fatter_disasterWe have lost so many of our freedoms so gradually and so slowly, we don’t know, understand, or appreciate what the founders created. Instead, our leaders spout self-serving nonsense: Obama To Ohio State Grads: Reject Voices That Warn About Government Tyranny. Yeah! Give the Obama the Great as much power as he wants, and everything will be just fine.

Nonetheless, occasionally a miracle still occurs, and some citizen takes it upon herself or himself to do what needs to be done without waiting for the government to do it.

Speaking of miracles, there is the Tampa Bay HEAT.  All year I’ve been grateful for the various homeschool a la carte schools, fellowship groups, and co-ops.  The HEAT, though, has stood out.  The obvious reason is the opportunity for team athletics, but I didn’t truly understand the group’s impact until last night’s Sports Dinner.

After all, homeschooled kids get a chance for team athletics in Florida–the state from which the phrase “Tebow law” originated.  All homeschoolers have to do is try out for their local public school’s team. (from Miracles)

In Miracles, nooneofanyimport tells us how a homeschooling mom set up a high school sports cooperative. Such miracles of individual initiative, people voluntarily joining together to solve a problem, use to be common in America. When Alexis De Tocqueville visited America in 1831-32, he found our people doing something so remarkable he had to study it. He found of nation of self-starters, people who took it upon themselves to fix what needed to be fixed. They did not wait for someone else. When something needed to be done, they just did what needed to be done.

English: Alexis de Tocqueville
English: Alexis de Tocqueville (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


In THE RIGHT OF FREE ASSOCIATION, I post an excerpt of Democracy in America, a two-volume work that describes what Tocqueville saw when he visited America. Please read it. Please read Democracy in America.

If we want to restore the freedoms we have lost, we need to understand what once made America a great land. For the sake of our children and ourselves, we need to understand what Thomas Jefferson meant when he spoke of our God-given rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, and we need to yearn to be a people who know how to responsibly exercise those rights. And that begins by understanding the joy that comes from doing what needs to be done without waiting for someone else to do the work.



  1. um, wow. you took my nonpolitical, personally-based post and placed it perfectly into a historical, cultural, and political perspective. I think this is the first time I’ve felt the need to reblog a reblog. 🙂


    1. Linda, when you expressed reluctance to blog on homeschool issues, I was disappointed. I think you should write about homeschooling, and I wrote this post to help you understand why.

      We each have our own little window on the world. As a homeschooling mom, you have an unusual perspective. Please share it with others.

      When we share what we see, we learn from each other. I am bit of a political theorist. From my window on the world, it appears to me that letting politicians educate our children is destroying our republic. That’s why I believe we must make school choice this generation’s civil rights issue. The public school system will never teach children how they can get things done without the soft tyranny of government.

      Although it is obviously the kind of power too many politicians crave, we do not need politicians running every aspect of our lives. What we need is a government that protects our right to run our own lives.

      Consider what Thomas Jefferson meant when he spoke of the Pursuit of Happiness in the Declaration of Independence. Did Jefferson accuse King George III of not providing the American colonists with happiness? Was Jefferson campaigning for a welfare state? Of course not. The Pursuit of Happiness is about each person’s right to decide for himself or herself what is right and true — to decide how one should live. Ultimately, the Pursuit of Happiness is about freedom of religion, and that is the freedom power-hungry politicians most hate.

      To protect our children’s God-given right to the Pursuit of Happiness, we need school choice.


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