How Do You Kill 11 Million People?

H/T to Boudica BPI Weblog, How Do You Kill 11 Million People?

We live in a time when our leaders lie and lie and lie. They tell obvious lies, and too many do not care. Is such indifference is first fatal to the body and then fatal to the soul, or is it the other way around? Can we be dead before we die? I do not know. I just know that those who choose to believe lies must first become dead to the pain of their neighbors.

Psalm 5 Good News Translation (GNT)

A Prayer for Protection

5 Listen to my words, O Lord,
and hear my sighs.
2 Listen to my cry for help,
my God and king!

I pray to you, O Lord;
3 you hear my voice in the morning;
at sunrise I offer my prayer
and wait for your answer.

4 You are not a God who is pleased with wrongdoing;
you allow no evil in your presence.
5 You cannot stand the sight of the proud;
you hate all wicked people.
6 You destroy all liars
and despise violent, deceitful people.

7 But because of your great love
I can come into your house;
I can worship in your holy Temple
and bow down to you in reverence.
8 Lord, I have so many enemies!
Lead me to do your will;
make your way plain for me to follow.

9 What my enemies say can never be trusted;
they only want to destroy.
Their words are flattering and smooth,
but full of deadly deceit.
10 Condemn and punish them, O God;
may their own plots cause their ruin.
Drive them out of your presence
because of their many sins
and their rebellion against you.

11 But all who find safety in you will rejoice;
they can always sing for joy.
Protect those who love you;
because of you they are truly happy.
12 You bless those who obey you, Lord;
your love protects them like a shield.


5 thoughts on “How Do You Kill 11 Million People?

  1. An excellent video, and a prayer whose point is well-taken. I don’t even consider our current Teleprompter reader all that flattering and smooth — but the deadly deceit is too sadly evident.

    Best wishes, sir.

    ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle


    1. Keith — As usual, excellent observations.

      Like you, I find the attraction to Obama almost inexplicable. I fear what it must mean. Are the character flaws in those who believe more important than Obama’s skill in telling lies?


      1. Are the character flaws in those who believe more important than Obama’s skill in telling lies?

        Yes. Bcause his skill is clearly lacking. The only strong point he has as a liar, is audacity. But not sincerity, or plausibility. I suppose the most important “those who believe” are in the MSM. They are able to provide that cloud of obfuscation, so that those who would see thru the lies, if brought to their attention, never even notice.



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