freedomconscienceWhen Americans criticize Christianity for being mean, nasty, and delusional, I am generally baffled.  How can we not know better? Yet Jesus predicted this sort of thing (John 15:18-27). Even though I once did it myself, I still do not entirely understand why I bothered. It make so little sense to attack Christianity. Therefore, when I get that occasional visitor who hates Christianity, I  study them with considerable curiosity.

Other than a Christian nation, where else in the world would it be safe to viciously attack the predominant belief. Yet that is exactly what  does, and he is proud of himself. Look at his blog’s tagline.

Finding truth through logic, reason, and research

boomersdad318 is latest accuser to visit this blog. Thus far  has posted four comments:  here, here, here, and here. Here is his last.

Well then I am glad that I do not believe in the god that you example. A capricious, ill tempered, and jealous construct. That people attribute to taking care of them, but in actuality was created by man to control other men through guilt. I find your dialog and lack of historical understanding unacceptable. The facts that ordering to kill someone else to take their land under the guise of dealing judgment on peoples who don’t agree with your insane preachments that your god has told you that they are evil. This is totalitarian and uncompassionate. And the fact that you welcome this and eagerly accept it shows how delusional this belief system is. (from here)

When  made his first three sorties, he tried to be specific. When those fell flat, he resorted to unsupported assertions.  That sort of stuff is stupid, but it can sound impressive, and it solves a problem.When no specific charge is offered, how do we reply? Consider this edited version. Imagine if someone where you work said this to you.

Well, I am glad that I do not have the sort of character that you example. A capricious, ill tempered, and jealous construct. People say you cannot getting along with anyone. You spend too much effort trying to control other people by making them feel guilty. That’s a vile way just to make others reluctant not to give you whatever you want. I find this behavior and your defense of it unacceptable. The fact is that you have no right to manipulate others by taking advantage of their kindness and tolerance. When there are truly needy people, you have no business pretending neediness just to get others to give you whatever you want. That is sneaky and uncompassionate. And the fact that you behave like this and eagerly accept unwarranted charity shows just how delusional you are.

How would you reply? You would have to ask what they were talking about, right? What if your accuser just spouted more of the same? Would others, just because of the seriousness of the charge, think you must be guilty of something?

Similarly, when ignorant people just repeat vile nonsense they have heard about the Bible, the Bible becomes difficult to defend. Fortunately, it is not our job to defend the Bible. Our job is to live what the Bible teaches us and to tell others about it. When people actually read the Bible, the Bible needs no defense.



  1. Freedom, by the way

    There seems to be an awful lot of Christianity/God/Bible bashing going on throughout the internet and in society of late…a lot more than usual. I sense storm clouds on the horizon. Bless you, Tom, for keeping a level head while taking on idiots.


    1. Level head? I think I know a blogger who uses that phrase as his moniker. I just wish that I had the same control over my tongue as I do my keyboard.

      Thanks for your comment and support. It is much appreciated.


  2. we are and have always been persecuted ~but there’s been a redoubled effect to overthrow but, Christ has been clear with what would come and what we’re to do. Wonderful !


    1. Thank you for your comment and your affirmation of our Lord.

      What worries me is the difficulty of getting my countrymen to reflect seriously about our nation’s origins, particularly with respect to the Bible. The propaganda from our government and the corporate mass media has been very effective. Nonetheless:

      Romans 8:31 Authorized (King James) Version (AKJV)

      What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?


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