With his 32 Jan 2013 email, Delegate Rob Bell provided the status of his bills.

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Good & Bad News

Dear Friend,

I have good and bad news about my voter fraud legislation.

The good news first — several of my bills are moving closer to becoming law:

House Bill 1765 will have the State Police help identify felons among those who are registering to vote, and to help registrars remove felons that are already on the voter rolls.

House Bill 1764 will require Virginia to work with other states to ensure that no voter is registered in two states at the same time.  (This of course requires the other state to cooperate.)

House Bill 2331 will give the Attorney General independent authority to prosecute violations of election laws, instead of having to wait for invitation from the Board of Elections.

These three bills were unanimously approved by subcommittees and therefore have a good chance to pass the House of Delegates.

The bad news is that my two photo ID measures were “rolled into” a third voter fraud bill in subcommittee.

This third bill would eliminate the worst forms of ID abuses by prohibiting the use of utility bills, paychecks, and bank statements, to prove identity at the polls.  However, it would not require a photo ID in all cases, as I advocate.

I support this legislation, of course, but do not believe it goes far enough. I am obviously very disappointed, and appreciate the citizens who were helping push for a full photo ID law, several of whom came to the capitol to testify.

I will continue to push for a ‘no exceptions’ photo identification law, during 2013 and however possible in the future.

Thank you for your interest in this important issue.


Rob Bell
Delegate, 58th District