school.pngWhile we focus on our glorious leader’s follies (Syria’s poison gas, for example), the power grab continues. Unless we can pressure Congress to stand and fight, the thieves we have elected will permanently cripple our republic. They will teach our children to accept tyranny as both normal and appropriate.

What is most precious to us? Is it not our children? Yet so many would trust people they don’t know, people they have no substantive reason to believe, to run the education of their children.

Consider these two posts from NooneOfAnyImport’s Blog.

From 13 Sep 2013

Strengthening America’s Schools Act of 2013

My homeschool peeps alerted me to a New Bill in the Senate.  It is purported to be a Big Bad Bill that creates a new (and bad, but I repeat myself) National School Board.

It appears that federal meddling into the local issue of education came to fruition with an “Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965.”  I have no idea what that law entailed.

The next big thing to hit the federal landscape was Dubya’s No Child Left Behind.  Which.  Can I just say?  That is every bit as Orwellian doublespeak of a title as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

So then Obama topped Dubya’s concern for the children with his own “Race to the Top” law embedded in the Stimulus Package of 2009.  This law incentivized the adoption of Common Core.

Now, we have step four (or maybe step four thousand nine hundred eighty-four, if considering the Gramscian March approach to politics) in the transformation of education from a local issue to a federally overseen “right.”

All I’ve done in this post is digest and regurgitate the table of contents of this proposed law.  Pretty thick stuff, even so.  Further translation of this bill will follow in later posts.

Without further ado, I introduce to you the table of contents for this education bill, as annotated by yours truly:


To amend the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965, and for other purposes.

(continued here)

From 17 Sep 2013.

How to Ensure Every Child Gets a High-Quality Education: A Comparison

The following is my rewording, summarizing, and annotating of a section of the proposed education bill S. 1094.  My version is better, but if you must see the original text, it’s here.

Strengthening America’s Schools Act

Title I:  College and Career Readiness For All Students

Sec. 1001:  The purpose of Title I.  The purpose of this new Title I is ensure every child has a fair, equal, and significant opportunity to get a high-quality education.   That was the purpose of the 1965 education law’s Title I too, but that law didn’t quite reach the goal.  So we’re just tweaking it now.  Totally gonna get it right this time.  After we pass this law, education is going to be All Fixed.  Really.

The old law listed 12 ways to accomplish our totally immeasurable and unobtainable goal.

#1 was all about making sure state standards were challenging and making sure the parents, teachers, and administrators were able to measure progress.

Our new #1 way to accomplish Title I’s purpose:

“setting high expectations for children to develop deep content knowledge and the ability to use knowledge to think critically, solve problems, communicate effectively, and collaborate with others, in order to graduate, from high school, college and career ready;” (continued here)

The politicians will, of course, make the bill sound wonderful. They will gush with words. They will explain all the problems with our education system. They will tell us how much they care for the children. But they will not explain how much this legislation empowers them, and they will ignore the fact they have to break their oath of office to vote for its passage. Nevertheless, in spite of their broken oath, these liars will expect us to trust them.


  1. Now that you have confessed to your true leftist leanings, I think you’ll feel a lot less conflicted. I applaud you for coming out, Tom. Sometimes it takes courage. I certainly respect you all the more for it.

    By the way, I don’t think anyone believes that public education is “free.” It’s a very widely understood component of all our tax burdens. Much rarer are guys like you who don’t want to pay anything for it.


  2. I think my comment was temperate and polite, Tom. I doubt anyone was insulted. I care about how not only how my children are educated, as well as how my next door neighbors’ children are educated, as well as how a kid in a ghetto in southern California is educated. I wasn’t insulted, so your statement on that point is demonstrably over-wrought. If someone was insulted by that very moderate statement of views, he has other problems more severe than just a discussion about education.

    Education is not a good, like a dishwasher. It is part of the fabric of society. I don’t think there is anything more “socialist” about it now than when public education was established in the early 1800s. Without public education, we would not have been the success we have been as an immigrant nation (because public education provided an integrative, assimilative force) and as a strong economic/industrial power (because public education provided a base skill level for the workforce). Public education is largely a local enterprise, although you are quite right that federal involvement has increased over the years. If local public schools were doing a uniformly (or more nearly uniformly) adequate job all over the country, the pressure for federal involvement would be less. I share your unease about the growth of the federal component, but understand why it has happened. The antidote is higher levels of achievement at the local level.

    I simply do not agree with your position that citizens should not have to pay for public education. This something for nothing idea is a very leftist notion. We all benefit from achieving as high a level of education on as large a scale as possible. You may think the government owes you goodies and high living standards, but we conservatives think you pay for what you get.


    1. No education is not a good like a dishwasher. Instead, it is service. We pay people for all kinds of services in the private sector, and nothing you said explains why the private sector cannot educate children. In fact, the private sector, not government set up the first schools. Promising improvements and using that word “free” government just stepped in and took over.

      This something for nothing idea is a very leftist notion.



  3. Public education in the United States, with all its defects over roughly 200 years, has been a force of tremendous positive good for the Nation. As I’ve said before, I don’t have any real problem with the idea of alternatives to public education, but I do think there is a strong national interest in ensuring that the citizenry as a whole is educated to at least a minimal level of competence. The answer seems to be something along the lines that we now have. Tax supported public schools but with no prohibition on people using private schools or home education if that is what they want to do. Nonetheless, ignorant or incompetent parents could absolutely cripple their children’s ability to succeed in life if they are not required to educate them to certain minimal standards. I have noticed a number of vociferous advocates of home schooling whose degree of arousal on the subject seems to be inversely proportional to their own level of education and knowledge. Some of these people need considerable further education themselves before they should be allowed to hang their own inadequacies around the necks of their children. There has to be some way of ensuring that such parents do not harm their children by providing sub-competent teaching.

    I do recognize that, with the advent of the internet, it is very easy to get networks of specialists together to work remotely with kids. I think this kind of technology may change a lot of things about how we educate our young, whether in public schools or elsewhere. (My younger daughter has a thriving trade helping home-schooled children with Latin and Greek studies that their parents are not competent to provide. She is thinking of putting this service into some kind of web-based programme).

    The way we influence how standards are set is the same way we influence lots of things – through participation in a democratic process.


    1. Public education? 200 hundred years ago. And that looks anything like socialist stew we have today? And you are serious? 🙄

      Scout, for the most part your reply just insults people for caring how their children are educated. As with most such insults, it is without substance. You may wish to consider whether your insult is vociferous of your own ignorance.

      When comes to a “national interest” in public education, there isn’t one. There is no requirement whatsoever for Federal involvement. What there is is a requirement for is a system that allows the customer (That is the person whose money government officials insists upon spending.) to purchase what they want without also having to pay for public schools they do not want. Because children do not belong to the government, parents, not busybody government officials, need to be in charge. In free countries, government exists to protect people’s rights, not to spend other people’s money for them. 200 hundred years ago, some people were enslaved, but the white folks did choose their children’s teachers.

      Unfortunately, too many of our elected officials think spending other people’s money is their job.


  4. I’m not sure why “knowing” someone ensures good professional services. I don’t personally know my dentist or my various doctors, my electrician, my veterinarians or my mechanics and I certainly don’t expect to be on intimate terms with my children’s teachers. I do expect all these people to be competent and to be subject to some kind of examination and certification that gives me some assurance that they are not totally unqualified for the jobs they do. Conversely, I have a number of very good, close friends and relatives, whose morals and character I esteem, who are completely incompetent to teach virtually anything.

    I guess where that all leaves me is that I have no more concern about entrusting my children’s education to people whom I don’t know, than I do entrusting a wisdom tooth extraction or appendectomy to people I don’t know. That doesn’t mean that these people are as good as I want them to be or as good as they say they are. It does mean that we don’t choose people to exercise a professional skill based on how well we know them.


    1. If you don’t think “knowing” the people who educate your children is important, that is your concern, not mine. My concern is that I and my neighbors have the ability to exercise their right and their responsibility to ensure their children receive a proper education. If we are each allowed to make our own educational choices for our children, will we all use identical criteria? No, but is that not the point of liberty, especially with respect to religious choices?

      When government makes our choices for us, some busybody decides what is important. How is that good? Is it that important to you that we all conform to the same standard? Would you not like to have some assurance that that busybody made the best choice? When we all have the same choice forced upon us — so long as we have government enforced conformity — we cannot compare and contrast the results. That’s why government-run education eventually leads to such awful results. Without the ability to measure our achievements against the accomplishments of others, we become ignorant. We lose to the ability to understand why what we might have done would have been better. So we never take corrective action.


    1. We call the indoctrinated low information voters. Some people have forgotten what the Nazis did and how they did it. Some people have forgotten what the communists did and how they did it. The low information voters never even learned. Unless it furthers the cause of big government, those running the public school system like to avoid raising controversial topics. Would not want to offend anyone, would we?


  5. Truth may be shadowed but, it will shatter the impostors ! Nevertheless these law makers are in the possession of the Enemy … we certainly must be upon our watchtowers ! Great links!


  6. thanks for the links! What a joke these federal education laws are. and people just keep letting them do it! I don’t understand. a commenter let me know that Title IV, about well rounded students, is where the real action is at. On the pdf of this bill, that is on pg 509. I should jump to that next time I sit down to look, but the dogmatic part of me wants to slog thru one section at a time.

    best to you!


    1. Politicians are good salesmen, and what the worst of them sell is sin. Hate to admit it, but we have always been suckers for sin.

      Why do parents let other people — strangers they don’t really trust — take over the education of their children? Most of us were educated in the public school system. So if it was good enough for us……. We have to convince folks of the truth. The public school system is getting worst. There is a huge difference, for example, between local control and national control. As bunkerville mentions below, national control hugely magnifies the opportunity for the indoctrination, and that has gotten bad enough as it is.


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