Since I work in an industry that is subject to constant change, I suppose I must have at least some tendency to tinker. Hence, from time-to-time I will try a new blog theme. However, since the new one, Chateau, sometimes displayed text using fonts that were difficult to read, I went back to the old one, Twenty Ten.

Change is not always a good idea.


3 thoughts on “BACK TO THE OLD THEME

  1. I don’t like their gray fonts either. I’m trying to think of one with good fonts..oh.. I know one.and you can even change the size, colors, everything all for free! Here’s an example of a blog I designed for a person with that theme It’s oxygen. Like I said…it has a selection of fonts, sizes, and colors..and you can post your own you see here, I made one for this person. Let me know what you think. Oh, one more can post a featured image in your edit you see here..this person has done just that..that is what the small rectangular photos are. Click on one of the post titles and see. I don’t have the font set very large on this one..but you can do that if you ever use it. God bless you!


      1. I don’t know…too many! LOL I am also on some silently so I can go into their admin and do things to their blogs…make headers, give them a new theme, design it, and so forth.


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