presentation1.pngI got home last night late, and I am not good at sleeping late. Therefore, I am tired. So I am just going to make a few cynical observations about sausage-making and thank God sausage still tastes good.

What I Did Yesterday

Yesterday, I attended the Republican Party of Virginia convention in Richmond, VA.  That made for a L-O-N-G day.

John Godfrey Saxe. Library of Congress descrip...
John Godfrey Saxe. Library of Congress description: “John Godfrey Saxe”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Laws, like sausages, cease to inspire respect in proportion as we know how they are made. — attributed to John Godfrey Saxe (from here)

For the most part, government is disgusting work. Even structured as a constitutional republic, government still reeks of abusive power and incompetence. Hence, we think of sausages, something we find increasingly less delectable the more we learn more about it.

The Poor Acoustics

To nominate its candidates for statewide sausage-makers, the Republican Party held its convention in the Richmond Coliseum.

PWC, Stafford and Loudoun are all in the nosebleed seats on one side while Fairfax is on the other. Horrible acoustics in the Richmond Coliseum. (from here)

Of course, I sat with Prince William County’s delegation, and the acoustics were awful. Since my hearing is already poor, I had difficulty understanding the speeches.  Therefore, I cannot recall being inspired by any of the speakers — just frustrated by my inability to hear them clearly.

Could the party have made a better choice than the Richmond Coliseum? With about 10,000 people in attendance, I guess not, but I don’t know why anyone would bother paying money to attend a concert in that place.

Crummy Reporting On The Balloting

There were various shenanigans at the convention (Chesapeake bishop surprises, wins Va. GOP lieutenant governor nomination), but here is something that has not gotten much coverage. In RPV convention updates, Chelyen Davis of had this report.

Stafford supervisor Susan Stimpson was eliminated in the second round of balloting for the Republican lieutenant governor’s nomination. But her staffers say they tried to protest the vote because delegates were misled into thinking she did poorly in the first round.

What happened is Stimpson finished second in the first round of balloting (see Tech Problems Slow GOP Convention Results). However, when convention chair Delegate Tim Hugo gave the preliminary results, he provided the convention incomplete, therefore misleading, information. When Hugo said which candidates would be on the ballot in the second round of balloting, he gave Stimpson’s name last. His choice of words, that is, the order of the names, implied Stimpson had finished in fifth place, thus barely making it into the second round. That was unfortunate. In second place in the first round of voting, Stimpson still had a real chance of winning in subsequent rounds of voting. In fifth place she had almost none.

Apparently, Hugo just wanted convention delegates to know which candidates remained eligible on the second ballot (The first ballot eliminated two of the original seven.), and he communicated more than he intended.  However, if that is the case, then Hugo misunderstood the process. Because each round of balloting allows the delegates to shift their support to another candidate, the delegates must know which candidates are garnering the most support. Even though E.W. Jackson may have been the most popular first choice, Stimpson still might have won. If the delegates thought she had a chance of winning, then the delegates might have selected her as their second or third choice. In fifth place, Stimpson had no chance of winning.

Why mention this? Although it may first appear otherwise, Stimpson made an excellent effort. Events beyond her control brought her campaign to a halt. That suggests she has no reason to give up her quest for statewide office. Instead, her supporters should take heart; Stimpson has good reason to consider running again. Even Ronald Reagan had to run more than once.

Overall Assessment

Undoubtedly, relatively few people, particularly Susan Stimpson’s supporters, left the convention satisfied with the process.

English: Sir Winston Churchill.
English: Sir Winston Churchill. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many forms of Government have been tried and will be tried in this world of sin and woe. No one pretends that democracy is perfect or all-wise. Indeed, it has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all those other forms that have been tried from time to time. — Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill (from here)

Churchill spoke these words after WWII. Even though his party led the United Kingdom to victory in the bitter struggle that was WWII, in 1945 the people voted for that other party. What might have infuriated a lesser man, Churchill accepted with surprising grace. Thus, Churchill continued to serve, eventually serving a second term as Prime Minister.

Churchill accepted the imperfection of humanity. Perhaps he just understood why better is the enemy of good.

In spite of the imperfections of the process, the delegates to the 2013 RPV Convention still managed to select three good candidates. Please check out their websites.

None of these men are perfect. What matters is whether each will do the job better than the guy they are running against. If you think they will, then please lend them your support.

Here are some blog reports.

Here are some biased news media reports (it is all biased.)



  1. Tom,
    i am not familiar with the specifics of the Virginia politics but here in Ohio, all I can say is that you are right… you have to overlook ALOT of problems with every candidate and try to choose the lesser of many evils.

    One example is a Republican Senator that we have sent to Washington who took a very public, forceful stand for traditional marriage. Then his homosexual son came out in public and now the Senator is supporting same-sex marriage. It is disgusting..

    Sad part is I believe most Republicans and Democrats are basically this type of person. Very shallow in their beliefs and always willing to compromise on their convictions when the appropriate opportunity opens for them.

    Down right pathetic.

    You are not alone in your thinking brother.

    Lord bless you.


    1. Rob

      I fear we are all morally weak. That’s why we need strengthen each other by holding each other accountable. However, you know that. That’s the gist of and your comment on that post.

      That’s why your efforts to help people understand God Word are so important. in order to be held accountable, we must have a standard to which we are held accountable, and we must understand and believe in that standard.

      Lord bless you too.


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