Delegate Scott Lingamfelter sent the email below out today.



The Boneta Bill Passes Full Committee

-Heads to the floor of the House of Delegates-

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Quick update on The Boneta Bill:

Today, the Agriculture, Chesapeake, and Natural Resources Committee passed HB1430 and it will now be heard on the floor of the House of Delegates!  There’s good news, and not so good news.

I am pleased that language requiring the Secretary of Agriculture to establish a model ordinance was removed, as well as other language; these changes will make the bill stronger.  But most importantly, I am pleased that we are still in the fight.

However, the Committee also included a “reenactment clause” which means that the bill would have to come back up during the 2014 Session.  I think that the one-year fuse creates a great deal of uncertainty for farmers.  There is nothing that would prevent anyone from introducing an amendment, if an amendment was justified by any ill effects of the legislation.  For me, this is unacceptable.

Let me be clear: We will have many opportunities to attempt to eliminate the “reenactment clause” between now and when we have a final bill that we want.  In the event we are not successful in removing this clause, at any point I can withdraw the bill, in essence killing it.  For me, I cannot allow a bad bill to move forward,

Folks, this is the Super Bowl. It’s the 1st half and we are about to begin the 2nd half of the battle. There is still a lot of work to be done and there is still a lot of fight to be had. Now our fight shifts to the Senate where we can attempt to fix things in this bill that we don’t like.  At least we’re still in the fight.  No one felt we would even get this far, but with your help and energy we are still in the battle.

We must now focus our effort in the Senate to get a good bill that protects the rights of all farmers, including small farmers and small business owners whose rights have been hurt by government overreach.

Once again, I DO NOT approve of the “reenactment clause” requiring the bill to come back next year.  Too many bad things can happen between now and then.  But for now, I firmly believe we must continue the battle.  And again, I can strike the bill and kill it at any time – I control that move and pledge to use it to prevent a bad bill from becoming law.

Please keep up your passionate advocacy for this bill because it is making a difference!

Our opponents NEVER thought we would make it this far. In fact, they were BETTING against this bill’s success.

We’ve got to prove them wrong.

Fight on!


Why do we need to reenact this bill twice? We don’t, do we?

One of the tricks big, bad government operators play these days is to wear us down. They run oodles of regulations and laws through the system,  and they leave us no time to figure out what they are doing. In addition, they force us to keep fighting the same battles over and over again.

The complexity of big government makes it an awful idea. Who, except a busybody, wants to run everyone else’s business? Who has the time to fool with it? Don’t we each have enough to do to take care of our own business?