ingodwetrustI suppose we have a tendency to idealize the past. Nonetheless, some of the changes over the last two hundred years are obvious.

Consider these questions:

  • Who are your heroes? Do you idolize the stars of sports and the movies? In the America of 200 years ago, sporting events were mostly local affairs. Movie stars did not exist. So who were the heroes then? Was it people who refused to give up their principles? Do today’s Americans emulate people who have found material success in this world, or do we seek wisdom that prepares us for the life to come?
  • How many things do you own? We live in an era of mass production. Thus, we can cheaply stamp out homes, cars, televisions, refrigerators, lamps, i-phones and so forth. Therefore, even the poor among us are wealthy in comparison to those who lived two hundred years. And we eat well. Our most common dietary problem is too much food. Two hundred years ago such mass production did not exist. Instead, family, friends and neighbors worked together to produce what they needed.
  • Where do you spend your days? Is it with family, friends, and neighbors? Or do you commute tens of miles to work? Do your children ride on a bus to a school filled with hundreds or thousands of other children? Is where you work and your children attend school filled with family, friends and neighbors or strangers — with people you see nowhere else?
  • Do you have numerous, strong relationships with family, friends, and neighbors? Could you? Unlike the people of who lived two hundred years ago, we live scattered apart in massive cities. Although we drive vehicles that can easily cruise at 70 miles an hour, our roads are often too clogged to permit such speeds. Thus, our commutes to work can consume hours out of each day. And what do we do with our spare time? Many of us spend hours in front of a screen. At worse, we passively absorb entertainment. At best, we explore the world of cyberspace with a mouse and a keyboard. Thus, we isolate ourselves from the community around us.
  • Who do you trust? When you need assistance, someone you can rely upon, where do you turn? Do you look to your family, friends and neighbors or to a great collective? What is a collective? That is a large bureaucratic organization such as a commercial corporation, a private nonprofit organization, or a government entity. We could also include your local church, but that would most likely be composed of your family, friends and neighbors. Therefore, when we turn to our local church, we are turning to our family, friends, and neighbors.
  • When you seek a personal transformation, what are you seeking? Are you looking for material success? Or do you turn to God and ask for His help in transforming your heart, mind, and soul?

In 2008, just before election day, candidate Barack Obama spoke these words.

“We are five days from fundamentally transforming the United States of America,” Obama said. “If you’ll stand with me and fight beside me and cast your vote for me, we will not only win Missouri, we will win this general election.” (from here)

Obama spoke too late. America has been transforming itself for decades. Obama merely proposes to accelerate the process and expand the gaping chasms between us into deep and unbridgeable canyons.

Look back. Over time, our government has grown more demanding and increasingly huge. Therefore, the biggest bill that most of us pay is our tax bill. Many of us, because political parasites cleverly take their toll in small fees and in payroll withholding, never realize the extent of what we pay. Instead, we delight in “free” schools, “free” roads,” “free” health care, and all the “free” things that come with a gigantic welfare state. But the price we pay is incalculable. Instead of working with family, friends, and neighbors when we have a problem, we turn to government.

  • Do we know the people who run our government? No.
  • Do we trust the people who run our government? No.
  • Do the people who run our government know us? No.
  • Do the people who run our government love and care about us? No.

So why do we turn to government? Government bureaucrats served as our nannies, and that is what they taught us to do.

Proverbs 22:6 English Standard Version (ESV)

Train up a child in the way he should go;
even when he is old he will not depart from it.

Is this what we want? Is this what we want for our children?

Read and study the Bible. Discover what Americans knew 200 hundred years ago, and learn the wisdom most politicians would prefer you did not have.

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