BATTLEFIELD BRITAIN BoudiccaIn ancient times when soldiers fought with shields, spears and swords, they marched — maneuvered — and fought in tight, carefully controlled formations. To protect each other, they formed shield walls bristling with their sharp weapons. And if too many of them were undisciplined and broke ranks, they died.

Is your Republican congressman breaking ranks? Has he threatened the integrity of the formation? Will his lack of integrity and fortitude bring our cause to ruin?

Check out 17 House Republicans Ready To Jump Ship And Re-Open Government — Boehner Not Budging ( Is your Republican congressman on the list. Then contact him and let him know you will support him IF AND ONLY IF he has the courage to stay in formation, stand up, and fight Obamacare.

My congressman is Rob Wittman.  He is on Forbes list of those ready to break ranks (Jumping ship is not quite the same thing as running from the fight.). Here is his position on the government shutdown.

Government Shutdown: Where I stand

At every opportunity, Rep. Wittman voted to prevent a government shutdown, and to fund federal government operations. He opposes the government shutdown and is advocating getting government back up and running. (continued here)

He’s Mr. Wishy-Washy. Why? Wittman has lots of government workers in his district, and they want to get paid.  Nonetheless, Wittman has a lot of vets in his district, men who know what it means to break formation. We can ask them, and then we can let Wittman know what it means to break ranks.

Keep in mind that Obama is calling a Continuing Resolution to fund the government a “clean bill.” Because a Continuing Resolution represents a massive failure of the budget process, there is nothing clean about it. All a “clean” Continuing Resolution means is that Obama does not want Obamacare defunded, and that’s it.

Obama does not want the people we elected in Congress to give any thought to what needs to funded and what does not need to be funded. Fraud, waste, and abuse — no problem. A program like Obamacare, one we don’t want and is not ready for prime time anyway — no problem.

Obama thinks he can delay and waiver parts Obamacare — even without legislative authority — but Congress?  What Obama wants is more power than the Constitution gives him. Yet wishy-washy Rob Wittman appears to be willing to break ranks.

3 thoughts on “BREAKING RANKS

  1. Okay so we all know from polling (every man, woman, child and invertebrate has been polled it seems) that the public broadly supports the Dems on the gov’t shut down / healthcare circus. And we kinda know that they support the GOP on the debt ceiling issue if they manage to frame the argument as being about “fiscal responsibility” and spending etc.

    So theoretically the first battle should have been settled in the Dems favour and the second one in the GOP’s favour. The war playing out in a 1 – 1 draw.

    Theoretically. Because an interesting thing may very well happen on the way to next month’s circus.

    The budget debacle (in which polling shows the Dems should win the battle for popular opinion) is STILL not resolved and the debt ceiling fight is about to start in earnest.

    Thus it seems that the two battles will now become one MEGA battle (revolving around both issues) in which the winner takes all.

    This could be VERY interesting. Mainly because just as the public supports the Dems on the budget / shut down issue, they broadly support the GOP on the debt ceiling issue. So if the two fights turn into one BIG fight, who will the public end up supporting?

    This battle is turning into a winner-takes-all Super Bowl of political warfare.

    Boehner has made it clear that he wanted to avoid the shut down confrontation (which he knew was a loser in terms of public opinion) in order to save his ammo for the debt ceiling crisis, which is he thinks he can win. And he may kinda sorta get what he wants now as the shut down / ACA fight carries on so long that it merges with the Debt Ceiling fight.

    So who will win this showdown?

    Will the Dem’s be able to make this mega-confrontation all about the gov’t shut down & ACA stuff and win, or will the GOP manage to grab the narrative and make the fight all about the debt ceiling / supposed “fiscal responsibility” and win this gloves-off political cage fight?

    With mid-term elections just round the corner,the stakes couldn’t be higher. The team that wins this mega-fight will triumph in the mid-term elections, and the one that loses this stand-off loses in the mid-terms. Control of the House and Senate will be probably be decided this month.



    1. waltermondalejnr — I grew up listening to the corporate news news media. It took me years to figure out the corporate news news media functions as a propaganda arm of the Democratic Party. Why is it so hard to pick that up? Although the corporate news media obviously believes in Socialism, it feigns objectivity, and there is no obvious reason why the corporate news media should favor Democrats over Republicans.Moreover, the corporate news media spends large amounts of time speaking of politics as horse races. Who deeply takes sides with one particular horse in a horse race?

      How did I begin to see through the media bias? I started putting together what I had learned from studying history. I contemplated what it meant to sign the Declaration of Independence. I began to realize the price good men had paid for a government that protects their rights, and I realized that government exists to protect our rights.

      We fight people who would live off the trillions our government spends and the advantage that government regulations give them in the market place. These people would grow their powers. Eventually, they would enslave the rest of us.

      Therefore, I agree. The stakes couldn’t be higher. Even though we know an election is about protecting our rights; we want each election to be about us — our entertainment. Thus, instead of voting against those politicians who would buy our vote, we sell our vote. Instead of being on the right side of an issue, we scheme to be on the winning side. Instead understanding politics is about moral issues, we pretend politics is about secular issues. Thus, the corporate news media divides us into competing factions, and our rich elites rule over us. And slowly, but inevitably, they are enslaving us.


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