humor.pngFor most part my posts here of late have been more about Christian advocacy than politics. That is, I have not spent any time trying to get anyone elected. Neither have I promoted a particular view with any specific political issue. Nonetheless, to be effective, a political blog has to do that. Unfortunately, today has been a busy day. So all I have time for is a bit of dark humor. Let’s look at a couple of left-leaning local blogs.

First we have an old standby, too conservative.  Check out Obama Problem Overload.  Beep!  Beep!  Administration Shutting Down…. Here is an excerpt.

As someone who is pretty close to the liberal/progressive community, it is hard to see how a defense of the Obama administration remains possible. In fact, in articles in the Politico and Huffington Post I read today, people are beginning to awake to the fact that Obama has been little different from Bush. It is said to be Bush’s 4th term. That he should be called George W. Obama. I didn’t see Jon Stewart’s show tonight, but I would bet he is happy he is off to direct a film.

And this is something I have said for some time. The liberal world has received NOTHING of value or note from Obama. He did not deliver on health care and what he delivered is falling apart. He did not deliver on climate change. He did not close Guantanamo. He did not get rid of the patriot act. He upped the drones. He got the US involved in a war. He did not fix the economy or even help it much. The best you could argue is that he eliminated DADT. But that was widely supported by the libertarian wing of the Republicans and could hardly be called a progressive victory solely.

We are into Obama’s second term, and the liberal/progressive community is still blaming Bush? For the mess they have made? Are we to suppose Obamacare is a Bush policy? Homosexuals in the military? There is nothing at all unique about Obama and our current crop of Democrats? Really?

Next let’s consider Moonhowlings. That blog has its origins in the immigration issue, and the bloggers there still fight against any serious to control our borders. However, Moonhowlings has sought to broaden its appeal and now discusses pretty much anything with a political bent.  Here is their tagline.

A Place for Civil Debate: A Blog for Grown Ups

So what do the Moonhowlers think is grown up? Consider E.W. Jackson: The man Virginia Republicans want as our next Lt. Gov.  That post includes this video.

What did  have to say about it?

Great balls of fire. You really have to be kidding me. I had to see it for myself.

I had read that Jackson also suggested that “enhanced interrogation” be codified and that members of the  CIA and Military would be protected from prosecution if they should use this method of questioning. I think that he suggested legalized torture. Have I misread something here?

Pardon me. This candidate is simply unacceptable. What WERE they thinking?

Did he compare Planned Parenthood to the KKK?

I think I’ll tiptoe on off and vote for Dr. Ralph Northam, thank you very much!

That is a serious analysis of what E. W. Jackson had to say?

Meanwhile, the Moonhowlers have had less and less to say about the mess those wise and generous (with other people’s money) Democrats have made in Washington DC. Strange how that works.

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  1. I’d just written, a few hours ago, on the “Obama problem overload.” This was in the sort of longish comment I guess I’m notorious for. Minutes later, I was notified of your post as I was prepping the comment into a blog post.

    The current scandal includes a couple that have actually irritated the Left to the point of being visible in progressive media. That is rare; the media had been successfully defending him for years. In a fair world … ah, but it is not. We must make of it what we can.

    Incidentally, I think you would find this post aligns with your vision for an American revival.

    ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle


    1. Enjoyed your posts and thanks for the link. That very much describes what I am hoping for. Because of periodic revivals, that is why Judaism and Christianity survive.


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