Delegate Bob Marshall is busy these days.  On the 14th of January he sent out an email that included this paragraph.

The School Protection Bill, HB 1557, will allow local school boards to identify volunteers who will receive professional weapons training similar to what our police receive.  These individuals, designated to carry concealed weapons on school grounds to protect students in a shooter situation until the arrival of law enforcement, will be teachers, principals, administrators or retired police and will have worked or volunteered in the school for three years.

Marshall wanted to move the bill along. Well, that happened. The House SubCommittee on Militia, Police and Public Safety referred the bill to the Governor’s School Safety Task Force.

On the 17th Marshall provided this email.

Fight Gendercide, Support HB 1316 Banning Sex-Selection Abortions

Dear Friends,

My HB 1316, which will ban sex-selection abortions in Virginia, will be heard by the Courts of Justice Constitutional Law Subcommittee immediately after session tomorrow, January 18, 2013, in House Room C of the General Assembly Building.  Please contact the members of the subcommittee (see below) and ask them to support this bill.

Sex selection abortions are becoming more common in the U.S.  Studies show rising son-bias among certain groups.  Among those groups, boy/girl birth ratios are normal for first born children but if a son is not the 1st born the ratio of boys to girls is higher for 2nd births and higher still for 3rd births if neither the 1st or 2nd child is a boy.   For more information on the studies, visit Protect Our Girls here.

Courts of Justice Criminal Laws Subcommittee

Thank you for taking the time to fight this injustice.


Delegate Bob Marshall

What happened? Here is what the record shows.

01/18/13  House: Subcommittee recommends laying on the table by voice vote (from here)

In other words, the subcommittee killed the bill. There were awkward problems with the bill.

Members of the House Constitutional Law Subcommittee questioned Marshall on how a physician would know what a woman’s reasons are. The subcommittee’s legal counsel also said that, as drafted, the bill was probably unconstitutional because the Supreme Court has ruled states cannot interfere with a woman’s right to an abortion.

Women’s rights groups and the Medical Society of Virginia opposed the bill, in addition to the National Asian Pacific Women’s Forum. (from here)

Shivana Jorawar, reproductive justice program director for the forum, said the proposal would perpetuate stereotypes and lead to Asian women facing increased scrutiny about their reasons for seeking an abortion.

Of course, determining motivation would be problematic, and trying to interfere with the sacred rite of abortion would clearly be religious discrimination. Isn’t the rite to an abortion is well understood law? Doesn’t this rite have centuries and centuries of precedent? Isn’t the principle of the rite to abort is firmly rooted in the Constitution? Can we not all point to that line in the Constitution that clearly states a woman has a rite to an abortion. The insinuation of racism, however, is novel.  Stopping Asian women from killing their baby girls would be racist? That idea certainly deserves further scrutiny.

It is a curious thing. The proponents of murdering the unborn equate abortion with a woman’s right to choose, but, oddly enough, quite a few women “choose” to abort baby girls. Why don’t the so-called feminists find that either strange or inconsistent? Why don’t our glorious leaders, those men and women who would protect our rights by spending all our money for us, do something? When they actually have the opportunity to protect the rights of the most helpless, why do they have almost nothing to say?