A Carousel of Progress World — Reblogged from Thinking in Christ

Reblogged from Thinking in Christ

There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow…
Shining at the end of every day…
There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow…
And it’s just a dream away…
Man has a dream, and that’s the start…

Can you guess where I’ve been for the last several days?

It just so happens that I’ve been reading a book for college this week as well, a book about the Old Testament. What’s odd is the parallels between the ride and the book are so strong it’s almost impossible to pass by without remarking on them.

We see time as a long line stretching out before us. We can see technology improving right before our eyes on an almost daily basis –improving medicine, computers, and yes, even theme park rides. We’re apt to find anything more than a year or two old as “boring.” So before we see a long vista of constant change, or constant “progress.”

We’re trapped in the Carousel of Progress.

What’s wrong with that?

For one thing, Uncle Orville’s complaint has never been addressed, other than being laughed at (just like in the show). “There’s no privacy around here!”

For another, it’s simply a false view of reality. For when we see our progress in technology, we immediately jump over and apply it to our mental state as well as our physical. If we’ve invented all this cool stuff, and we’ve discovered so much about the world around us (and ourselves!), then surely we must be so much smarter than those who lived in the dim recesses of time, right? (Continued here)

Many of us have a naive notion. We think that because we live later in history that we are somehow better than those who lived before us. What that belief indicates is that we have not studied history very much. Therefore, we err twice. In addition to foolishly thinking we are somehow better than those who lived before us, we have not benefited from their experience.


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