campaign.pngOn November 5, 2013, we have another election coming up. Who/what is on my ballot? Well, if I check What’s on my Ballot? at The Virginia State Board Of Elections, here is what it looks like at the moment.

Office Jurisdiction Ballot Name Party Web Site
Governor Statewide Ken T. Cuccinelli II Republican http://www.cuccinelli.com
Governor Statewide Terry R. McAuliffe Democrat http://www.terrymcauliffe.com
Lieutenant Governor Statewide E. W. Jackson Republican http://www.jacksonforlg.com
Attorney General Statewide Mark D. Obenshain Republican http://www.markobenshain.com
Member House of Delegates – 013 013 Robert G. “Bob” Marshall Republican http://www.delegatebob.com
Member House of Delegates – 013 013 Atif M. Qarni Democrat http://www.qarnifordelegate.com

There are no Democratic Party Candidates listed for Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General. Are Jackson and Obenshain running unopposed. Almost wish that were true, but I expect the results of the Democratic Party’s primary election on June 11 will eventually posted.  Who won?

Sen. Ralph Northam of Norfolk won the Democratic nomination for lieutenant governor and Sen. Mark Herring of Loudoun won the Democratic nomination for attorney general in Tuesday’s sparsely attended primary election. (continued here)

Since I am a Republican, you might wonder why I care about the Democrats. I am about to start visiting the people in my neighborhood. Even though the election is way off in November, I am going to tell them about the election and why it is important. Of course, some people will ask me who is on the ballot. Since it is a competitive race, I need to know who the candidates are, and I need the difference between the candidates.

Why will I start door knocking now? Look at the candidates. As amazing as it may seem, we Republicans have nominated Conservatives for all the statewide offices. Are these perfect people? No, but they represent our state’s best shot at turning back the rising tide of Big Government.

Think about your life and your pocketbook. Then ask yourself this question: where isn’t the government involved in your life and your pocketbook? If this growth of government busybodyism continues, can you imagine what it will be like for your children — your grandchildren? Will they have any capacity to hold to their own beliefs. Will they be able to do anything that Big Brother does not approve? Will your children still have the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as envisioned by the people who founded this nation?

Because I fear for my children’s rights, I am exercising my rights. So it is that I and others have already started door-knocking. Because their Democrat opponents represent special interests feeding at the trough of Big Government, we know that our Conservative candidates will never match the campaign spending of the Democrats. Nonetheless, if we work at it, we know we can turn out a majority. We can win.

Want to help? Do you want to protect the future of your children? Ken Cuccinelli has volunteer offices statewide. Click on the link and find the one near you.



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