A year ago I wrote WHAT HAS OUR PRESIDENT DONE THAT IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL? — PART 1. Today (since I have no desire to listen to President Obama) seems a good time to add to the list.

  1. To defend his red line, the president threatened to unilaterally — based solely on his own authority — start a war. Fortunately, so many people objected that the president appears to have backed down, but we should not forget what this president has done and is capable of doing.  Consider Obama’s unconstitutional military adventure by Tom Tancredo (www.wnd.com).
  2. The president has unilaterally — based solely on his own authority — continued to rewrite the Affordable Care Act (ACA). That is, he has unconstitutionally revised the law by arbitrarily delaying parts of the law. Here are some articles on that:
  3. The Obama administration secretly monitored the communications of journalists. That, of course, is something even the Liberal News media deigns to cover.  Check out Obama’s War on Journalism: ‘An Unconstitutional Act’ by (www.thedailybeast.com)
  4. The Obama administration targeted conservative groups for harassment using the IRS. Here is an assortment of articles on that. First, here are some of the stories going back to May when things began to break.

    Here is the result a search on Instapundit.com. That includes this: IRS agent: Tax agency is still targeting Tea Party groups by PAUL BEDARD (washingtonexaminer.com)

So if you think it important you immerse yourself in the Syrian WMD crisis and listen to President Obama make silly, prevaricating, platitude filled speeches, please do so. Just do me a small favor. Please DON’T VOTE! If you have not figured out by now that taking an oath to support and defend the Constitution is suppose mean something, then how can you properly appreciate your right to vote?


    1. Glad you enjoyed it.

      Because our nation is not behaving well, I expect we will all be humbled. Nonetheless, I think you would agree that is not necessarily a bad thing.

      Hebrews 12:3-11 Good News Translation (GNT)

      3 Think of what he went through; how he put up with so much hatred from sinners! So do not let yourselves become discouraged and give up. 4 For in your struggle against sin you have not yet had to resist to the point of being killed. 5 Have you forgotten the encouraging words which God speaks to you as his children?

      “My child, pay attention when the Lord corrects you,
      and do not be discouraged when he rebukes you.
      6 Because the Lord corrects everyone he loves,
      and punishes everyone he accepts as a child.”

      7 Endure what you suffer as being a father’s punishment; your suffering shows that God is treating you as his children. Was there ever a child who was not punished by his father? 8 If you are not punished, as all his children are, it means you are not real children, but bastards. 9 In the case of our human fathers, they punished us and we respected them. How much more, then, should we submit to our spiritual Father and live! 10 Our human fathers punished us for a short time, as it seemed right to them; but God does it for our own good, so that we may share his holiness. 11 When we are punished, it seems to us at the time something to make us sad, not glad. Later, however, those who have been disciplined by such punishment reap the peaceful reward of a righteous life.

      It means we are still His children.


  1. I thank God for your life, you have a voice and you use it without mixing words. You go the extra mile to present your view with clarity and the proof for why you believe so. This, in my opinion should be the norm. Sadly political correctness is the order of the day. Though, i may not completely agree with every view you hold, but the facts you present help me to pray with understanding. And i believe this is partly how as Christian we can fulfill 2 Chronicles 7:14. By Watching the News events unfolding and Standing in the Gap declaring the Word and the Will of God over the lies of the devil. Thanks for praying, sharing and equipping us with understanding. The Lord bless you!!


    1. Thank you for your kind compliment and for your example.

      I must my first reaction to the words of others is too often to point out where I disagree. Yet I expect positive comment and compliment would usually be more effective in serving the cause of Christ.


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