This is the last post in a series on the Ten Commandments. The first post set the stage and explained objectives of the series. The next ten posts considered each of the commandments in reverse order. Thus, in the post just previous to this one we pondered the relationship between the 1st Commandment and government. In this final post, we will consider three things:

  • Why so many people want to believe our government is unaffected by our Christian heritage.
  • The primary lesson we can learn from this series.
  • What Christians can do and should do.

Examples Of “Proof” Our Laws Are Not Based Upon The Bible

Before we just make an assertion, let’s consider some examples. For this part of the post I googled “ten commandments” law government constitution. Here are the top relevant posts.

Secularism As A Religion — The Sin Of Pride

Why do people write such nonsense about the Ten Commandments? Throughout most of history most men have believed in pagan gods. As a practical matter pagans are atheists. Instead of recognizing that God created us for His purposes, in their pride pagans create toy gods to suit their own purposes.  With a show of respect and the right sacrifices, pagans seek a god they can manipulate.

Ambitious, prideful men create pagan gods. The most ambitious offer themselves to others as a god. And pagan people? To justify doing whatever they want and taking whatever they want, they point to “their” god as a handy excuse.

Government is the pagan god of our era. We worship it by sacrificing our individuality to majoritarian tyranny. And supposedly, by giving us special group rights and other people’s money, we manipulate the god government and bend it to our collective will. In practice, however, our leaders use government to manipulate us. With complex laws and regulations, our leaders “persuade” us with the religious legalism. We just have to obey their politically correct rules; we just have to believe their experts (the lower priests of government), and everything will be lovely. Strangely, however, our leaders never deliver on their promises of greater self-empowerment or wealth. The rich get richer, but the poor just get poorer, more ignorant, and increasingly gullible.

What Is The Primary Lesson To Be Learned From This Series?

We are watching the demise of our republic.  Instead of serving the American people, our leaders now seek to rule over us. What is missing?

George Washington was often compared to Cincinnatus for his willingness to give up near-absolute power once the crisis of the American Revolution had passed and victory had been won, and the Society of the Cincinnati is a historical association founded in the aftermath of the American Revolutionary War to preserve the ideals of the military officer’s role in the new American Republic. (from here)

Who was Cincinnatus? Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus (519 BC – 430 BC) was a Roman aristocrat. The citizens of Rome twice called upon him to serve as their dictator, each time to resolve a grave crisis. On each occasion, Cincinnatus promptly resolved the crisis, and then he resigned as dictator. Instead of ruling over his people, Cincinnatus chose to serve as needed.

Whatever virtues the pagans of ancient Rome may have lacked, the Roman people still had the wisdom to respect Cincinnatus. Likewise, the founders of our nation respected the virtues they saw in the Roman republic. So they sought to learn from its successes, and they hoped we would avoid the decadence that led to its downfall.

Virtuous people choose virtuous men and women to lead them. Are we choosing men and women of virtue? How many of men and women who rule America today would willing give up the power Cincinnatus and George Washington willingly yielded? If we get the government we deserve, what does the impending demise of our republic signify? What is the state of our souls? That is what we can learn from studying the Ten Commandments and how we apply them to our government.

What Can Christians Do?

Before we consider what we can do, we should ask why so many of our leaders detest the Ten Commandments and Christianity? Why do they insist upon burying our nation’s Christian origins under a secularist lie? The answer is that Christianity undermines their power.

  • Christianity stands opposed to concentrating power in the hands of few men. Even the Old Testament, 1 Samuel 8, makes it clear that a king will abuse his power. However, the New Testament underlines the fact that we are all sinners. We cannot save ourselves. Only God can save us, and He deserves our first loyalty, not our government. When we stand with God, we oppose tyrannical leaders (Matthew 22:21).
  • Christianity stands opposed to identity politics. How do the power-mad divide and conquer their fellow men? They separate us into competing interest groups and pit us in conflict. Devout Christians rebel against such stupidity; they know that we must love our neighbors as we love ourselves (Matthew 22:39). Instead of voting for their own self interest, devout Christians vote for the good of all their countrymen. Therefore, politicians find Christians difficult to bribe. Christians will not vote to give themselves special rights or to steal their neighbors money and pocket it. Christian seek to follow the Golden Rule.
  • Christianity stands for individual rights, not collective rights. Christianity sees each man and woman as a potential child of God. We each belong to Him (Romans 14). We each are of value to Him. He gives us meaning and purpose. He gives us our rights. As the Declaration of Independence affirms, God gives us our rights, not government.

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With the exception of the first one, the articles below relate to the posting of the Ten Commandments in public places.  Of late Atheists have gained the “right” to post their own counterpart to the Ten Commandments on government property. Some will praise this as tolerant. Perhaps, but we should understand what are tolerating: willful ignorance (See I STAND CORRECTED.).


  1. I have really enjoyed the series Tom. Thank you for all the time and effort you have put into it. After reading it there is no reason for anyone to question the true condition of our country today. Lord bless you.


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