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Because both our Lord and my mother are probably watching me from heaven, I try to keep a civil tongue. Nonetheless, feel free to substitute whatever word pleases you for “bravado.” Why? Here is what inspired this post.

GOP eyes shutdown as ‘fiscal sanity’ jolt

The appetite for a government shutdown is growing among Republicans,  who  shied away from one during the debt and spending fights in the last  Congress  but now say one may be needed.

Several high-profile  senators have begun laying the groundwork for a  shutdown, saying it may  be necessary in order to restore “fiscal sanity” on the  federal budget.

“I  think the last time we saw a shutdown, the fact that Republicans were   willing to stand together — on fiscally conservative principles — ended  up  producing a result that was responsible and that benefited the  country and that  ultimately produced enormous economic growth,” said  Sen. Ted Cruz, a freshman Republican from  Texas. (continued here)

It not about shutting down the government; it is about doing the right thing. And yeah, we know the news media cares more about the fireworks, but what difference does it make what the news media wants to shreik about? If they wanted to do the right thing, the Republican leadership could afford to get their message out, but they don’t even try. Instead, with eyes wide open, they happily cry crocodile tears and scurry off to help create yet another fiscal disaster.

Unfortunately, Establishment Republicans have played this stupid game too many times. So even the most hopeful Conservatives can see through the their phony bravado. That’s why we now get posts like this.

A Tale for Too Many Republicans

Republican leaders surrender to Obama and the Democrats

It wasn’t the best of times, it was becoming worse.  Most of the Republicans in the Senate and over 50 in the House voted to increase the U.S. National Debt by $4 Trillion.  These Republicans surrendered.

Republicans will argue that they kept taxes from being raised on 97% of Americans.  That’s the exact same argument that President Barry Soetero crows about.  Republicans restored the Bush Tax Cuts, except for Americans being paid over $400k.  So, they agreed to the principle of class warfare that Obama ran on.  Republicans abandoned the Republican principle of no new taxes – and no raising tax rates. (continued here)

And that’s why someone responded with a comment like this.

Jim: Pardon my anger, I sense you may have some too (frustration at least), but in my case it is now anger.  I fear you may be part of the problem.

Look Jim, they won’t stop surrendering.  They won’t.  Just watch.  Don’t you get it?

They always cave, ALWAYS!  Back when Newt caved in the 90’s to Boehner/McConnell caving today. That is why I finally have reached the point where I can no longer support them. They now say they will fight to not raise the debt ceiling.  (Heard that before?) That is what they said last summer and they did it anyway.  They will raise it again in 2013.  Just watch.  Boehner has moved against the conservatives in the party and stripped them of their committee positions.  He is doing exactly what the Democrats want.  Jim, don’t be a “useful idiot” of the left.  These guys are NOT ON OUR SIDE. (continued here — second comment)

Will there be a third party movement? I don’t know. All I know is I do not have any use for treacherous RINOs. If a Republican acts like an unprincipled Socialist Democrat, for all practical purposes that what he is. There is no point in pretending otherwise.

Afraid? No. It is kinder to think of them as such, but Speaker John Boehner and the GOP leadership are not cowards. They are brave enough to run for public office, withstand the media glare, and shrug off constituent complaints. Their problem is what they care most about, and what they care most about does not include what is good for our country. That’s why we have to replace them too.



  1. IMO, nothing will change until conservatives stop voting for Republicans that are not conservative. When the number of Republicans in the House drops to fifty, maybe the GOP establishment will get the message.


    1. Conservatives on Fire — That would be getting the message too late.

      The way the current system works, if candidate is not either a Republican or a Democrat, that candidate has virtually no hope of being elected. Therefore, if the number of Republicans in the House dropped to 50, we would have 385 Democrats in the House. If we get to the point we have 385 Democrats in the House, we better be electing Conservative Democrats. Such Democrats currently don’t exist.


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