The Future of the CHURCH speaks to this fact.

This may come as a shock to some. It may seem sacrilegious, but though we are not all of the Roman Catholic faith, we, as believers, are a part of Christ’s Church. As this new Pope assumes his role as Christ’s preeminent ambassador on earth, it strikes me that we ought to support him as best we can and pray for his to lead the Church with God’s wisdom. It is the Godly thing to do! (from here)


♫♫ I hear the Sound of a Mighty Army ♫♫

I hear the sound of a mighty army,
I hear the roar of an angry Lion,
I hear the sound, it’s a long way off,
But I hear the sound, I hear the sound.

I feel the beat of a mighty army,
I feel the mountains tremble and quake,
I feel all nations taking their places,
I feel the beat stronger everyday.

    Darkness gathers
    Twisting Truth to lies,
    But there’s an Army gathering together,
    One body, one Bride, one Lord.

Let those who have ears, hear …

©2013 Eaglesong
All Rights Reserved

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