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On Tuesday I read this editorial by Emily Miller: Obama administration: It’s racist to pass on hiring ex-cons. Why is it racist? Well, for some reason our government puts a disproportionate number of Blacks in jail. Therefore, if a private employer decides not to hire ex-cons, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) thinks that is racist.

Since Miller portrayed this new race discrimination policy as starkly stupid, I decided to get another opinion. With a little effort I discovered this editorial by Alec MacGillis at the New Republic: Could Fighting Ex-Con Discrimination be a Conservative Cause?     🙄  As his question suggests, MacGillis is clueless about Conservatism. What MacGillis proposes is classic BUSYBODYISM.

Since MacGillis provided such an idiotic analysis, I investigated further. Criminal Background Checks at Your Peril by James Bovard confirms Miller’s analysis.

What these articles did not consider is the right of the Federal Government to interfere in the hiring decisions of private businesses. What’s the constitutional basis for that? There isn’t one. When Congress decided that it had the power to regulate the hiring practices of private businesses, the courts just decided Congress could do so. After all, isn’t our Constitution a living document?  Can’t Congress, the President, and the Courts just change the Constitution whatever they feel the necessity? You don’t think so? You say the Constitution has a formal amendment process? You say that a Constitution that our leaders can amend as they wish cannot protect our rights? Then why are we allowing our leaders to interpret the Constitution however they wish?

Conspiracy Theories

If we look at the news on any given day, we will see public officials doing things that are so stupid they appear positively sinister. So some folks think there must be a conspiracy.  Consider these examples.

I could go on, but let’s get to the point; we blame the wrong people. WE pick out leaders. So if don’t like what our leaders are doing, we have no one to blame except the people who chose them. So why did we ever put power-hungry liars in charge of our country? I think the answer is that we have forgotten how to be effective Christians.

What Is The Christian’s Answer?

In This is my answer to the question that was asked me about civil law’s: living by a different standard, From a Pastor’s point, TR&B SHOCKLEY’S observes that we have lost the keys to the Kingdom.

Have you ever found some old keys lying around your house and couldn’t remember what they were for? Possessing a key you cannot identify or match to a particular lock is as bad as not having a key at all. What good are keys you can’t use? They are as useless as locks you can’t open. “This is exactly the problem with many believers today. We have a big bunch of “keys” called “Scriptures” that most of us don’t know how to use. We have the keys, but we don’t know which key unlocks which lock. It’s like having all of this information but not knowing how to use it, having all of this power available to us but not knowing how to apply it. (from here)

Most of us do not even know the scriptures. Many “Christians” do not believe in the divinity of Christ Jesus. We have a Christian heritage, but too few of us believe in being Christians, in following both the commands and the example of Christ Jesus. Instead of loving God above all and each other as we love ourselves, we love ourselves first and foremost. Therefore, instead of electing humble and Christ-like leaders, we vote for braggarts who promise us the “happiness” of material wealth. In return for our own 30 pieces of silver, we sell each other out.

Look at how we vote. We vote for what seems to be in our own best personal interest. When we do that, we sell out our country. We give our votes to politicians who offer to give us what we want using other people’s money. When we vote for leaders like that — people with decrepit morals like our own — we get leaders who will not abide by the oath they take to support and defend the Constitution.

Of course, such moral decay affects more than just our government. For the sake of convenience, our churches depart from the Bible, the corporate news media provides slanted news, the entertainment industry peddles smut, civil servants demand exorbitant retirement benefits, and so forth. (from here)

Have you sold out? What special interest groups do you identify with? Do you vote based upon skin color and gender issues? Are you a businessman looking for political favors? What is your special interest group? How does a politician buy your vote? If each of us does not consider our self honestly and vote as we believe Christ Jesus would have us vote, then we risk selling out our fellow citizens to power-hungry politicians.

Yet Another View

In his July 4th message, Patriot Prayers, Jack Graham explains the origin of our nation and its current condition. His message is based upon Psalm 80.

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