What follows is an email from Anna Nix on behalf of the Ken Cuccinelli campaign for governor.


Cuccinelli: War on Coal is   a War on the Poor

The Andrea Tantaros Show

CUCCINELLI: “You know, when I   think about the people impacted by the President’s war on coal and how it’s   playing out in my race. My opponent, Terry McAuliffe said we need to move   past coal. He said he doesn’t want another coal plant built in Virginia when   he ran for governor last time, and so he’s all in with the president on these things, there’s never been any distance. And where it matters in Virginia, where it matters the most – it affects us all – but where it matters the most   is in the poorest parts of Virginia. So, we call it a war on coal because   they call it a war on coal. As you noted, [Daniel] Schrag, [President   Obama’s] White House adviser does that. But what it really is when it comes   to the people, it’s a war on the poor. That’s what it is. And because the   people hurt first and hurt worst are the poor in Virginia. Where we mine coal   in Virginia is in Appalachia. So you come with me to a pizza parlor down   there in Buchanan County in Appalachia you know what? That pizza parlor’s a   coal job. The coal mine closes, so does the pizza parlor. They don’t have a   lot of other options. And that is left out of the President’s remarks of   course this week, because he doesn’t care enough to try and achieve that   balance. The job destruction that what he’s describing will cause and the   loss of opportunity and job creation affects the poorest parts of America and   the poorest parts of Virginia the most. And that’s a real problem and it’s   something that people need to keep in mind.” (The Andrea Tantaros Show,   6/27/13)


Our secularized education system, our secularized government, and our secularized mass media our have thoroughly conditioned us separate Christianity from politics. Supposedly, mixing politics with religion leads to religious persecution by religious zealots. Nevertheless, we don’t actually separate religion from politics. We still have a great many people trying to force their religious practices onto their neighbors. That’s the reason Democrats can get away with their global warming agenda and their war on coal. Even after it has become self evident that global warming is a hoax, the true believers refuse to give up their holy war on carbon dioxide, that gas we exhale and plants need to thrive.



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