falling applesWe have a choice. We can be born again, or we can remain a fallen soul. How do we know if we have been born again? Those who have been born again bear the fruits of the spirit. What are the fruits of the spirit? The answer is in the Bible, but too few read the Good Book these days. Instead we let people tell us about the Bible, people who have not studied the Bible with care. Thus, the blind lead the blind.

Do you want to know about the fruits of the spirit? You can learn the answer by reading a post at Settled In Heaven:  Falling Apples. The author, Rob Barkman, will inspire you to read the Bible, and he will help you to understand it.

Does that sound silly? Do you wonder why you would want to read the Bible? Have you been told it is an old book written by superstitious people? Then you have been told something that is not true. To learn the truth, read the Bible with your own eyes and your own mind. Test the Bible with your own heart and soul.