Delegate Scott Lingamfelter is running for Lt. Governor.  Here he talks about leadership.lingamfelter

Leadership in the Storm

As I travel Virginia, I find people like me who are deeply disappointed in the Republican Party. They frequently express their unhappiness with Washington and the failure of our party to stand firm against the Obama-style politics that are threatening our nation.

They also express their dissatisfaction with local and state government’s failure to hold the line against higher taxes. Just look at my own county of Prince William where even while our home assessments have plunged $18 billion, our real-estate taxes have risen by $87 million. Amazingly, from 2007 to 2011 family household taxes in my own county have grown by 11%. Taxes have been increasing, spending has been increasing, debt has been increasing. And at the state level, sadly, tax-hike fever has caught on, which is why I voted NO to the transportation plan and against the Budget which incorporated those tax increases. It’s not hard to see why people are dejected. It’s not hard to see why Republicans are in the dumps.

These are troubling times for our   party. But one thing I learned as a combat veteran and as a conservative member of the House of Delegates is this: When things are going badly, it is no time for leaders to fall back on accusatory, insulting, and hysterical rhetoric. That’s what Obama does. What we need is calm, firm leadership that stands confident in the center of the storm.

Some say that, like the Queen of Hearts   in Alice in Wonderland, that the answer is “off with their heads”.  This attitude is designed to whip up tempers and passions, but offers little in the form of constructive solutions. Yet, I recognize that in today’s political climate, it’s easier to spout off rather than offer true leadership.

I have commanded a number of units in   the Army in war and peace. And in the case when there were real challenges with that unit, the first thing I did was to understand the problem, craft a vision, shape solutions, and execute a plan of action to put things back on track. That’s what Ronald Reagan did when he lead the conservative movement in the 1960’s and 70’s; leadership that helped him be the most successful President in my lifetime.

But even in the best of military units and for that matter political organizations too, when things go bad, real leaders are the ones who maintain calm in the center of the storm.   The people that depend on your leadership want to be confident that you are in   control, that you can lead them forward and accomplish your mission. If your first response to a bad situation-like what we face today as a Party-is to fly off the handle and engage in finger pointing and blame-game rhetoric, you are doing nothing to solve the problem, indeed you have become part of the problem

Look folks, the reason some in our  Republican Party feels it must raise taxes at the Federal, State, and local   level is simple; we have lost our way, we have forgotten our   principles, and we no longer have a clear vision. We must get back on the right path. Ronald Reagan stood for lower taxes, more freedom, and greater opportunity. He understood that more government means less freedom. He understood that a tax dollar spent by a small business is a hundred times more effective in creating jobs than any government program. Reagan knew that   when you unleash the American entrepreneurial spirit and energy that America can’t be touched by anybody. I want us to follow his example.

This is the time for inspiration, not intimidation. It’s time for the steady hand of leadership. This is no time for empty suit politicians who lack true vision for American or Virginia. Rather our nation, our Commonwealth, and our Party needs the firm, calm, and focused leadership of a true authentic conservative.

I am confident we can return to the high-water mark of the Reagan era. If we do, we will be back on the right path of less government, lower taxes and a robust economy. Please join me in this great undertaking by becoming a delegate for me at the Republican Convention in Richmond on May 18th. Just click on the delegate button on this page and while you’re at it, please consider a donation to our campaign to be your next Lieutenant Governor.

We can do this. We can return to the promising times we enjoyed during the Reagan Revolution. But it will take hard work and firm, decisive, and yes, calm leadership to stand amid the political storm of our time to secure a better State and Nation.

On to Victory!

Consider again all the things Lingamfelter called the source of our troubles. These are all things we have brought upon ourselves. We are the storm. To quell the storm, we must return to the founding principles of our nation, and we cannot even agree what those principles might be. Many of us know so little about the history of our nation and philosophy of its founders we have not got a clue.

Even as he promises leadership, Lingamfelter speaks of taxes and spending. Even though he knows we are suffering a spiritual crisis, he cannot speak of it. That, after all, would be perceived as too radical. Nevertheless, the people who founded this nation spoke boldly of God-given rights. Until we are willing to do the same, storm winds will continue to sweep across our land.