What is the proper message? I suppose that depends on each of us. What does each of us think important? I just think most of us don’t care if our neighbor owns what Senator Dianne Feinstein calls an assault weapon.

Check out Assault Weapons Ban at Level-Head. It’s a great post!

What, exactly, does the Left mean by “assault weapons”?  Evidence is abundant that this expression means to them “anything that could hurt someone” (i.e., anything capable of self defense).

Senator Feinstein’s bill clearly denotes a raft of guns to be banned based upon their scary appearance, furthering the silly notion that a bullet fired from a black gun is inherently different from a bullet fired from a brown one. Or that a bullet fired from a rifle with a pistol grip will do something different from the same bullet coming from a gun with no such grip.  Stupid, isn’t it?  (Especially since they admit that it won’t likely help.)

It is just military style that seems to bother them.  “Who needs military weapons?”  she says.  Of course, a gun styled to look like one made for the military, painted black or camouflage, is still s civilian weapon, and is not of course an “automatic” weapon or machine gun. It’s just emotions.  But…Read the rest of this entry »Collapse )

What is the problem with that post, Assault Weapons Ban? Consider the comment I left.

Actually, the Obama administration is winning on this issue.

  1. Instead of pointing out that the Federal Government has no Constitutional authority to take away our right to bear arms, we debate with oath breakers. These people have sworn to support and defend the Constitution, but the scoundrels seek to disarm us.
  2. Instead of discussing the fact Obama administration is bankrupting our nation with high taxes and even higher spending, we are on defense, trying to defend our right to protect ourselves. Soon we may own guns, but we will not have the money to buy ammunition.

The best defense is a good offense. Assault Weapons Ban is good defense, but we are always on defense. When the Left makes a positively silly case to take away one or more of our rights, that’s all the news media wants talk about. So just to have fun pointing out the stupidity of the Left, Conservative pundits, talking heads, and bloggers join the “fun.”

The Socialist Democrat’s arguments may be silly, but constantly answering their constant assault on our rights eliminates any substantive debate. That’s why we are losing our country.

What matters? Is it how many guns we own? Doesn’t the fact Senator Dianne Feinstein and President Barack Obama violate their oath of office when they propose gun bans matter? Doesn’t the fact this whole discussion over gun control is a distraction make a difference? So why don’t we say so? We are afraid of giving offense? Do we fear being called meanies?

The Socialist Democrats and the news media are playing us for fools. These people are bankrupting our country, but that is their least offense. They are degrading the values of our nation, especially the values of our children. If we wish to keep our rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, then we must honor our Creator in our debates. He is the one who gives us our rights. Because God, not government, gives us our rights, we must debate on the proper role of government. Is it the government’s job to take away the rights of ordinary citizens? Don’t ordinary people have the right to defend their lives? If they do, then we need to remind our leaders that God did not give us the right to take away the right of our fellow citizens to own firearms. That is why the Constitution says the Federal Government will not infringe on the right to bear arms.


  1. Sadly, I am beginning to doubt we can fix what’s wrong without breaking the 50 into some smaller regions. The coasts are so disdainful of the middles, Alaska and the South. The cities are so disdainful of the more rural areas. Neither side is willing to listen to the other. I’ve been repeatedly told that conservatives need to “compromise on common sense issues.” Really? Do they not see that the country has been moved so far leftward that conservatives can no longer compromise and still call ourselves conservatives? How do you have common sense compromise on gun control in light of the 2nd Amendment’s very clear denial of the federal government infringing the right to bear arms? Compromise sounds so lovely and tolerant until you realize that compromise has been going on for a long time and it hasn’t made anything better.

    Escape — a peaceful secession movement along the lines of King’s civil rights movement. If we can agree to do it together, in a concerted effort, it might work. Keeping it peaceful prevents the UN from easily becoming involved on the “US — blue state side”. They won’t keep it peaceful, of course, which then allows the “red states” to appeal for UN assistance. That may well be the only escape we can manage.

    I hope not, because I see many advantages to the American system as conceived, but maybe Alaska will adopt it after the secession.


    1. aurorawatcherak – Thank you for an interesting comment.

      I think your observation that we might have to break into smaller regions certainly has some validity. When they wrote the Constitution, the Founders had the size of America as one of their concerns. No large republic had ever succeeded for any length of time. They hoped to get around that problem by setting up the United States up as a federation with state governments in a dominant role.

      Unfortunately, Socialist Democrats have no interest in a republic and little use for the Constitution. Since they are perfectly willing to break their oath to support and defend the Constitution, compromise would be useless. Compromise requires an agreement, but Socialist Democrats cannot be trusted to keep their word.

      Because Socialism is inherently immoral, we must be wary of the people who fully embrace it.

      My father taught me many things here — he taught me in this room. He taught me — keep your friends close but your enemies closer. — “Michael Corleone” in The Godfather Part II (1974), written by Mario Puzo & Francis Ford Coppola

      For our own safety, I think we will have to remain part of the United States. I think we must defeat the Socialist Democrat ideology. What that requires a better ideology and a stronger commitment. To me that means turning to our Creator and placing our faith in Him.

      We have an example. At every great crisis, Americans have turned to God. That in fact is what I believe the Founders did.


      1. I hope you’re right. As a believer, I always think Jesus Christ is the answer, but I recognize that the worldview of most Americans no longer allows them to consider God as a solution to any serious problem. I don’t know how we change that.

        People need to start petitioning their state governments asking them to take uncomfortable stands and fight for the federal system. For example, Alaska (my state) needs to tell the EPA to go pound sand on a number of issues and see if there are any actual consequences. We did it in the 90s and there weren’t. The EPA huffed and puffed and … sputtered and went to go bother coal miners in another state. Which is where my idea falls apart because there is no coordination between states. Until the states start working together to support each other’s right to autonomy within the federal system, the federal government will always win more battles than it loses.


        1. aurorawatcherak – Jesus Christ is the answer; I do not have a better one.

          Where the Socialist Democrat ideology falls apart is that they believe they can create Utopia by forcing people to behave a certain way. Jesus never forces us to accept His rule. Instead, He sets an example for us to follow.

          Mark 9:33-37 Good News Translation (GNT)

          Who Is the Greatest?

          33 They came to Capernaum, and after going indoors Jesus asked his disciples, “What were you arguing about on the road?”

          34 But they would not answer him, because on the road they had been arguing among themselves about who was the greatest. 35 Jesus sat down, called the twelve disciples, and said to them, “Whoever wants to be first must place himself last of all and be the servant of all.” 36 Then he took a child and had him stand in front of them. He put his arms around him and said to them, 37 “Whoever welcomes in my name one of these children, welcomes me; and whoever welcomes me, welcomes not only me but also the one who sent me.”

          Because it has lost its faith in the One who is the way, our nation has lost its way. All that each of us who knows Jesus is the way can do is imitate our Lord. We can set an example for others to follow, and we can pray God will use our example to soften the hearts of our fellow citizens.


  2. Reblogged this on That Mr. G Guy's Blog and commented:
    My friend is right. All this BS over so called assault weapons is a distraction to keep us from focusing on the failures of this administration’s failed foreign and domestic policy, all of which is taking our country down the rabbit hole. Hope we’ve got an escape plan .


  3. Good points you make Tom. Kind of reminds me of one of those old WW2 movies where the attacking force sends a small unit to the opposite flank to start a diversion so the main force can attack unimpeded.


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