Supposedly, Governor Robert F. (Bob) McDonnell is a Conservative. Well, it is a theory some have, but his solutions too often involve taxing us and spending our money for us. His transportation plan involves one such solution. That’s why Delegate Bob Marshall sent this email out today.

Your Taxes are Going Up… Unless You Stop it.

Dear Friends,

The General Assembly is set to increase the state sales tax from 5% to 5.8%, a 16% increase as part of the Governor’s Transportation Plan unless citizens contact their representatives and urge them to vote NO.  The plan ends the gas tax for car, jet and heating fuel (not diesel).  In the second year it projects to raise an additional $85 million from the sales tax alone, and $3.1 billion over five years from increased taxes and fees.  That’s money from you and me!  It’s hardly revenue, there’s no guarantee gas prices will drop, and any future Administration could reinstate the gas tax.

Virginia has serious transportation problems mostly in Northern Virginia and Tidewater.  Over the years, Administrations have proposed various “fixes.”  In 2010, $3 billion in road bonds were authorized.  Incredibly, Virginia has yet to lock up its transportation fund so it can’t be spent for other purposes.  I believe transportation is a core function of government, and we should cut one penny of every dollar in the budget (excluding salaries) and devote that savings to transportation.

When Democrats propose tax hikes, Republicans are not happy.  When Republicans raise taxes we are supposed to go alongI cannot.  A tax hike is a tax hike no matter which party proposes it and for this reason I voted against the Governor’s plan in Committee and will do so again on the floor of the House of Delegates. In this fragile economy, we must not go to the ATM (American Taxpayers’ Money).   We must lock up the Transportation Trust Fund, and use existing revenue, instead of raising more through tax hikes.

The Republican Party used to oppose tax increases. Now Republican leaders want Republicans to vote for a tax increase and in an election year no less!  

If you do not want the sales tax increase,please contact your Delegate and Senator and urge them to vote against the Governor’s Transportation Plan.

Just like their Washington colleagues, House of Delegates Republicans in Richmond are proposing tax increases to fund road projects instead of shifting existing funds to pay for new construction and maintenance.

And remember when we all were shocked that Former Democrat Speaker of the House of Representatives said that Congress had to pass Obamacare to find out what is in it?

Well, House of Delegates Republicans are voting for the Governor’s tax increase bill with a promise of more unspecified taxes to be added at regional levels on top of other statewide taxes.

Again, I urge you to contact your Delegate and Senator to stop this tax increase.

Thank you for your vigilance.


Delegate Bob Marshall

Why do so many politicians see taxpayers as their personal ATM — more of our money as the solution for every problem? The answer is simple. We each tend to view “other” taxpayers that way. Instead of trying to use “other” people’s money, we each need to consider how this daisy chain works in practice. Even when politicians promise to spend “other” people’s money, somehow or another they always get around to spending our money, and they waste an awful lot of it buying things for influential special interests. When we give politicians the power to spend “other” people’s money, we give them the power to take our money and spend it too.

You want roads and other types of transportation infrastructure? Then demand your right to spend your own money on the things you actually use. Insist that we each pay for highways, trains, subways and other such things with tolls and user fees. And don’t let politicians get away with skimming off the revenue from tolls and user fees for the pet projects of their special friends. Just insist they reduce the tolls and user fees. If it is your money, then what right does a politician have to take it from you and spend it on someone else?