Do RINOs ever go on offense to protect the rights of the People?
Do RINOs ever go on offense to protect the rights of the People?

Here is the story.

A rift has developed among congressional Republicans over whether to try to  defund Obamacare as part of any government funding bill.

According  to Politico, Sens. Mike Lee of Utah and Rep. Mark Meadows of North  Carolina circulated letters urging their respective colleagues to join in the  effort.

However, some GOP senators who first signed on to the plan now have backed away from it.

More than 60 House Republicans — including  Justin Amash of Michigan, Jim Jordan of Ohio, and Michele Bachmann of Minnesota  — have signed the House letter calling on Speaker John Boehner to attach  Obamacare-defunding language to a larger budget bill. The Senate letter  also has support from leading conservatives, including Sens. Marco Rubio of  Florida, Ted Cruz of Texas, and Rand Paul of Kentucky. (continued at GOP Rift Grows Over Obamacare Funding at newsmax)

Because the public opposes Obamacare and because the Tea Party supported them, Republicans now have a majority in Congress. So have Republicans actually done anything to stop the implementation of Obamacare? No. They have taken symbolic votes in opposition, and that’s it.

Here is an opportunity to defund the implementation of Obamacare. If Democrats refuse to accept even a continuing resolution that defunds Obamacare, then Democrats will be shutting down the government. Unfortunately, because RINOs fear the corporate news media — who will hate them anyway — they will not fight. They will only pass symbolic, meaningless resolutions opposing Obamacare. Why is that? Here is the answer. If we don’t get our government-funded goodies, they think we will boot them out of office.

Are the RINOs right? Have we figured out Big Government is both too costly and too evil? Have we figured out that a government that steals from one group to give to another group eventually enslaves both groups?

If you have figured out the problem with Big Government, please call or write your congressman. If we want Obamacare defunded, we have to make the RINOs more afraid of us than they are of the corporate news media.


  1. Well, Tom, I have to give you credit for consistency. Your opposition to ACA extends to Social Security. I think an opponent of one has to be an opponent of the other. However, one doesn’t hear much advocacy for eliminating Social Security, even from the anti-Obamacare camps – at least not in circles of elected officials (one can hear just about anything on blogs).

    Your candour about you and your friends being willing to sell votes to politicians is also refreshing. Nonetheless, I urge you not to do that. It is probably illegal and whatever they pay you, it isn’t enough. I would never consider such a thing. my vote is so valuable that no politician can afford it.

    As for your evolving constitutional awareness, I will give you a low passing grade on your answer about things that the national government can lawfully address, even though the Constitution doesn’t mention them and the Founders could not have contemplated them (our examples were airplanes, cars, trucks, FAA etc.) You correctly say that these kinds of things could be regulated because of the general power that the Constitution grants the federal government over interstate commerce. That is absolutely correct. (points are taken off for the factual inaccuracy of stating that the feds don’t regulate trucking and the confused notion that the interstate highway system is toll free). But the larger general principle is correct – the Founders were intelligent and prescient enough to build a genius document that has great flexibility to adjust as technology evolves. There are several broad powers granted that support adjustment to an increasingly complex, post-industrial society

    Bringing it back to health care: you asked “where does the Constitution authorize the federal government to run our health care system?” Of course, a distinct attribute of the American health care system is that the federal government does not run it – it is largely a creature of private insurance companies, companies that have, with few exceptions, found this line of business to be insanely lucrative. Obamacare did not change that fundamental structure and many think that the unwillingness of the Administration to dispense with this private model was one of the great errors of the Obama 1st term. What we have now is not significantly different than what we had before. There are new provisions, restrictions, requirements, etc. but it is essentially the same privately insured, employer provided program we’ve had since WWII. But the constitutional authority comes from the kind of general powers you cite to support regulation of aviation, or infrastructure investments.

    Health insurance is the largest single “industry” in this country. It affects virtually all citizens, and is indisputable interstate. There is nothing about this commerce that suggests that it is tacitly exempt, any more than is aviation, from the express, plenary federal power of the national government to regulate commerce between states, with foreign nations, and between the Indian tribes.


    1. Disingenuous. You know as well as I do that what the Democrats want is a single payer system. You also know that as a practical matter control amounts to ownership.

      If I tell you what kind of car to buy, where to park it, and when and where you can drive it — insist you buy me a car too — who owns your car?


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