serpent who spoke to Eve in the Garden of Eden. Look at this post: THE QUOTE OF THE DECADE — HISTORY REPOSTED. Consider these news articles.

What is our greatest danger if the debt ceiling is not raised? His name is Barack Hussein Obama. Nobody knows what he won’t do — or what he will do. We just know he has given us plenty of reasons to believe he thinks it is all about him and what he wants.

Consider one other aspect of this situation. We have elected people who do not honor the truth. Words are nothing more than weapons to them, things to be shaped and fashioned until they becomes as misleading and destructive as possible.

Think of all the words and phrases whose meaning we have over the decade perverted:  Liberal, progressive, gay, entitlement, earned income, mandatory spending, discretionary spending, Living Constitution, collateral damage, terminated, …..  Several years back I cited George Orwell’s observations about this problem in “MULTICULTURALISM” AS AN EXAMPLE OF DOUBLETHINK.  Since we have leaders who act too much like what Orwell described in Animal Farm, we all would do well to review his thoughts on the matter of language.

What drives this urge to twist and warp our language? Sometimes I think this is Satan’s last, best effort to render the Holy Bible useless to us. When words have no fixed meaning to us, of what use is the Bible? The Bible would be for us as truth once was to Pontius Pilate when he said directly to The Truth, “What is truth?” (John 18:33-40)


  1. The twisting of words and meanings has long been the tool of propagandists trying to win wars in the minds and hearts of citizenries even as soldiers marched on battlefields to win territories.


    1. True. Lots of folks have been getting worked up about Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals.” Since when I heard about it, I did not hear anything new. I never bothered to read it. Apparently, however, some Socialist Democrat read it, and they have been quite pleased with it.


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