What’s the subject of this post? It’s a post on The Culture Monk. Government Smutdown….huh??? is sort of a bait and switch. culturemonk starts off complaining about the blame game.  Here’s how that section ends and what the post is really about begins.

No matter what country you live or reside in; politics effects your life. Whether you like it or not, politics is the avenue with which we build roads, bring water to our homes, and operate the day-to-day necessary components of living in a society of people.

But I’m fed up with politicians. I’m fed up with this lie that “its the other political party’s fault!” —-> let’s be honest; that is a damn lie.

Everyone in Washington, D.C. is at fault. Why? Because neither political party is acting like they are public servants. And that is what this article is about; being a servant.

And how does ‘s post conclude?

Yet in our day-and-age…..

—-) Who is driving the most expensive car; the doctors!

—-) Who is living in the most exclusive gated community; the politicians!

And if you are a social worker who makes a very little wage please don’t cry to me that ‘I only make X amount of dollars, I’m not a millionaire”……don’t cry to me because I believe you’re services should be free; you should only say to your clients; pay whatever you can.

Being a public servant SHOULD NOT BE ABOUT MAKING MONEY. And if you don’t like what I have to say…..then you clearly wouldn’t like what Gandhi had to say…and you DEFINITELY wouldn’t like to hear what Jesus had to say!

I better drink another coffee……..


What is doing is repeating the propaganda we grew up with, but it is silly nonsense. When we pay other people to serve us, what gives us the right to expect them to work for less than their labor is worth on the open market?

Should we love our neighbor as we love our self? Yes, but when you are working for people who are perfectly capable of paying you, what has that got to do with working for nothing?

  • Interesting post, but I think you want the something that is logically impossible. There is an old axiom. “You get what you pay for.” We want cheap politicians? Cheap civil servants? Then that is what we will get.

    We don’t have the right to demand charity of another, and we cannot force another to provide charity. When we force another to provide charity, that charity ceases to be voluntary. Thus, it is not charity. So what is the point of demanding involuntary charity? Yet people do.

    When someone chooses to serve a poor person in need and gives freely, that transaction belongs to the giver and the one who receives. If we choose to admire the giver and imitate his example, then we may be better for it. Nonetheless, charity cannot be enforced by government for then what was charity becomes that plain and simple robbery. That is what ancients called democracy, and that is one reason they mistrusted allowing the people to rule.

    • but what we can do is to reeducate the populace on what a “public servant” actually is and should be

      • Actually, that has already been done, and I think wrongly so.

        When we hire someone to perform a task, the people we hire every right to expect us to pay them what their labor is worth in an open market place. Just because we label someone a “public servant” does not give us any right to exploit them. In fact, it is counterproductive to give someone a position with great authority and pay them less than their labor is worth. The job then become more valuable for graft than it is for pay.

        How we each wish to be charitable with our earnings is up to each of us. Does the Bible say otherwise? God commands us to love our neighbors as we love our self. The Bible also condemns those leaders who do not set a good example, but where does the Bible say leaders or civil servants must take a vow a poverty?

        Do some people take vows of poverty? Yes. Do some people work for nonprofits and accept below market salaries for their skills? Yes, but for people who do that that is a personal decision. As Christians we can do our best to spread the Gospel, but only God can give each of us our calling.

        • There is nothing unethical about changing the way we view what it means to be a public servant.

          • Unethical? When we speak of right and wrong, we sometime refer to ethical questions. More often, we are speaking about the correct answer to a problem. In this case, we talking about the best approach to trying to persuade people to be like Jesus. Before we insist another give his life to our cause, we should first consider how Jesus answered the request of James and John (Mark 10:35-45). Even He left the choice to James and John. When we want people to serve out of love, there is other way.

The fact is we don’t pay our elected officials anywhere near what jobs involving similar responsibilities would get them in the private market. Here are a couple of examples.

  • We pay a member of the Prince William County School Board $12,000 a year. That board controls a yearly budget of over one billion dollars.
  • We pay a member of the House of Delegates $17,640 per year. The General Assembly controls ….. Well, check out the Virginia’s Budget. It’s scary we pay people so little to spend so much.

Now read Implosion Of Virginia Governor Shows Why We Need To Pay Elected Officials More.

Is Gov. Bob McDonnell’s (R-Va.) fall from grace really so surprising?

Alex Burns of Politico expresses incredulity that McDonnell has apparently tossed away his presidential ambitions by accepting gifts like a Rolex watch—and a $120,000 payment that may or may not have been a loan—from one of his top donors. (continued here)

Anyway, the discussion continues. To see how it ends, check Government Smutdown….huh???


  1. Tom,

    Very well explained…”When we pay other people to serve us, what gives us the right to expect them to work for less than their labor is worth on the open market?” sums it up very well. Lord bless you.


    1. Thank you.

      I must admit there was a time not so long ago I would have said the same thing The Culture Monk said. Even though it is God who granted each of us that right, it is not easy for any of us to allow our neighbors to make their own decisions. Is it not peculiar how much our pride demands conformity?

      May our Lord bless you and yours as well.


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