Every now and then I like to introduce a new blog, and The River Walk authored by BJ is truly a great find. Why does “s blog exist? Here what  says.

The River Walk is a devotional/informational outreach for Two Rivers, a new church coming to the Binghamton area in February, 2013.

With the start of his blog in September 2012,  anticipated the inauguration of Two Rivers Assembly. With beautifully written posts, highlights the love our God has for us, and he explains how and why we should return His love.

To make his posts easy to understand — so we can focus on the lessons from scripture — each of ‘s post uses the same format. begins by citing multiple Bible passages. That is,  demonstrates that the Bible is an integrated work, by providing scripture readings that include text from both the Old and New Testaments. Then, to provide a focus,  quotes a key verse. Finally,  begins the lesson, and he breaks that lesson into three parts.

  • Relate:  begins by explaining how the verse he quoted is relevant to us.
  • React: Once  explains the relevance of the key verse, how it relates to us, he show how we should react. It is not enough just read and understand scripture. The point of God’s Word is to induce a reaction. Thus,  explains what the key verse urges us to do.
  • Respond: With what he writes in the Relate and React sections of his posts,  challenges our intellect. With an appropriate Christian music video and a simple prayer, the Respond section of each post seeks an emotional response. Because we are emotional creatures, an intellectual understanding of scripture is not enough. Therefore,  ends each of his posts with a good stiff tug on our emotions.

 reminds us how much God loves us, and he shows his joy in God’s love.

If you are unfamiliar with the Old Testament and how it relates to the New Testament, please visit The River Walk, and let  bless you with his insights.


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  1. Here’s the problem. He does not have his blog on his profile so nobody knows where he is at. I have seen this a lot on wordpress, and I always tell people. If they don’t have their blog listed on their gravatar, you can’t find them. You add the link by going to your gravatar edit area. Click on links. That is where you add your wordpress site. You have to type in your URL. The http:// is already there. So, if it were me, let’s say, I would only type and then click “ADD”. 🙂


      1. I guess I don’t have pride and I don’t look at it that way. I see us as all the same…2 followers, 5,000 followers… I was only trying to be helpful. We’re all sisters and brothers, all in need of help from time to time. That’s what we’re here for.


      2. It only matters how we look in the eyes of God, bro! LOL Remember that 🙂 Worrying about looking silly is a ‘guy’ pride thing! You are being a man for sure! ha ha ha ha (big smile)


        1. If pride separates us from our Lord or each other, it is a bad thing. Otherwise, it is just a silly thing, and we are all rather silly. I suppose by not offering the advice you suggested I did take myself too seriously.

          Thank you 🙂


  2. Thank you Citizen Tom for this write up. Wow. I’m honored. Lyn, it is great advice and I’m going to fix that right now. By the way, tomorrow is launch day so if you’re reading this, pray for us. God is going to do some awesome things.


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