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One of the more interesting phenomena of the last days is the sudden “discovery” of all kinds of new truths of Scripture that have somehow eluded theologians and scholars for thousands of years.

The internet is crowded with “startling new views” on traditional interpretations of the major Prophets like Ezekiel and Daniel, the date of the Rapture, the length of the Tribulation and so forth.

It is startling, really. Especially when one starts hearing these internet perspectives being echoed from the pulpit. The study of eschatology touches on a number of different disciplines, but being schooled in one discipline does not make one an expert in another.

Eschatology is future history, and like history, it is constructed on an edifice of interconnected events that cannot be fully understood outside of the overall context.

For example, one cannot fully understand the historical assassination of Abraham Lincoln without a…

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  1. In today’s time we have “new revelations” being presented time and time again. It is so sad to see a great number of sincere people being caught up in the trap of sensationalism. Thanks for reblogging this article on this very important subject. Lord bless.


        1. Yes, I was giving it to you for ‘whenever’..🙂 I know you like stuff like that..and it’s really, really good! He tears our government and leaders a new one! That’s for sure!


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