KICK-MEIs it a crisis of immense proportions? If our glorious POTUS can wait for our glorious Congress to return from its glorious summer recess on September 9th, then there is no crisis. For the people of Syria, it is a grave crisis, but for us? What can we do about it? So why would President Obama have us treat what for us is a storm in a teapot like a great tempest?

  1. Syria has crossed his “red line” and used chemical weapons? What is going on in Syria? Is it not a civil war? When almost no other country wants anything to do with it, why is it in our interest to interfere?
  2. Our glorious leaders have the wisdom to fix the problems in Syria? After what our leaders and the corporate news media had the presumption to call an “Arab Spring,” why would we be foolish enough to believe that? Do we really want a bunch of Islamists in charge in the Middle East? Look at the advice our corporate news media has provided about the problems in this country. Look at what our glorious leaders have done here, and we are suppose to trust Obama to wisely make war on a nation that has almost no capacity to threaten us?
  3. We want to be the world’s policeman? Haven’t the Democrats already failed in that job? Doesn’t anyone recall why we abandoned the Vietnam War? Even if we had the capacity to police the world, do we really think we could do a good job? Would the rest of the world like us any better?

Contemplate the arrogance.  Obama puts up this “red line” for Syria. If President Bush had said the same thing, would Obama have supported Bush’s “red line”? Is there any doubt Obama would NOT have believed that Bush had the authority to start a war without Congressional authorization, particularly when no emergency existed? Is there any doubt about the answer?

What will an attack on Syria accomplish? Will it accomplish exactly what the Democrats complained Bush’s policies would accomplish? With almost no support from any other nation, will we stand alone and unsupported as the world’s self-appointed policeman? What kind of badge will the world give us? Is it one we wear on our back?

Instead of worrying about manufactured crises, perhaps we should concern ourselves with events closer to home — with the mess our glorious mass media and glorious leaders insist upon making of our laws and our culture.


On Syria and Chemical Weapons

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  1. “PAST” is a teacher. But, the problem is that we forget it too soon.
    Let’s us have a glance on the past of US, trying to be a world’s policeman.

    Vietnam, A total mess.

    Cold War, US funded and CIA trained Taliban fighting Soviet troops propping up an unpopular regime in Afghanistan. Osama bin Laden, the prime suspect in the Sept. 11th terror attacks in New York and outside Washington, D.C., was among those who were trained by, and fought alongside the CIA during those years.
    After the Soviet Union was driven out of Afghanistan in 1989, U.S. allies there continued to fight one another, killing an estimated 45,000 civilians. The chaos and near total destruction of Afghanistan paved the way for a takeover of the country in 1996 by the extremist Taliban movement. This gave birth to talibanization in Afghanistan. Again a total mess. millions have suffered and are still suffering. Recently they have started talking on the terms of negotiations. So, it means a total waste of 10+ years of war, in which millions of innocents suffered,

    I will not go in the details of discussing Sadam (Iraq), Gaddafi etc.
    See this picture, it’s self explanatory. ( http://jabrizpov.files.wordpress.com/2013/08/20130817-233235.jpg )

    So, let me ask you should US be trusted once again after the mess they have made?
    Just for this one time see what happens if US stays away from this?

    The worst thing that US (John Kerry) has done this time, since they don’t have a Qaddafi, Osama or Sadam, Kerry is using a false picture to drive its nation n allies into an unwanted war. It isn’t a joke. It is the the matter of many nations in the world. One can’t just pick a random picture and use to drive its nation and allies into an unwanted bloody WAR or WW 3.
    This is totally wrong and condemn-able.
    ( http://jabrizpov.wordpress.com/2013/09/01/shame-on-kerry-and-bbc/ )


    1. Hindsight has its advantages. Unfortunately, objectivity is not one of them.

      Was Vietnam a total mess? I doubt it. The communist threat was real enough. We just did not counter it as effectively as we might have done. We assumed a monolithic threat. Fortunately, the USSR, Red China, and North Vietnam each pursued their own goals and policies, but that did not become obvious until after we pulled out. Moreover, for all we know our resistance in Vietnam enabled the divisions between the USSR, Red China, and North Vietnam. The lost of so much manpower and national treasure certainly stifled these nations expansionist plans.

      Similarly, the threat the USSR posed in Afghanistan was real enough, and stopping its expansion south served an important purpose. Had the USSR not been stopped in Afghanistan, there is no reason to believe it would not have tried to expand into Iran or Pakistan. Then the problems you describe in Afghanistan could have enveloped two or three nations instead of just one.

      Foreign policy tends to be rather difficult problem, and American presidents have been giving it some thought for a long time. Here is George Washington’s opinion on the matter.

      When America was a young nation, we did not see it as our job to save the world for democracy. We engaged the world in trade, but we understood our primary interests remained in our homeland, not in faraway lands about which we knew too little. Therefore, so long as other nations left us in peace, we were content to do the same.

      Two things have changed.
      1. We have become a wealthy superpower.
      2. We have forgotten our Christian heritage.

      With great wealth and power comes greater responsibility, but we have not tackled the challenges that come from greater responsibility as well as we might have. Because we have gotten away from our nation’s Christian heritage, our pride and our worldly ambitions have also grown. Instead of meeting our greater responsibility as a Christian people, we have instead busied ourselves promoting a nebulous ideology we call American democracy, and that has not worked. Why? We have forgotten that we derived the blessings of liberty from our Christian heritage. Before a nation can make a republic work, its people must uphold certain values, and most of the world does not share the values of America’s founders.

      Consider what is happening in America. Because we have given up our Christian beliefs and are rapidly becoming materialist, we have given great power to our elected officials. Therefore, we risk losing the blessings of liberty too, but most Americans still do not realize this.

      Because we have forgotten our Christian heritage and substituted worldly beliefs, we have forgotten the inherent corruption of man. We have instead the presumption to think ourselves good, and because we think we are good, we cannot believe everyone else does not want to think like us and believe what we believe. Yet only God is good, and whatever righteousness we would have we can only derive by placing our faith, hope, and love in Him.


  2. Freedom, by the way

    I fail to see what good we can possibly do for the US or our allies by intervening in Syria’s civil war. But if we do intervene, a lot of harm can come to us and our allies (most esp. Israel). The media is not helping the framing of this debate with their blaring headlines (“Syrian Crisis”). The “crisis” for Syria has been going on for years. It’s nothing new. And the fact that our prez stuck his neck out with an ultimatum and feels cornered is not a crisis. However, the decision to engage could easily escalate it to a crisis.
    This “crisis” certainly pushed Obamacare and the looming debt ceiling debate off the front page, didn’t it? Coincidence? I think not.


    1. What I find interesting is how obvious Obama has made the fact that Democrat politicians do not have anything against warfare. They just want to be in charge.

      If it were not so serious, it would be funny. We still have this blatantly dishonest man in charge. Even after it became obvious he is a liar, people still voted for him, and that includes the anti-war/anti-capital punishment crowd. Is Obama against war? No. He lied. Is Obama against executing people? Just how different is a drone strike to kill a supposed terrorist from executing someone without a trial? And what about the “collateral damage”?

      Because he cannot and should not be trusted, Obama is dangerous to the peace we have with other nations. He has nothing any serious person can call a foreign policy. Only the most foolhardy would risk making an agreement with him. Because Obama is only for Obama, how many other world leaders believes his word means anything? Nonetheless, even after four years of lying, Obama still managed (with some help from the IRS) to get reelected. And are the people who voted for him ashamed? They should be.


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